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Tests, ratings, news from the world of IT (computers, smartphones, tablets, photographic equipment, computers, software, the Internet, modern technologies, telecommunications, games ...).

At this level of the site, only high-quality and fresh analytics, news, comparative ratings ...

Say, I was planning a purchase of one smartphone, I looked at the review and there is indicated among the shortcomings - very low battery power. Of course, I began to consider other options.

logo Aeroflot

Russian - English

official site.

tel.: +7 (800) 50-50-797
address: 119002 Москва, ул. Арбат, д. 10


The official site of Russia's leading airline.
Here you can book and buy tickets, rent a car (we will immediately need transport) and book a hotel (but I would do this through other sites).

On the site you can find contacts and free phone numbers for mobile or for your region.
Well, you never know what it will take, if something happens to the luggage, a rowdy in the plane ...
It would be nice to check the permissible size of luggage, hand luggage ... phone, that is.


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logo Skyscanner

Russian - English

reliable site.

tel.: +7 (800) 700-33-88


The goal is to provide you with as much information about prices as possible and save time in searching for necessary information.
Finding and viewing this information is simple and flexible.

The service also gives you the opportunity to find the cheapest tickets without specifying specific dates or even Points of destination. This makes it the most convenient website for finding cheap air tickets. Besides, here you can search among the best hotels and find the best prices, and by filling out the appropriate form, you can reserve a car rental in any country in the world.

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logo Google Flights

Russian - English

Owner: Google,reliable site.

tel.: +7 (495) 495-68-81

Google Flights

Google Flights.
The purpose of the service is to help find cheaper airplane tickets.

The idea is not new and it seems like Google should get the most convenient options from Internet.
In fact, they are looking for a large number of partners.
So Russia is represented more poorly.
And personally, I would use this service only to search for flights of Western airlines.

However, the service is new, with time and we will catch up.




Air tickets online.
The service is not only looking for tickets cheaper, it is convenient for someone who, by and large, travels anywhere, just to be cheaper. The type where I can relax for so much?
When setting the departure date, you can choose the whole month.

Set our budget and starting point and we will be offered directions.

iTunes Android

Russian - English

Owner: Yandex,reliable site.

Uses: Yandex.Maps.


Searching and buying cheap air tickets. Yandex scans Internet and uses its capabilities to find out the prices for air tickets and give out the cheapest ones in a form convenient for visitors.

On the main page you can find the following useful information:

  • links to airport displays;
  • links to timetables express trains to the airport;
  • link to Yandex.Maps where you can build a route to the airport;
  • link to Yandex.Taxi, where you can book a taxi to the airport;
  • Popular and thematic directions of flights with the indication of the approximate prices for air tickets in these directions. Tickets are sold by Yandex partners - agencies and air carriers.

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