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Do it yourself

wikiHow -
British designer clothes store for women, men and children.

How to do anything? This is what this VIKI site does, or rather what we all do, well, if WIKI does.
Open source project with open content.

The online community collects a database of practical manuals and instructions on how to do it.

The goal is to build or create the largest base.

Over 35.5 million unique visitors.
Over 190,000 free reference articles.
Over 1,600,000 registered users.

DIY Network -
This is a question and answer service for computer enthusiasts and experienced users.

American TV channel Do it yourself network.
He has a good website that will practically help us to do something or build with our own hands.
It is once important to see how this is done, and where can we see how not here?

Hackaday -
The new 'do it yourself' project every day.

A new DIY project every day.

How To -
Many instructions on how to do it.

Many instructions on how to do it.

DoItYourself -
A website for geeks created for geeks.

Leading an independent assistant in the arrangement of the house and repair.
Repeatedly got on the list "One of the 50 best in the world" according to the magazine Time.
The site covers a variety of topics, as well as a well-functioning forum where we help each other advice, or we ask for advice.

Make -
Encyclopedia of cinema.

The online community of readers of Make magazine.
Here are tips and projects for those who are interested in redeveloping outdated technologies and who want to do something from nothing (improvised materials).
This is a good science where there is a place for serious And ridiculous.

Do-It-Yourself Decorating -
Free, fast and powerful meta-search engine torrents in dozens of search engines.
More than 55 million torrents from 63 sites are indexed.

The site of the famous magazine.

lots of creative ideas + lots of entertainment=great projects

This site has many quick projects that can decorate the room or find you extra space that we did not suspect.
There are many instructions for simple projects, Which can add a certain something in any room, or details to any project.
The community department encourages you to share your project with everyone.


A selection of DIY video tutorials.
Sometimes it's easier to make it yourself than to buy it.

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