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Photo hosting

Sketchfab -
3D hosting.

3D hosting.
Here you can download and hold 3D graphics.

Restriction: 50Mb (charge - 200Mb).

Just like On YouTube, you download, you can take the code and embed it on your site.
The rest can also take the code and paste it on th

Service for storing favorite content: pictures, videos or links.

Service for storing favorite content: pictures, videos or links.
Gather content from different sites or upload your own images - collections and cards will be displayed as a convenient gallery.

Top blogs.

30 most popular entries of the main bloghostings runet.
The site is executed decently. Everything is simple, accurate and intuitive.


  • generic
  • for
  • comments on
  • commentators

TOP of popular installation accounts in Russia

Imageshack -
Add a picture on the blog.

One of the leading web hosting images.

  • The main page has a file selection area where the user can select the image file to download.
  • The storage period is unlimited, but if the traffic is 300 Mb per hour, it will be deleted.
  • Registration is not required, but having registered, you can manage your pictures.
  • The image file format must be either JPEG (JPG), PNG, GIF, TIFF (TIF), BMP, or SWF,
  • the size is not more than 1.53 Mb.
  • Uploaded BMP and TIFF (TIF) images are automatically converted to PNG format.
  • You can reduce the picture or leave the original size.
  • Then you are offered links to the selection.

Imgur -
Social photo hosting.

Social photo hosting. This is a place where not only store photos, but share them.
Going to the site becomes clear, this is not the summer of news, as in social networks, and the ribbon of the best photos, you can choose random.
The principle of hosting:

  1. upload a photo,
  2. share,
  3. discuss.
Of the restrictions - 200 Mb to an animated GIF.
Photo album however can be public, hidden or secret. I did not understand the difference between the last two. If you want to keep a secret, why load the network?
The only reasonable - to advertise or not. Already there were scandals that someone hacked an account, there was a leak on the server ...
There is a truth, proven by time - that I know more than one, ceases to be a secret. And the new truth is that on Internet, it ceases to be private.

On the hosting there is a simple photo editor - turn, crop.

Google Photos -
Photo hosting.

Google Photos - convenient photo hosting for use.
Sharing, built-in editor, shared folders.
Collages that you can create and share as a photo.
You just put on your own On your computer Google Photos and through it you can upload photos and videos or download.

15 Gb of free space


You do not need to match, it's just that when uploading, the quality will be automatically cropped:
photos up to 16 megapixels (if they are larger), Up to 1080p.
That's much more than elsewhere.

Basically, you can store everything in the original and increase the space to 100 Gb for almost $2 per month Or 1 Tb for almost $10 per month.

Unlimited photo hosting.

Just add photos and use.
Registration is not required.

  • Russian language - there is
  • Location - unlimited,
  • The original is saved.


You can quickly upload a photo and give a link to it.
There is a discussion of photography, that is, a social component.


Your registration is an entry in the cookie files. So, cleaned the cookie - lost account.
You can not log in from another computer or browser.
You have not visited for a long time, the cookies have expired and lost.

Embed Google Photos -
Helps to take a direct link to photos from Google Photos.

If you plan to have a lot of photos on the site, it's better to keep them on free photo hosting and give the link to the site. To do this, you can only use photo hosting, which provides direct links to photos.

Embed Google Photos can pull out a direct link to the file and generate code to insert on the site.

How it works

  1. Open the desired photo of Google Photos,
  2. Click Share and select Get link in a new window,
  3. take the link and paste the copied to the floor of the form of the site Embed Google Photos,
  4. we get a direct link.

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