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The Evangelical Music Association is an association of Christian musicians, songwriters, producers, distributors of music, recording studios, concert organizers, etc. All interested persons and organizations who consider Christian music to be an area of ​​their ministry can become a partner of the EMA. Among them there can be both professionals of musical service, and ordinary lovers of Christian music. The goal of the partnership is the development of the Christian musical culture in all its spheres and directions.


In recent years, the movement of Russian-speaking Christian music has developed strongly. Along with this, a whole series of problems emerged that can not be solved by individual musicians, groups or organizations. The Evangelical Music Association is a platform for communication between Christian music services, solving common problems and uniting efforts and resources. The purpose of the EMA is to create better conditions and new incentives for the further development of Christian music.

EMA work

During the calendar year, the EMA is engaged in monitoring and statistics of the entire Christian musical sphere. All news about events in this sphere are reflected on the association's website.

Carries out service for the partners of the association in the field of promo & pr. Anyone wishing to find in the face of the administration of the EMA open and friendly ministers who are able to provide professional assistance in the Christian music sphere.
Prepares the annual EMA conference and the EMA Music Award ceremony. Conducts educational programs in various musical fields.

EMA Annual Conference

The EMA Music Conference is a central event in the field of the Russian Christian musical culture. It gathers all the active and influential forces of this region for acquaintance and establishing business contacts. The conference determines the general state of the Christian music field, marks the benchmarks and prospects for development. The EMA Conference provides educational functions through seminars and master classes. Within the framework of the conference, a concert-ceremony of awarding the Prize in the field of Christian music in various nominations is held. The conference will be a powerful inspirational event for its participants, an impetus for personal development and further professional growth for the glory of Jesus Christ.

In Russian
Gospel Music Association

An international organization, with which our Evangelical Music Association cooperates. She actually gave the idea, it's visible by the name and logo.

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