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Routes map

Metrobits -
Database of world metros.

Database of world metros.

Here and photos and videos and various maps.

And most importantly - a lot of information. Just click on the city and get the date of the first launch, the length, the number of stations, lines, passenger traffic ...

Subway logos, fonts of these logos, wallpapers, subway museums, ...

A lot of all sorts of information, it seems, everything that can be collected by metro has been collected here.

You can look at the countries or metro statistics all over the world. 215 subways with a length of almost 15,000 km. Scale of growth.

You can see everything in the table.

Visit out of curiosity.

Routs on Google Maps -
Google Maps Directions.

Google Maps routes.
Just try.

We tested for northern Scandinavia, where there are very small settlements.
It's very simple, set the point From and point To.
The distance along the road, Time on the car and on foot.
It is described in detail how to get to where, on what street to leave the city, where to turn, to the number of which route to go.
They even found panoramas (remember, this sparsely populated north is small Country), so that you could see the place of the interchanges, what is, what it looks like.

Environmentally friendly routing

As far as apps are concerned, they will suggest a route that will save fuel.

Learn more about Google Maps. Google Map site

ÖPNVKarte -
Worldwide public transport facilities on a uniform map.

Worldwide public transport facilities on a uniform map.

Here airports, trains, metro, monorail, light metro, bus stops ....

The card is open and evolving. More details are routes, airports ... where there are more active Internet users. This is first west and major cities.

Determine the distance on Google Maps -
Google Maps Directions.

Google Maps directions.
Just set the city in the search form.
It will be the departure point.
A drop-down menu will appear where you will select "How to get there" and enter the destination of the trip.

The distance along the road, the time on the car and on foot will be indicated.
Details of how to get there, Where, on what street to leave the city, where to turn, to the number of which route to go. Almost navigator.

You can see the panoramas to see places of interchanges, what is, what it looks like. Learn more about Google Maps. Google Map site

Google Maps -
Leading the project, more detailed and accurate, in cooperation with NASA Google map.

Leading the project, in cooperation with NASA Google maps more detailed and accurate. If our maps are concentrated mainly around Moscow, something about Russia and the near abroad, then Google is the world leader.

This service spawned a new kind of advertising - on the roofs of houses.

More Google services using maps

  1. Photo on the map.
  2. Personalize Google maps - it's easiest to put a Google map on your site, but in addition, it's easiest to build your service based on Google maps.
  3. Wiki maps - connecting Wikipedia and Google maps.

Navitrans.Info -
Urban transport routes Smolensk on the map.

Smolensk city transport routes on the map. The entire passenger transport of Smolensk is equipped with the GLONASS system equipment and connected to a single monitoring system.

We choose the route of a bus, trolleybus or tram and look at the map.

Update goes wrong often, as on similar sevises, because the transport does not go, but jumps. That is, it does not seem to move, then it is ahead at a decent distance.

2GIS maps.

Electronic directories and a map of more than 200 in 3D online large cities. Maps of large cities of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, as well as some cities in some countries (Czech Republic, Chile, Cyprus, Italy, United Arab Emirates ...).

  • Variants of travel by car.
  • Ability to work with GPS.
  • Ability to make Skype calls directly from the directory.
  • Upload additional layers -
  • files with additional information (sights and city history, list of Wi-Fi points and Webcams with their location on the map, and others).
  • Tools for measuring the distance between map objects.
  • Search on the selected map fragment.
  • Add notes to the directory and map.
  • Posters for theaters and museums.
  • Does not require access to Internet.
  • Ability to install plugins.
  • Automatic updating of the data (with the appropriate settings).


Long-distance transport schedule.
Transport on the map in real time.

Public transport ~ 5000 cities.

Public transport timetables: fixed-route taxi, buses, trolley buses, subways, trams - a map of the trajectory on the map, distance, ticket price for 18,000 routes in 5,000 cities.

Runtastic -
Mobile fitness, which combines classic fitness with mobile applications with game elements as a logical response.

Mobile fitness, which combines classic fitness with mobile applications with game elements as a logical response.

When we are engaged in fitness, we like air beat, we are engaged in emptiness. Agree, not a very good incentive.

This application allows us to see the results of our efforts. For example, today is more than yesterday, etc.

The application allows others to observe how you are doing in real time. It stimulates you and allows others to join. And to do together is always fun.

geOps -
Public vehicles of the world on a map.

Public vehicles of the world on a map.

Another map that uses the base OpenStreetMap.

On the map you can see the red dots, by clicking on them you can get the route of the transport with the schedule and you can watch the vehicle finding in real time where there is such a possibility.

FlightAware -
Live flight tracking service for airports worldwide.

Public transport of St. Petersburg
Urban transport routes on the map.

City transport Petersburg online. Enter the portal, choose the number of your bus, then mark the stop on which you are, and immediately get Data, after how many minutes the arrival of the machine of the route you want is expected. The information on the movement of vehicles is based on data from the GLONASS navigation instruments - they are as accurate as possible, and the traffic is calculated taking into account the traffic situation.

Transport of St. Petersburg -
Routes and timetables of transport of St. Petersburg.

Routes and timetables of transport of St. Petersburg.

Current information on changes in the work of urban public transport and news from the transport sector.
Information about travel tickets, about the types of urban public transport, timetable of the metro, bus and railway stations.

The site provides information on all types of public transport.
You can choose a route and on the map you will be asked how to get one or several modes of transport.

Yandex.Maps -
The main card services.

Leading service of maps of Russia.


  1. There are more plans of Russian cities than on Google.
  2. Much more panoramas of Russian cities than on Google.
  3. Leading service of traffic jams in Russia.
  4. Panoramas from the air, so far only St. Petersburg.
  5. Snapping webcams.

Transport on the map

  • Central Russia,
  • Novosibirsk Region, Ural,
  • Vladivostok, Khabarovsk,
  • Crimea,
  • Belarus, Kazakhstan,
  • ...
You can track traffic on the map in real time.
It is possible to track it both through a mobile application and a website.

Tripline -
The site allows you to build routes and make an animated presentation.

The site allows you to build routes and make an animated presentation.

You can impose data imported from Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, Instagram and Tripit on the presentation.

The routes on the map.

Itineraries are a community of traveling people. If you like to visit new places, travel around the world, go hiking, make extreme expeditions, then this site is for you.

Routes provides registered users with placement and storage services, including but not limited to text and photo materials, then Content corresponding to the subject of "Travel", on personal user pages, in comments to entries of other registered users.

What you can do on the site

  1. Find stories, useful information, photos, coordinates and satellite imagery of the places where you are going to go.
  2. Find traveling people who have been or are living in the area where you are going to, and contact them.
  3. Create your personal page and add there a collection of places you've visited.
  4. Write in detail about your routes. Upload photo albums, maps, coordinates to your stories. In this case, the maps will be saved in several formats and will be convenient for viewing.
  5. When you upload photos to a site, they do not need to be reduced, they will decrease to the correct size automatically.
  6. If you add geographic features to your routes, they will appear on your Google map. And if you upload a .kml format file from the Google Earth program to the route, then the route will also appear on the map.
  7. You can add "useful notes" to the route that will be available to users on the geographic site page.
  8. Add your own satellites to the site, even if they are not registered on the site. This will not prevent them from registering under their own name in the future. And on your page they will be now.
  9. All people with whom you have shared routes are automatically added to your Friends page. But you can add to friends and other people registered on the site.
  10. The site will help you organize a trip, to assemble a group. To do this, you can create an upcoming route and not publish it. And on the route page, create a forum for discussion with the participants. The route will not be visible to all users, but you can transfer the link to the page of the route to your friends and invite them to the trip.
  11. Vote for the materials of the site online and yourself participate in the contests of stories. In July, the site starts a contest with excellent prizes: backpacks, down jackets, GPS, sleeping bags and other necessary things in travel.

City of Novosibirsk transport. MU 'TSUGAET'
Urban transport routes on the map.

Transportation of Novosibirsk.
Satellite navigation systems have been installed on all Novosibirsk transport. Then tied to the Google map.

  • Choose the type of transport;
  • Click on the route number. In the "Your list" field a list of displayed routes is formed;
  • To delete one route, click the cross at the corresponding number;
  • You can move the map by clicking the left mouse button.
  • The scale is changed by rotating the mouse wheel or the corresponding tool on the left.
  • To fix the location and scale of the map, turn on "Do not move the map".
  • The maximum number of simultaneous displayed routes is limited.
  • Clicking on the transport icon displays a window with the actual schedule of the following checkpoints (if any).

Flightstats -
Track flight status at airports worldwide.

Citylines -
Map of the world metro.

Map of the world metro.
You can choose a city in the search form or in the list, the zoom will not work.

This is an open map and is created by the whole world. Therefore, not everything is noted, for example, the Metro of Moscow is there, but it is empty. Probably because we have enough good Moscow metro cards, so it is not in demand.

Filters allow you to disable subway lines.
It is possible on a time scale to examine how the metro looked like, how it developed.


The routes on the map.

Timetables of air and railway transport. In the long term - water transport and intercity buses.

There are timetables for suburban trains for a number of cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Veliky Novgorod, Tyumen and Nizhny Tagil.

We choose the point of departure and the point of arrival, the date of dispatch and Arrival and voila.
If there is no flight for the selected date, you will be asked to search for the route with a transfer.

You can trace the route on the map.

Yandex.Discounts Club; Learn more about Yandex.Maps; Yandex.Maps to the site

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