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People search

Peekyou -
People Search.

Website that searches for people in a number of English-speaking countries and China.
Search for people by name, work, school ... Looks for USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, China and India .

Spokeo -
Find people on social networks, websites, addresses, email ...

Search for people on social networks, sites, addresses, email ...

Victims of political terror in the USSR
1.5 million victims of political terror in the USSR (full name, year and place of birth, position, place of residence, sentence, dates: arrest, conviction and rehabilitation).
Search for missing people
Search for missing people in Moscow.

Every day about 60 people are admitted to hospitals in Moscow who, for one reason or another, cannot contact their relatives.
The site makes it possible to find them.

The portal provides special tools and access rules for employees of the Department of Internal Affairs, MFCs, and organizations specializing in finding missing people. Details can be obtained by phone and email listed at the bottom of the page.

All-Russian Genealogical Tree
One of the largest Russian Internet projects on genealogy (primarily covering the territory of the former USSR).
Genealogical family name search
Helpdesk Israeli telephone company Bezek (in Hebrew)
ZabaSearch -
Search for phone numbers, addresses and people.
ISRAland portal -
Searching for people in Israel
Book of memory of the Jewish soldiers who fell in the battles against Nazism -
Electronic MEMORY BOOK of Jews participating in the Patriotic War of the Killed or Saved WITHOUT LISTS
Memory of the People -
The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and ELAR Corporation represent the world's largest Internet portal of original documents about the Second World War of 1939-1945 and the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and ELAR Corporation represent the world's largest Internet portal of original documents about the Second World War of 1939-1945 and the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

Search for primary burial sites and documents about awards, about service, about victories and deprivations on the battlefields.

Database on the site of the Perm State Archive of Modern History, which includes basic biographical information on former Red Army soldiers (natives of the Perm Krai or called up for military service from the Kama region), who are
Database search sites people in Israel
The feat of the people
Publicly available electronic bank of documents on awarded and rewarded documents from the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.
Forgotten Regiment
Information about Soviet and Russian soldiers missing in the wars of the 20th century (including the pages "The Great Patriotic War" and "Unwrapped awards").
Remember us!
Photos and descriptions of military burials.
Workers' and Peasants' Red Army
Russian Geographical Society
Access to scanned backyard cards of the 1917 agricultural census.

Project of the Society of Regional Studies of the Republic of Bashkortostan.
Access to scanned backyard cards of agricultural census of 1917 in five districts of Ufa province (most of districts of modern Bashkortostan).

5,740 documents unique in their kind.
Census archives from 1917 have been preserved only in 5 regions of the Russian Federation.

For each peasant family (yard) a yard card was drawn up, where all information was recorded by scribes from the words of the interviewee. This information is valuable because it was collected before the politicization of census questions in the Soviet era.

You will learn the history of your ancestors and how they lived in everyday life.
Courtesy cards of the 1917 census recorded such information as:

  • number of farms
  • family composition
  • nationality,
  • livestock numbers and species
  • sizes of cultivated area by crops, land area and lands;
  • sizes of land holdings and land uses with subdivision of land into proprietary merchants, etc. by forms of land ownership;
  • lease and lease of land
  • availability of agricultural equipment, industrial and commercial facilities.
Pipl -
People Search.

International search, I include Russia, although it does not work with Cyrillic.

Locate Family -
More than 350 people in the database.

More than 350 million people in the database.

A website from Canada, because it is better looking in Canada, then the US, then Europe.
For the rest of the world it is better to use other services.

Wait for me
People Search.

A telecast and a practically national service for people searching.
You can place an application on the transmission site.

White pages -
Search graves -
Search graves.

Search for graves.
A search base containing 41 million records of the graves of ordinary people (the column on the right Find Graves) and thousands more about celebrities (Find Famous Graves). Information is collected about the deceased from around the world. For example, in the list of famous Russians at the very beginning, in alphabetical order, there is a link to the card of Alexander Abdulov.

Search for people in Sweden.

Search for people in Sweden.

In addition to people, you can search for restaurants, transport ... This is a very serious portal. But we are interested in people search.

I have friends in Sweden who live in remote places and people are not known.
I checked, surprisingly, someone was found, the address, date of birth was specified. True, not all were found.

People Search.

Find people for free by last name, first name, and other information.

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Age (specify range)
  4. Country
  5. City
I found it quickly (well, so I'm registered everywhere).
I tried a person far from Internet - there is no result.
Although, this person is registered on a number of official websites and is in the traffic police, etc.
I tried to find my wife, issued a large list, but she is not. Although it is registered in a pair of social networks.

But they say that the bottom of the database is everywhere (traffic police, taxation, bailiff service ...)

People Search.

Search for people, relatives, classmates.
More than 1,000,000 people have used this search.

People Search
People Search.

The project will help to find the missing person by name and surname, and also to the city.
The site has the opportunity to leave a request for a search.
All services are free of charge.

Largest surname directories on Internet in Russia and the former USSR.

  1. Moscow and St. Petersburg students (about 40 000 people - Another search for namesake:

  2. The program WAITING ME - Nationwide service of mutual search of people – more than 410 000 stories in the database, more than 33 000 people found.
  3. links to 799 telephone directories of 294 cities/regions (many directories of private Phone numbers are blocked, but not all) (Moscow, Samara)

  4. - 1, 1 million veterans who met the 60th anniversary of the Victory (name, year of birth, region)

  5. 1.5 million victims of political terror in USSR (full name, year and place of birth, position, place Residence, sentence, date: arrest, conviction and rehabilitation).

  6. Search By name in the personal data of M-Agent (full name, city, Date of birth, email. Mail)

  7. Search by last name in personal data ICQ (name, city, Date of birth, ICQ No.)

All-Russian database of burials.

The site is just developing, the goal is to create a common burial base in Russia.


    improve burial records,
  1. gather the base of all burials in Russia,
  2. facilitate the search for deceased relatives, friends and acquaintances,
  3. facilitate the search for military graves and memorials of famous people.
InfoTracer -
People Search.

Search for Americans by name, phone, address or email.
Search on social networks, databases on offenses, looking for relatives (also marital status with details) and partners of the one we are looking for.
Full confidentiality.

Yandex.People -
Search on social networks.

Service is closed, functions have been moved to the main Yandex search.

.Search for people from Yandex.
In fact, here you search for accounts on the main social networks.

You can not only be found, but you can also help group your accounts on different social networks through Yandex, social profiles.
You can immediately allow or disallow this information.
There is no permission by default.

Delete profile from search results

Remove public profile from public access

Privacy settings can be changed to on the corresponding page of the VK settings.

Remove the Facebook profile from public access

To close the profile, go to Facebook page Privacy Settings and go to the 'Applications and Websites' section. Opposite the item Open search" is the link 'Change settings'.
Click on this link and uncheck the "Enable open search" check box on the opened page.

Remove classmates from public access

To close the profile on Odnoklassniki go to the settings page (
Go to the 'Publicity settings' section (if you want a flexible publicity setting and the ability to prevent search engines from indexing a profile, leaving it visible to Internet users) or 'Close profile' (if you want your profile to be visible only to users And configure the required settings.

Ministry of Defense Central Archives.
The Russian State Military Archives.


Searching for a person in the consolidated database
The book of memory of the Russian Federation, for today 4.5 million names of the lost soldiers (full name, year and a birthplace, a call place, a rank, date and a place of departure).
Memory Book of the Tver Region
Volgograd region electronic book of memory
Memorable Book - Victory Soldiers
Electronic memory book of Ulyanovsk region
People's Encyclopedia My Krasnoyarsk
Krasnoyarsk Krai Memorial Book, 1st volume
Book of Memory
Website of the Division of Education, Storytelling
Book of Memory
г. Staraia Russa, Novgorod region
Book of Memory
д. Zalkovo (Rzhev)
Electronic Memory Book of Ukraine (Nikolaev region)
Book of Memory
552 prisoners of war who died in Bila Tserkva.
Book of Memory of Karakalpakstan
Rostov region memory book
The memory book of Soviet soldiers
Information about every hero who gave his life for our Motherland in the territory of the present Kaliningrad region.
Information about the dead in the Kaliningrad region
Book of memory of the Kaliningrad region (volumes 2-5, 18, 19).
Book of Memory Kremnik
Search for the dead and missing in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945
Crimean virtual necropolis
E-book of memory of Ukraine
Memory Books
By regions of Russia, with direct references and annotation.

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