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Map to the site

Google Maps API -
Fine-tuning maps for your own, from closed maps to tracking the location of people and objects.

API is how to fit into a map to correct it for yourself.
There are options from free to expensive.


  1. Free - normal use.
  2. Paid - sites and applications that you need to pay for access.
  3. By invitation - private applications or restricted sites, for example. Only the corporate network and the online community, which can only enter by invitation.
  4. Tracking resources - the ability to track the location of people and objects, say you have a courier service or a transport company. You can see on the map who is where and who owns the situation.
Also on this page, you can select the Google Maps API for Android or iOS ....
Yandex.Maps API -
With Yandex.Maps API you can manage maps and their contents, as well as create various applications - from simple interactive travel patterns to complex geoinformation services.

Everyone can use Yandex.Maps for their service.

Usage examples

  • - The service builds a route and estimates the cost of the route along the route to Taxi.
  • - The project allows users to search for the location of objects.
  • - The site is dedicated to real estate ads. This site is interesting in that it groups ads, thereby getting the opportunity to place on the map as many ads as you like at the same time. By bringing the cursor to the label, the user always sees how many ads he finds if he brings the map closer.
  • - Here users can build automobile routes through Tula. Yandex.Mark API allows you to replace any of the standard tools, this site uses its own router.
  • - The site provides users with its own map of Cheboksary. However, the Yandex.Maps API with all its features is used to display the map.
  • is a very non-standard application of Yandex.Maps. The satellite layer is used as a substrate, that is, as part of the site design.
JSFiddle -
How to make a map on the site in black and white.
2GIS widget
2GIS map to your site.

2GIS map to your site.

Map to the site.

How can you quickly and simply mark a point on the map without special knowledge to share it with other people? Make use of the geo-service MakeMap! Paul Savchenkov, who created it, achieved this goal without requiring visitors to even register.

Just click on the map from Google to place a marker, select its design from a dozen of icons, add a description, adjust the scale and specify: Show whether the buttons are sliders for changing it, and also the buttons for switching between map types (map/satellite/hybrid/terrain). And that's it. For simple implementation of a created map on your site, you can click the button and get the generated iframe-tag code, if your knowledge is wider - get the pure JavaScript code Google Maps API (the service in this case will act as a visual map editor). And if you just need a link to post it on a blog, for example, or send it via email, the site will give it out.

It is also planned to implement the possibility of routing routes. The future of such a toy, at first glance, project can be traced quite seriously: it can easily turn into a simple card designer "for GIS-teapots".

Yandex Map Constructor -
Map to the site.

Toolkit that allows you to embed Yandex maps on your site. Using the Yandex.Maps API, you can manage maps and their contents, as well as create various applications - from simple interactive journeys to the office to complex geoinformation services.

You can create directions or define coordinates.

The map can be flexibly integrated into the design of any site. To do this, draw your own controls.


Baidu -
Map to the site.

The Baidu maps API, but there everything is in Chinese.

Bing Maps -
One of the leading mapping services in the world.

One of the leading mapping services in the world.
It does not have panoramas or 3D mode like Google or Yandex, but the maps themselves are rendered with high quality.
There is a satellite mode, the photos are well put together, of high quality.
I checked it on the small settlements of Russia.

Map on the site

There is a habitual possibility to embed a map on a site.
You can choose the size, set your own, the type of map - scheme or satellite mode, with labels or without them.
You can not add your own pointers, routes.


You can view traffic jams, create routes by car, public transport or on foot.
It will give out
  • route on the map,
  • distance in km,
  • travel time,
  • offer public transportation options,
  • describe the route in detail.
Switch to road viewR
Switch to satellite viewA
Switch to the satellite view with marksH
Switch to the aerial viewO
Switch to aerial view with marksB
Switch to topographic map view*S
Turn right when viewed from the airCTRL +
Turn left in aerial viewCTRL +

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