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Owner: Yandex, reliable sitee.

Uses: Yandex.Money.

Yandex.Money, cashback

Even if you already have a cashback from your bank, you will receive an additional cashback from us - 1% points, instantly.

How to get cashback

  1. create a wallet , if it is not already there,
  2. bind the card or start a Yandex.Map,
  3. turn on cashback , click "I want to start",
  4. we pay with Yandex.Money.
Accrual instantly, after the next payment by Yandex.Money, we will be asked to use points.


Another popular payment system of the Internet (on PayCash technologies, at the moment Yandex has completely redeemed Yandex.Money and is the owner).

The main difference from WebMoney in the absence of such a complex level of protection. It is easy and quick to get a Yandex.Money wallet and immediately accept payments.

Money can be put

  • Prepaid card Yandex.Money - instantly,
  • Cash transfer - from 15 minutes,
  • Enrollment via Internet banking systems - 15 minutes,
  • Cash payment through the post offices Russia - the next business day.
Once you will be offered to pay only through Yandex.Money, and making a wallet is not so difficult, do it.
When you receive an account you receive e-mail, and if you already have an account, then you already have a wallet.

Details can be read help Yandex.Money.


Teaching movies about using the Yandex.Money system

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Yandex.Money, verification of tax arrears

You can see the arrears by the tax ID or the index of the document.
By TIN we find out whether there are any debts in principle. Here you can pay.

On the index of the document (receipt of a fine eg.), We will find out whether the money has been paid, whether the fine is covered. I usually look in a day. It takes a while to do this.

Federal Bailiffs Service - here we will certainly know whether we are behind us.

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Informer 'My balance' Yandex.Money

If you raise funds for charitable purposes, place on our website our special informer "My Balance". With its help, anyone can see how much money has already been collected, and help your project.

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Transfere Yandex.Money abroad

The withdrawal to an account in a bank outside of Russia in the international currency or the currency of the country.

Everything is simple

  • Choose a country,
  • choose a currency from the list (usually international and local currency),
  • if the bank takes an additional commission, you will be warned.

Yandex.Money was connected to Skrill


Yandex.Money agreed to cooperate with the integrator of payment services Skrill. With its help, any foreign online store can quickly and without any hassle to connect Yandex.Money. Skrill is one of the largest international integrators, which offers customers more than 100 ways of accepting payments. Through Skrill online stores can connect themselves with different payment systems, without adapting their site for each of them. Now Skrill services are used by 140.000 online stores from around the world. Now all of them can work with Yandex.Money. "We are interested in that our users can pay Yandex.Money in any online stores that they visit. The most popular foreign services in Russia, such as Skype, Facebook or McAffee, already accept Yandex.Money. With the help of Skrill Yandex.Money can now connect to any foreign online store that wants to work with users from Russia, "says Maria Gracheva, development director of Yandex.Money.

" Through the partnership Skrill and Yandex "Russian consumers will be able to pay for purchases in online stores that are connected to our extensive international network," said Mohamed Omisat, vice president of corporate development at Skrill. "The partnership with Yandex.Money will also expand our network of payment systems and provide our customers with the opportunity to work with users from Russia, which will strengthen our leading positions in the market.

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