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Afisha LIVE
The draft broadcasting around the clock on the home page site, implemented with the help of online cameras. Each webcast talks about the main event of the day in the cultural life of Moscow, or the world.

The project of round-the-clock broadcasting on the main page of the site, carried out with the help of online cameras. Each broadcast tells about the main event of the day in the cultural life of Moscow or the worl
Stats, standings.

News, table, schedule of games, statistics ... current information, operational update.

Personally, I prefer to look here, conveniently and not overloaded. And not to me alone, this is the most visited sports resource.

On the site you can find the latest information on the main sports, football, hockey, tennis, auto racing, boxing, volleyball, basketball.
Here it is convenient to see how the tournament of a certain sport is held, as one team played, a calendar. That's the composition of the teams will not be able to see.

That is, here is operational, not complete information.

It's easy to find love and meet new friends.

Dating on Rambler, it means stable service, good level with good support, good base (20 million people) and more reliable than most.
100% of reliability you no one will give, it depends on specific people.

Designer buttons social networks for the site.

Designer buttons social networks for the site.

How it works

  1. Visually select the required buttons from the list provided (here only the most basic ones)
  2. then visually customize the style:
    • set the size of the button,
    • set the size of the icon inside the button,
    • leave the buttons with original colors or set your own one for everyone,
    • round the corners - you can leave them square or round to the circle.
  3. take the code.
Food poster
Cooking magazine recipes and of course, the printed edition can be viewed online.
cooking school, rather rtsepty in an interesting format.
Culinary Encyclopedia: hundreds of items described in more dishes and more products.

Search for recipes for ingredients.
You can add a recipe or collect your own recipe book.

Choose a recipe for the main ingredient
  • for the
  • food category for the holiday or for
  • in the kitchen
  • according to the way of cooking
  • according to the
  • By source Also on the site you can see the magazine of the same name.
    Expert opinion on the high-tech world.

    Expert opinion on the world of high technologies.

    The most relevant of finance.

    All the most relevant about finance: the exchange rate, forecast, news.
    The first daily socio-political online newspaper.

    The first daily socio-political online newspaper.

    On-line magazine interesting interiors from the Rambler-Afisha.

    Online magazine interesting interiors from Poster-Rambler.

    When the project is a serious service, you can expect stability and development from it. The site is really good. Professional photos, good taste. If you want to furnish a new apartment or refresh the old one, you will like it.

    Movie tickets.

    The service is connected to ticket systems of cinemas.
    It allows partners to sell cinema tickets on their websites.
    This is an easy way to provide our users with a new convenient service.

    • Choose a city, if it is on the list (there are about a hundred cities),
    • there will be movie posters, click the one you like or search,
    • choose a session and a konotere,
    • select the places according to the scheme of the cinema hall (if you put in place Price is specified),
    • pay.

    Payment methods


    And the user can buy a movie ticket on the sites (works Service "Rambler-Cash"):
    The united cinema network “Cinema Park” and “Formula Kino” takes 1st place in Russia and is among the top 5 largest cinema chains in Europe.

    The united cinema network “Cinema Park” and “Formula Kino” takes 1st place in Russia and is among the top 5 largest cinema chains in Europe.

    One of the leading Russian online media.

    The electronic periodical "" online newspaper.
    One of the leading Internet media in Russia, the most quoted.

    The newspaper tries to give an alternative point of view, but this is not the opposition, not the yellow press, just another source of information close to the official one. — Infografiks
    Studio, working on a project Media Resource Group.

    Infographics on the site It's important, not how beautiful it looks, there are many beautiful places in other places. The main thing here is the correctness and freshness of the information, because this is their profile.

    LiveJournal -
    Leading world blogosphere.


    In 1998, an eighteen-year-old student, Brad Fitzpatrick, wrote a small program for himself. The program allowed you to keep and update your personal diary. On its basis, Brad created a web application for his friends. Very quickly livejournal won huge popularity first in America, and then all over the world. Russia takes the second place by the number of users. And on quality, perhaps, and the first.

    Live Journal

    Live Journal, LiveJournal (LJ) is a service for posting online diaries (or rather blogs), or a separate blog ("diary", "Log") in this service. It offers a usual set of functions for blogs: the possibility of publishing records, their commenting on readers and so on; There are also convenient additional functions, many of which are available free of charge to anyone.

    In the Runet LiveJournal has gained phenomenal popularity, and in qualitative terms the composition of the Russian LJ is also unusually diverse. Many of the people known in Russia, as well as from parties, social movements and organizations, have their LJ.

    User Information

    When registering, the user LJ chooses a unique name for his blog. In this name, you can use numbers, Latin letters and the underscore. In the future, this name can be changed only for a fee or in special cases (for example, when changing the set of characters allowed in names).

    Client programs LJ for any OS

    Although LiveJournal can be used with a regular browser, usually users download a small program that allows you to work with LiveJournal directly.

    Help, or frequently asked questions

    LiveJournal Media
    All the fun in LiveJournal.

    All the fun in LiveJournal.

    Leading portals.

    2 Gb of space for free. The oldest Russian portal.
    Mail look decent and convenient. You can collect mail from other mailboxes:, Yandex.Mail, Gamail ....
    Many still use this mail. There are no clouds and the limit is 2 Gb. And as usual, if you have not used 6 months - an account can be deleted.
    When registering, you specify a phone that can be verified by SMS, which will simplify the recovery of the box when the password is lost.

    LJ Maps -
    Interesting places.

    The joint project of LiveJournal and Beeline.
    Based on Google Maps.

    Information about travel, places of interest, cities and countries in a convenient format.
    Read and comment bloggers' stories, add posts from your blogs to the map, plan new trips and follow the routes of famous travelers!

    There are 2 map view modes: satellite and regular map.
    When you select a point On the map, the right column displays information about the selected point.

    Column with posts
    The list of points on the visible area of ​​the map with the posts attached to them.
    The points can be sorted by popularity and by date of placement.

    Special section:

    • How to save on roaming,
    • n Useful advice,
    • how to pay the bill on the trip,
    • interesting articles about the countries.
    The site is about clear Moscow.

    This is not so much a site for tourists as for the Muscovites themselves. I spent a couple of years in Moscow.
    Do I know after that Moscow? - Yes and no.
    Yes, because I lived in Moscow.
    No, because I lived and worked in one area of ​​Moscow, it's like a city inside the city.
    Months after 2 I remembered that I was in Moscow and was traveling somewhere to Arbat, Red Square ...
    So none of the Muscovites can physically know the whole of Moscow, especially since it is constantly changing.
    This site will help in eliminating these gaps.

    Car magazine about cars, road racing.

    Automobile magazine about cars, roads, auto racing, about people and for people who love cars, drive them, or just dream of a car.

    The car section on appeared in 2000 - earlier than Someone from the online media, and in 2006 he turned into a full-format application with a unique content. In 2010, the size of the monthly audience of Avto.Lenta reached one million unique visitors. Now we are restarting Auto.Lenta under our own brand - Motor.

    Regular publications

    • Automotive news: about new items, car market and car industry, about exhibitions and auto racing, about roads, new laws, gasoline prices and much more.
    • Test drives: stories about the newest models, comparative and long-term tests, autotravel, video tests of own production.
    • Analytical reviews of laws and government initiatives, the car market and the automotive industry.
    • Photos and videos.
    • Motorsport: news and articles about the most popular racing series, reports of own correspondents from Formula 1, rally and rally-raids.
    • And a lot of different materials about cars and everything that is associated with them.
    Naked Science
    Naked Science.

    Naked science. The site is about science, as the name says.
    Just today science can be given out as it is beneficial to politicians or religions.
    Here is science, as it is. Proceeding from the fact that the site professionals work, here is the latest news from the world of science.
    There are videos, archives of the magazine in PDF.

    A complete and objective picture of the day news of what is happening in the world.

    Generator of news by the type of Yandex or Google. We can compare who uses the best collection, so we use it.
    The promises of the authorities.

    Politicians and stars tend to make public statements.
    There is literally a competition in promises in presidential elections.
    Dima Bilan swore to marry if he wins Eurovision, but then backs down. ... etc.

    This site is going to what is forgotten or what they want us to forget.
    Once the politicians want to manipulate us, promising something that we will then forget and promising again. And once we are manipulated, saying that this or that politician promised a lot and did nothing. And we do not remember what he promised and did NOTHING done anything?
    Here we ourselves can see the picture and have our own, not imposed opinion.

    There is a rating of people and their promises.
    against Each promise has a scale: when given and the date of fulfillment. And also it is executed or not.
    Resource for intelligent women.

    Women's glossy magazine online. What can there be? Mutual relations, motherhood, career, how without it? Cooking, fashion ... shorter decent women's magazine online from those who do it the best.

    Picnic Billboards
    Picnic 'Billboards' - the biggest in Moscow outdoor music festival, which gathers about 50,000 people annually.

    Picnic "Afisha" is the largest music festival in Moscow in the open air, which annually gathers about 50,000 people.

    Professional clubs.

    Community of professionals.


    1. Search for people with similar goals and discuss how to achieve these goals faster
    2. Create your own interest clubs
    3. Publish professional information on
    Rambler/real estate
    Service real estate ads.

    The main thing that I like here, not congestion, good filters, it's not difficult to find or make sure that I have nothing here on my request.

    The popular service that allows cafes and restaurants to deal effectively with the promotion of their establishments, manage tables reserves, to automate the process of work with visitors to significantly reduce staff time.

    A popular service that allows cafes and restaurants to efficiently promote their establishments, manage table reserves, automate the process of handling visitors' requests, and significantly reduce staff time.

    Rambler News Service
    The primary source of business news on Internet.

    The source of business news on Internet.

    Company's secret
    Online magazine about entrepreneurship №1 in Russia.

    If you are a beginner entrepreneur, then probably you do not feel the ground under your feet, do not know what to push off from.
    Here it is possible to find something useful: wise advice, to be impressed and to catch fire.
    National Information Service.

    National information service, guide to Russia. The GTRK project on Russia and travels to Russia.
    The portal combines the functions of an online magazine, social network and encyclopedia. A number of TV channels and radio stations take part in its creation, and first of all the new "My Planet" TV channel.

    Users of the portal will be able to get acquainted with the original technological advanced services in travel planning, calculation of optimal routes, online booking of hotels, tickets and all Related services. The portal will publish current information about events in all regions and cities Russia; Online games and entertainment will be available.

    Ramble/top 100
    Thematic directory sites Runet.

    Old famous site rating. Choose topics and see what is most popular according to their version.

    Reliable online service for recreation.

    The task of the service is to give out not all, but the most popular and profitable. That is, filter out anything that you are not interested in initially.
    Say you buy a plane ticket, then you will be offered options and restrictions in connection with this, for example - you can not return, exchange, take luggage (only carry-on luggage up to 10 kg) ... You can choose the price-service ratio.

    For hotels immediately indicated whether breakfast is included, whether there is parking, WIFI. However, this is a generator from other sites.

    Such as to Yandex and but simplistic design, it is easier to load.

    Similar, as on Yandex and but simplified design, it will be easier to download.
    All of them take data from one source.
    So we choose more convenient design and additional functions.

    Saturday Rambler
    The main source of ideas for planning the weekend.

    The main source of ideas for weekend planning.
    That is, what to see, where to go.

    Women's magazine
    Infotainment WomanJournal site.

    Informational and entertaining site WomanJournal.

    Here you can find out:

    • what will be born in the next Season;
    • how to treat yourself to dinner as something special (gourmets for joy);
    • Consultants answer questions about their personal lives on the portal.


    • provides an overview of the trendy and Cosmetic novelties;
    • publishes the best articles about love, family and career;
    • collects from the whole world the most entertaining news;
    • arranges various competitions and games;
    • invites to visit your favorite celebrities;
    • represents horoscopes compiled by professional astrologers.


    We buy a car, choose a brand, model, amount. Advanced settings.

    Automotive portal that provides classic information and something new.
    On the site you can buy a used car (the new recommendation only in the car dealership).


    • News, under the heading "New" are cars that are still entering the Russian and world markets,
    • test drive reviews,
    • lifehacks (tips)
    • video.

    Knowledge Base

    Addresses and phone numbers for vehicle registration, technical inspection, obtaining rights, traffic rules, fines, and almost all cases of life of the car owner.

    I looked, the base is not very big, not all regions.
    But it is filled.
    Catalog officially sold cars.

    The best catalog of officially sold cars with all variants of engines, gearboxes and complete sets available for the Russian market. The site monitors the price updates from manufacturers and dealers and knows how much each option costs in the car.

    The real value of the car

    • Information on the cost of car maintenance, which includes: maintenance costs, transport tax, OSAGO, fuel costs and other costs.
    • The cost of owning a car.
    • Quick and easy comparison of cars.
    • Exam SDA Online on will help prepare for the exam in the traffic police.


    Film.Ru studio
    The leading Russian specialized online publication about cinema, is published since December 1999.

    The leading Russian specialized Internet publication on cinema has been published since December 1999.

    Kinoportal daily processes the news flow of the cinema and provides the reader with materials about the world and domestic cinema: reviews and reviews of novelties of the film distribution, background information on films and personalities of Russian and foreign Cinematography, detailed information on the films of the current repertoire (footage, trailers, schedule kinorelizov), the results of rental fees, interviews with newsmakers of the cinema, news of festivals and prizes, including Exclusive stories and photography from film sets and at international film festivals.


    Rambler job
    Jobs on projects Rambler.


    Pillars of Runet.

    1. The first catalog Runet,
    2. search,
    3. mail service,
    4. .. .
    Rambler - was originally the site number 1 in Russia.
    The system was put on the top of the catalog, which remains the best in Russia, the rest was built around this.
    At the moment, Rambler has lost its position ... or just occupied its niche. It was the biggest, because there were no such as Yandex, and now it just corresponds to its potential.


    Poster of Russia's leading events of major cities: movies, theaters, concerts, exhibitions ...

    A way to choose how to spend your free time.

    The site contains the most complete and most accurate database of movie shows, concerts, exhibitions, and theater performances; The largest catalog of addresses of restaurants, clubs, museums, exhibition halls and shops in the largest cities Russia. The most authoritative book, music, restaurant And film critics publish their reviews and blog on the Afisha. In addition to professional reviews on the site, every month more than 3 thousand user reviews and over 30 thousand user ratings are published.

    You can book a movie ticket for free.

    We go, our city is displayed automatically, choose "Cinemas", choose a cinema from List.

    There is a mobile version.

    Billboard-TV Shows
    The draft broadcasting around the clock on the home page

    The project of round-the-clock broadcasting on the main page of the site


    Okko Movies -
    Online Movies.

    Unlike IVI, OKKO is fully paid, therefore it is much smaller than users.
    But if you are more comfortable with the paid version for IVI, why not consider OKKO as an option?


    1. on LG, Samsung, Philips, Toshiba, Panasonic and Sony TVs with Smart TV technology;
    2. on the computer through the browser;
    3. On mobile devices through the app.


    Shopping search.

    Searching for purchases from Rambler.

    1. We make a request,
    2. define the city (if we are not satisfied with the proposed system),
    3. wholesale or retail (by default),
    4. we can determine the price range, payment method, credit option ...
    The idea of ​​the portal - the search for the most profitable purchases among online stores.
    In fact, they earn from the delivery of customers, so the search is not for all stores, but only for those who signed a contract with them.


    Okko Sport -
    Live online broadcasts and recordings of NPS football matches.

    The official broadcaster of the APL.
    England. Premier League.

    All 20 clubs of the league, all 380 matches of the season live and recorded.
    The strongest commentators and exclusive materials from the Submarine League.

    Excellent quality.
    Reviews of tours and author programs with regular updates.
    Ability to pause and switch to the beginning of the broadcast at any time.

    All details before and after the match: from the arrival of teams to interviews with players.

    View simultaneously on 3 devices: Smart TV, Playstation, computer, smartphone or tablet.

    A news project that provides readers with access to materials on sports and sports related topics ...

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