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Ph4 / Russia / St. Petersburg

WebMoney Funding -
address: Сенная площадь, д. 13
tel.: +7 (495) 727-20-07, 7 (812) 200-89-11, 7 (812) 927-16-30


A platform for attracting donations to implement your ideas and charity, organize events and take off for collective purchases.

  • Easy registration
  • Creating a project for free
  • No restrictions on national and territorial grounds
  • Immediate withdrawal of funds

    What we can

    • To raise funds for implementing your projects with crowdfunding or people's funding - the collective cooperation of people who voluntarily pool their funds to support the efforts of other people or organizations. In exchange for supporting the project, in the case of collecting the required amount, the donors can usually expect to be rewarded.
    • Organize events. You can create an event (concert, theatrical performance, conference, seminar, etc.), attract participants who will purchase tickets for this event using the WebMoney Funding service.
    • Collect funds for charity. You can raise funds for the implementation of your and other charitable projects.
    • Participate in collective purchases - join in groups to purchase goods in order to save. As a rule, buyers are combined to purchase goods from suppliers at wholesale prices or to order in foreign stores.
  • Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkin House), Russian Academy of Sciences -
    tel.: +7 (495) 981-56-80
    The study of the history of Russian literature.


    Scientific institution in the system of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It was founded in 1905 in St. Petersburg as a museum-memorial and source research center of Pushkin studies. Departments and research groups of the Institute are engaged in studying

    Car lawer -
    address: ул. Роменская, д. 10, офис 2-1
    For justice.


    A specialized company, the largest in the territory of central and eastern Europe in terms of the number of offices and the number of employees dealing only with issues related to the deprivation of rights.
    Free advice of a car dealer, the services of an auto-dealer with forfeiture.

    First of all their book will help you Or application on Android or iPhone. Also the site will help.

    You have a situation and you are wrongfully deprived of rights or fined. Or maybe you are to blame. But what to do next, what is the solution? The company Avturyurist helps you to know your basic rights, the duties of inspectors of the traffic police ...

    Offices of the Avturist on the map .

    Reception of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg. -
    address: 190000, Сенатская площадь, д. 1
    tel.: +7 (812) 404-33-11, 7 (812) 404-31-99
    Reception of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg.


    Reception of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg.

    Reception of citizens:
    on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10-00 to 17-00,
    on Friday - from 10-00 to 16-00.

    In the Admissions Office of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, you can file complaints with the Constitutional Court of Russia, as well as receive additional information on the preparation of an appeal to the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.

    Деловые Линии -
    address: 196210, ул. Стартовая, д. 8, лит. А
    tel.: +7 (800) 100-80-00, 7 (495) 775-55-30
    The transport company provides freight transportation.


    The transport company provides freight transportation.

    Carriage of goods by road and air transport, trucking groupage cargoes - order online.

    The cost is easy to quickly calculate on the site, and if you are satisfied, you can register and make an application.

    Weather Schedule -
    Perhaps the most accurate weather forecast for Russia.


    Perhaps the most accurate weather forecast for Russia.

    It is trusted by tourists and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, that is, people for whom the accuracy of weather reports is important.
    The company has a license to operate in the field of hydrometeorology and related areas.

    The website presents weather forecasts for the next six days and information about the actual weather observed at the ground stations.
    The forecasts are prepared by the Met Office of Great Britain (Met Office) and made available on the site under a contract between the Met Office and Schedule Weather, LLC.
    Actual weather information comes from the international exchange data server, NOAA, USA, in SYNOP and METAR formats.

    The forecasts are fully updated on the site twice a day: by 05:30 and 17:30 UTC.
    SYNOP data updates are provided eight times a day every three hours: as a rule, by 0:30, 3:30, 6:30, 9:30, 12:30, 15:30, 18:30 and 21:30 UTC.
    Fresh observational data in METAR format are delivered to the site once or twice an hour, about 10 minutes after the weather observation at the weather station.

    Artministri -
    address: ул. Седова, д. 37, лит. «А», офис 903(1).
    tel.: +7 (911) 186-95-08
    Christian Web studio.


    Design studio Artinistry.
    Graphic and web design, programming, support. Development of sites, logos, booklets for churches.

    Mirage Cinema -
    address: Полюстровский пр., 84
    tel.: +7 (800) 505-17-85, 7 (812) 677-60-60
    Cinema network.


    The Mirage Cinema cinema network includes 22 modern cinemas, more than 150 comfortable cinema halls equipped with the latest technology, and more than 18,500 seats.

    Unique film projection and sound equipment, spacious halls, the ability to watch movies in 3D, as well as its own kitchen with a favorite Italian and Japanese menu.

    In the popcorn bars of the cinema you can try more than 10 kinds of popcorn, including such exotic ones as strawberry, apple, banana and even with bacon, and with porcini mushrooms.

    Instead of ordinary armchairs, comfortable sofas for one, two and three guests and tables equipped with waiter call buttons that bring you any dish from the menu directly to the hall await you in the VIP rooms.

    TJournal -
    address: Пискаревский пр-кт, 25, лит. А
    Operational news from online media.


    TJournal writes author's articles. In addition, robots explore the media and social networks. The most significant is posted on the site. TJournal tries to be more operative than others.

    Codex Sinaiticus -
    address: National Library of Russia, Sadovaya Street 18, 191069
    tel.: +7 (499) 499-69-26
    The archives of libraries in the world.


    The digitized Codex Sinaiticus (the oldest Bible in the world).

    This project took about four years to complete, specialists from libraries in Britain worked on it, Russia, Germany and Egypt.
    We must add that the site has only 4 languages, including Russian.

    Sinaitic code in Wikipedia

    address: Лисичанская ул., д. 6
    tel.: +7 (812) 677-10-00
    Modern bold project with a universal kitchen.


    Modern bold project with a universal kitchen.

    Elements of Japanese, Italian, Eastern European, Chinese and other cuisines are intertwined in the format of a classic urban restaurant.

    In restaurants, families with children, couples, friends, colleagues and relatives spend their time. Here you can spend a business lunch, celebrate a birthday, have a romantic evening or just listen to music and eat tasty food.

    ToMesto -
    address: 191036, пр. Невский, д. 95, лит. А, пом. 12Н
    tel.: +7 (812) 245-32-05, 7 (495) 663-19-90
    Reservations for restaurants.


    The best restaurants, cafes and bars of a number of cities in Russia.
    Menus, photos, reviews, promotions and discounts, events and news, booking tables and banquets.

    In the base 10 170 institutions in 20 cities:
    Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Saratov, Sochi, Tolyatti, Tyumen, Ufa, Chelyabinsk.

    Bus-raspisanie -
    address: ул. Ленина, д. 19, оф. 343
    tel.: +7 (978) 723-84-1
    Schedules of public transport in Russia.


    Timetables for buses, taxis, minibuses, trams, trolley buses, subways in Russia.

    Schedules in more than 10,000 locations across the country. Schedules have also been implemented with stops, thanks to which you can quickly and easily see the flights you need, which will pass through your station today and tomorrow.

    Going to a specific stop, you will be able to see all the modes of transport going through this stop, and make a route between the necessary points, starting from a specific stop.

    Converter dates -
    address: ООО Мобатайм Системс, 192148, ул. Седова, 46
    The exact time, date converter.


    Exact time, date converter.
    You can translate time from different calendars (Gregorian, Julian, Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic, Maya, Unix time) ...

    Archive of St. Petersburg Russian Studies -
    address: 199034, Университетская наб., д. 7–9
    tel.: +7 (812) 328-20-00
    The Department of Russian Philology Faculty of St. Petersburg State University.


    Department of the Russian language of the philological faculty of St.

    Petersburg State University. The project of the "Archives of St. Petersburg Russian Studies" information system, supported by the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Foundation, is aimed at providing information needs of researchers of the Russian language.

    The circle of possible users: includes teachers of the Russian language department, philologists of other specializations, secondary school teachers, domestic and foreign specialists - linguists, literary critics, historians, psychologists, philosophers, etc., who are generally interested in the Russian language and its history.

    M31 -
    Maps of the sky and the planets surface, the device telescopes and eyepieces.


    Astronomical server M31: maps of the starry sky and surfaces of planets, the device of telescopes and eyepieces, caricatures on astronomical themes, astronomical and historical articles.

    47 news -
    address: 191011, ул. Зодчего Росси, д. 1/3, 6-й подъезд
    tel.: +7 (812) 710-46-23, 7 (812) 710-43-80
    Independent online edition, aimed at comprehensive coverage of political and social life in the Leningrad region.


    Independent Internet publication aimed at comprehensive coverage of political and public life in the Leningrad region, economic and investment activity in the region. The creators expect that "47 news" will become a popular and constructive platform for free discussion of the events that take place in the 47th region of Russia.

    Holiday Calendar -
    address: 198516, Петергофский пр., д. 60, лит. А, оф. 44
    tel.: +7 (812) 640-06-60


    Leading website of RuNet on calendars and holidays.

    • International holidays,
    • Professional holidays,
    • Religious holidays,
    • Holidays of countries.

    Call2Friends -
    The Internet telephone service provider provides a clean, fast and affordable IP telephony service.


    The Internet telephone service provider provides a clean, fast and affordable IP telephony service.
    VoIP is perfect for people who got tired of paying large amounts of money for their phone.
    Calls from the browser to your home phone are very cheap or not at all free.

    DocMe -
    address: 190020, наб. Обводного канала, д. 136, корп. 71, офис 217
    Hosted documents.


    Publish, store and exchange text documents.
    Allows you to publish and store files of more than 100 formats, among which of course there are the most common: doc, docx, xls, ppt, rtf, pdf and many others.
    Its essence is this site is an analogue of popular video publishing services, only for documents.
    There is support for OpenID.
    To date, there is no analogue of this kind of project.

    You can upload your file immediately after opening the site, But in order not to lose control over it after 30 minutes, it will still be necessary either to dawn istrirovatsya or authorize (have an OpenID support). After that, the system will offer to provide it with a correct name and description, tags, place in a suitable thematic category, select a viewing mode (simple or slides). Finally, you need to specify access options and privacy: do you hide the file from other visitors? If not, it will be available in the general directory. Do you allow it to download, print, copy content from it? By the way, downloading the file from the service will be possible not only in the original format, but also in pdf or txt.

    After the publication, DocMe will give a link to the page where the document will be available for viewing (in addition it will appear on the page "My documents "). It also allows you to get HTML code for document integration on other sites. Browsing is via Adobe Flash 10. By the way, the service supports not only deletion of documents, but also updating them with new versions, which allows you to keep information up to date without having to get new links/code.

    VK Mail -
    address: 191024, ул. Херсонская, д. 12-14, лит. А, пом. 1-Н
    VKontakte has launched its own mail.


    VKontakte has launched its own mail.
    What I like is the simple interface.
    Very convenient, especially since we are using less and less mail and we don't need any more complicated ones.

    • Smart sorting - letters are automatically distributed in folders (social networks, mailing lists, letters to myself ...).
    • Smart answers - keyboard helps you find the right words.
    • Antispam - protects from hundreds of millions of spam-mails per day.
    • A unsubscribe wizard - leave only useful letters.
    • Translator.
    • Cancel sent letter - you have 20 seconds to cancel sent letter.
    • Remote mail - you can create a one-time mail address, it will be on the domain @MAIL.RU.


    .You can attach up to 100 files, up to 2 Gb each.
    Up to 8 Gb available at ОБЛАКЕ
    You can view the attachment, uses the built-in Microsoft Office editor.

    Mariinsky Theatre -
    address: Театральная пл., 1, 190000
    tel.: +7 (812) 326-41-41
    The official website of the theater.


    The official website of the theater.
    Information about the theater - history, floor plan, souvenirs, a poster and tickets.

    Fitness House -
    address: ул. Барочная, д. 10/2Б
    tel.: +7 (812) 610-06-06
    Federal network of sports clubs. The leader of the fitness industry in the Russian Federation.


    Federal network of sports clubs. The leader of the fitness industry in the Russian Federation.

    Online Translator PROMT -
    address: 17Е, ул. Уральская, стр. 3, 199155
    tel.: +7 (812) 655-03-50
    A free online translator of texts, web pages and email in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. Thematic dictionaries. Cyrillic texts converter.


    A leading translator was made by an online translator.
    You can translate a site by entering a url.
    Or put yourself a form of translating your site.

    Agency Special Orders -
    address: 190031, Московский пр-кт, д. 6
    tel.: +7 (495) 648-40-13, 7 (812) 648-40-13
    Online Services.


    A unique service created on the basis of the interactive creative agency

    Agents performing your orders are not random people. We very carefully select candidates, give them test orders, constantly monitor the quality of their work.

    Some of our services:

    • Help on the issue of interest;
    • a visit to an organization, institution or individual with an assignment to it;
    • meeting transfers at the railway station, airport and delivery to the addressee;
    • receiving the transfer and sending it to the Customer;
    • acquisition and delivery of the necessary goods to the Customer;
    • checking the actual location of legal entities;
    • information about the availability and prices of certain goods;
    • information about sightseeing tours;
    • creating a photo-memo from memorable places;
    • purchase and delivery of medicines, products, consumer goods to the addressee;
    • the establishment of regional offices;
    • monitoring of local media, etc.
    The commission must not contradict the current Laws and moral and ethical standards.

    Translate.Ru -
    address: 17Е, ул. Уральская, стр. 3, 199155
    tel.: +7 (812) 655-03-50
    Interpreters on site.

    Public transport of St. Petersburg -
    address: 196084, ул. Рубинштейна, д. 32, лит. А
    tel.: +7 (800) 234-98-90, 7 (812) 576-55-55, 7 (812) 575-65-39, 7 (812) 575-65-40
    Urban transport routes on the map.


    City transport Petersburg online. Enter the portal, choose the number of your bus, then mark the stop on which you are, and immediately get Data, after how many minutes the arrival of the machine of the route you want is expected. The information on the movement of vehicles is based on data from the GLONASS navigation instruments - they are as accurate as possible, and the traffic is calculated taking into account the traffic situation.

    Transport of St. Petersburg -
    Routes and timetables of transport of St. Petersburg.


    Routes and timetables of transport of St. Petersburg.

    Current information on changes in the work of urban public transport and news from the transport sector.
    Information about travel tickets, about the types of urban public transport, timetable of the metro, bus and railway stations.

    The site provides information on all types of public transport.
    You can choose a route and on the map you will be asked how to get one or several modes of transport. -
    address: Реки Смоленки наб., д. 14, 199178
    tel.: +7 (812) 335-88-22
    Reference applicant for the choice of universities and colleges.


    The main idea of ​​the site is the creation of a tool for informed choice of the future for high school students and entrants.

    Unlike conventional catalogs of universities and colleges, the site allows you to choose the future for a variety of parameters. For this, the structure of the site base is arranged in a special way: all objects are interconnected. This allows the user to access the necessary information from any point: profession, university, special educational institution, specialty, training program or a specific version of the program.

    The site continuously interacts with each potential applicant through a system of tests, questions and answers, accompanying him in search, comparison and selection. This approach allows applicants to model their future, clarify their goals, and make the image of the future clearer and clearer.

    Interfaces of the site are designed so that in the place where applicants may have questions:

    1. What profession suits me?
    2. Is this profession suitable for me?
    3. What programs of this university do I have more chances to enroll in?
    4. What are my chances of enrolling in this program or training option?
    5. What other options are there for this program?

    The National News Agency News 9111 -
    address: 191023г, наб. реки Фонтанки, д. 59, литер А, пом. А-230
    tel.: +7 (800) 505-92-64
    Legal advice online - free advice of lawyers and lawyers.


    Legal advice online - free advice of lawyers and lawyers.
    The goal is to overcome the legal illiteracy of all sections of the population.


    1. Providing legal assistance to people and organizations.
    2. Combining the efforts of lawyers from various regions of Russia, CIS countries and abroad for Providing legal assistance and legal services to an unlimited number of persons
    3. Creating the conditions for the fullest possible implementation by qualified lawyers of professional knowledge and experience and increasing their income through the provision of distance legal services
    4. firs and clients with legal practitioners, lawyers and other professionals-lawyers.
    service is free, but if you want an answer right now, you need to pay and the answer will be sent within 5 minutes.
    That is, free help will be at the level of the forum, and professional - paid

    The State Hermitage Museum -
    address: ул. Большая Морская, д. 2, 191186
    tel.: +7 (812) 429-74-07
    The main museum of Russia has a website that allows you to learn about special events - exhibitions, buy a ticket or souvenirs.


    The main museum of Russia has a website that allows you to learn about special events - exhibitions, buy a ticket or souvenirs.

    1. Total area - 233,345 square meters. m
    2. Works of art and applied art - 1 013 653
    3. Monuments to numismatics - 1 125 623
    4. Other exhibits - 212,775
    5. Archaeological sites - 784 395
    6. Weapons - 13 982
    The museum is very large, in fact, this is a group of museums. The site will help to navigate and plan which part you will be most interested in visiting or from which to start, depends on your preferences and time.

    Parking Saint Petersburg -
    address: 191144, Дегтярный пер., д. 11, литер Б, пом. 1-Н
    tel.: +7 (812) 417-50-00
    Parking Saint Petersburg on the map.


    Parking places of St. Petersburg on the map.
    Parking parking is created, which is good to know, especially to the guests of the city.

    Applications on the smartphone allow

    1. Find parking, find out whether it's paid or not;
    2. find out t -
    address: 197110, Константиновский пр., 11а
    Advertising ideas -YES !: a professional magazine about advertising and marketing.

    Alternative map of Moscow subway from Yandex -
    What the metro map of Moscow would look like if the stations on it were named after local centers of attraction.


    At every subway station, well, almost at every station, there is something that attracts people from other areas and even from other cities.
    Mall, planetarium, restaurant, tax office, court.
    Yandex presented what the metro map of Moscow would look like if the stations on it were named after local centers of attraction.
    In order to find such places, we used the data on queries to Yandex.maps set near metro lobbies.

    Dorinfo -
    tel.: +7 (812) 703-35-08
    Road Atlas is a road map of Russia, with which you can read the main news for a certain period of time, quickly find out about restrictions and overlap on the road, view photos of low-quality sections of roads, evaluate future routes and evaluate traffic jams.


    Road Atlas is a road map of Russia, with which you can read the main news for a certain period of time, quickly find out about restrictions and overlap on the road, view photos of low-quality sections of roads, evaluate future routes and evaluate traffic jams.

    Information about the state of any section of the road on the map of Russia can now be posted by the users themselves.
    What makes the information more operational and relevant.

    You can select a route and see the load on all sections of the road (green - free, red - traffic jams).
    You can see photos of sections of roads, if any.
    And you can also read news regarding the selected route - repairs, accidents ...

    The International Association of Russian Language and Literature Teachers -
    tel.: +7 (812) 332-94-21
    Promoting the successful teaching of the Russian language and literature, the dissemination of cultural and spiritual values.


    MAPRYAL was established at the Constitutive Conference in Paris in 1967 on the initiative of scientists from a number of countries as a public non-governmental organization. In 1975, it was granted a consultative status of UNESCO category "C". The task of the association is to contribute to the successful teaching of the Russian language and literature, the dissemination of cultural and spiritual values. -
    address: 196084, Московский пр-кт, д. 109, литера А, пом. 9 Н
    Work in St. Petersburg.


    Service for accurate and fast job search and recruitment, one of the leaders in the online recruitment market.
    The main goal of the project is to provide recruitment and job search services in different cities of Russia.

    Every day, employers and applicants publish on our site several thousand of their vacancies and resumes. Now on about 200 000 vacancies and more than 10 000 000 resumes are posted.

    The project is focused on all professional groups of applicants - the site presents mass positions, vacancies of specialists, middle managers, as well as top managers. Direct employers and recruitment agencies offer a huge selection of resumes of specialists in various fields.

    The goal is to provide applicants with only reliable jobs, and for employers only the best specialists.

    To prevent duplication, spam and publication of dubious offers on, strict posting rules apply.
    The quality of the base of vacancies and resume of the portal is monitored by a spam filter around the clock.

    Fontanka -
    address: ул. Зодчего Росси, д. 1/3
    tel.: +7 (812) 812-46-23
    Online newspaper about the events of Peter and St Petersburg, in Russia and in the world.


    Peter's Internet newspaper about the events in St. Petersburg, in Russia and in the world: significant incidents, news of the city, business, society, culture, art.

    Exchange WebMoney Credit -
    address: Сенная площадь, д. 13
    tel.: +7 (495) 727-20-07, 7 (812) 200-89-11, 7 (812) 927-16-30
    WebMoney Transfer Credit Exchange.


    Credit exchange WebMoney Transfer.

    Take a loan

    Here you can take a loan, risking your reputation. That is, you register, inform the loan amount, the repayment period and how much it will return from above.
    Then wait, if someone will arrange these conditions, and also, if your reputation is not spoiled, you get a loan.

    Give a loan

    You can earn by giving loans.


    There is always a risk. When you take money, it is not a fact that you can return them at the time, then you will get an unpleasant entry in your certificate, which you can not remove anymore.
    In this case it will complicate your future life, you will not be willing to give loans, if at all, etc.
    If you give money in debt, there is always a chance that you will not be returned, or Delay the return, which is also unpleasant.


    The only grant is the certificate, the entries are positive or negative. Positive can friends write, but the negative ones say a lot.

    Fontello -
    Google Alert card updates.


    Online font generator with icons in Webfont format.

    We need to add icons, emoticons, icons to the site. They should be small and clear .... and there are a lot of them on the site.
    Here the ideal solution is to collect all the characters in a font and put the font on the site.
    But here's an ill luck, usually not much of a font It suits us, here we would collect our collection and put it together in a single font.

    Fontello allows us to easily solve our problem.
    You can choose from the suggested one. Icons are many and very high quality, to that the style is one and they will be combined.
    Then the selected font will be generated and a file with CSS classes will be created.
    We take everything and fasten it to our site. -
    address: 195027, г, Пискаревский пр 2, корп. 2, Офис 814
    tel.: +7 (800) 551-20-17
    Express loan.


    Together with Metrobank offer to issue a loan for any needs via Internet for 15 minutes without a certificate of income.

    But you will need a passport, possibly a labor.
    17% per annum.

    There are also a lot of advertisements on other lending opportunities, mortgage lending.

    Express credit

    It can be obtained not only when buying goods in Store, but also on Internet, write Vedomosti. A pilot project to provide similar Loans launched by the Fosborn Home broker.

    With Hema works in the same way as when visiting a regular store, first the customer has to choose the product and then apply for the loan.The difference is that you will have to fill out the questionnaire electronically and also provide a scanned copy of the passport. The broker will check the data, pick up The optimal offer and send the request to the appropriate bank.The expectation of the response will take about 20 minutes for the customer.

    Credits will be provided only for a part of the purchase price. The customer can make his contribution with a credit card (the main check of your identity), cash on delivery of the goods by a courier or other online store in the way offered.

    Then he will be given a signature and a loan agreement for signing. Not later than a week after the transfer of goods and the signing of the contract, the online store will receive money. Fosborn will receive its commission from banks.

    The publication notes that the Ozon online store tried to use credit sales schemes, but they were unclaimed because of the small value of the average check (1800-1900 rubles). Experts believe that loans will be more popular when shopping for more than 10.000 rubles. According to experts, as of January 1, 2010, Russian banks issued loans to the population of 3.6 trillion rubles. Only 103 billion rubles. Of them was provided in the trade networks.

    TaxovichkoF -
    address: 192019, наб. Обводного канала, д 24Д , БЦ Амилен Бесплатный автобус от ст. метро «Ал.Невского»
    tel.: +7 (812) 333-00-00
    Taxi ordering.


    Taxi ordering.

    • Taxi from 33 rubles.
    • Filing in St. Petersburg - from 5 minutes.
    • Free Wi-Fi.
    • Baby car seats.
    • Charging smartphones.
    • Payment by card in a taxi.


      • Locate the user.
      • Online tracking of cars on the map.
      • Automatic cost calculation.
      • The exact time of the car feed.Additional features when ordering a taxi:
        • Information about the driver and the impact on the rating.
        • Add favorite routes and addresses.
        • Popular addresses and closest objects.
        • Create pre-orders for later.
        • The ability to link an alarm to a trip.
        • Order a taxi to a friend’s number from tel. books.
        • Receive requests for forgotten things.

    Media Map -
    address: наб. Черной Речки, 41, бизнес-центр "Прогресс Сити", корп. 10, офис 222
    tel.: +7 (812) 321-60-40
    Internet media.


    Magazines, newspapers, television, radio, news agencies, online reference books, economics, culture, news, subscription.

    Free classified ads foodretail -
    address: 196084, ул. Малая Митрофаньевская, д. 4 ООО "Инлайн"
    Free classified ads for buying and selling food products as well as related products and services.


    Free bulletin board about buying and selling food and related products and services.
    News, analytics, catalog of companies.

    Accessibility Map -
    Routes for the disabled.


    United Russia is an innovative project of the United Country Foundation. The project is designed to help people with disabilities find places where they can practice Paralympic sports, as well as provide them with information about nearby accessible urban infrastructure facilities.

    VashaMashina -
    address: 194295, pr. Tichorechki 26-140
    An information portal created for car owners and car enthusiasts who want to learn more about their rights and responsibilities.


    Information portal for both motorists and citizens who are interested in the latest changes in legislation, road safety issues, statistics.

    • What kind of fines will you have to pay for traffic violations,
    • how to write a complaint,
    • what to do after a traffic accident - all kinds of traffic violations with the recommendations of experienced lawyers have been disassembled.
    Counseling. -
    The best website for marketing in the territory of the former USSR.

    Secret reviews of new buildings SPB -
    address: 1951965, ул. Рижская, д. 5 корп. 1, офис 309/6
    tel.: +7 (931) 979-15-95
    A detailed study of new buildings of St. Petersburg and the region by journalists under the guise of a buyer.

    SPBU -
    address: 199034, Университетская наб., д. 7–9
    tel.: +7 (812) 328-20-00
    Saint Petersburg University.


    Saint Petersburg University.

    Leningrad victory -
    address: ул. Чапыгина, д. 6
    tel.: +7 (812) 456-70-13
    2nd World War.


    Blockade in the language of numbers.

    • Information,
    • statistics,
    • photos,
    • audio recordings of that time,
    • newspapers of the times of the blockade.
    All about the blockade of Leningrad.

    WebMoney -
    address: Сенная площадь, д. 13
    tel.: +7 (495) 727-20-07, 7 (812) 200-89-11, 7 (812) 927-16-30
    Symbols for certified participants.


    Symbols for certified participants.

    Infostart -
    address: ул. Бухарестская 30/32, оф. 5-61
    tel.: +7 (800) 555-52-56
    Information and analytical center for automation of accounting and management.


    Up-to-date and reliable information is necessary for business automation.
    The community members create information, which is systematized and the experts provide objective assessment and recommendations.
    The library contains the most complete information on accounting and management automation on the 1C:Enterprise platform.

    Chance -
    address: 191023, ул. Караванная, д. 1, Бизнес-центр «Караванная-1», метро «Гостиный двор»
    tel.: +7 (812) 601-05-40
    Site of free announcements.


    Site of free announcements.
    The oldest Russian newspaper (issue suspended) and the site of private announcements.

    Over 180,000 ads in Russia.

    78 -
    address: Петроградская наб., д. 18А
    tel.: +7 (812) 33-22-140
    SKA Petersburg matches.


    The channel regularly broadcasts matches of the local club SKA, which has many fans, but all have access to the KHL TV channel.

    Yastaff -
    address: пл. Стачек 9 лит. А, 3 этаж
    tel.: +7 (800) 333-60-82
    Services of handymen, workers, etc.


    Services of handymen, workers, etc.
    A platform where workers and employers find each other.
    Let's say you need to make repairs or other one-time work and you do not need to recruit staff for this.
    Previously, this was called shabashka.
    And someone wants to earn some money.

    VK Messenger -
    address: 191024, ул. Херсонская, д. 12-14, лит. А, пом. 1-Н
    Voice and text messenger from VKontakte.


    Voice and text messenger from VKontakte.

    Allows you to make regular text messages, voice communication as well as group messages and create a channel.
    Video channel can be watched by subscribers and leave feedback in a text chat while you are on the air.

    AutoTransInfo -
    address: ул. Гельсингфорсская, 2А, 194044, БЦ Гельсингфорсский
    tel.: +7 (812) 602-01-09
    Communication project for those whose activities are related to road haulage: cargo owners and carriers, freight forwarders and dispatchers.


    Communication project for those whose activities are related to road freight transport: cargo owners and carriers, freight forwarders and dispatchers.
    Geographically, the system covers not only Russia, but also Ukraine, the Baltic states, and also Europe.

    Everyone who has registered on the site gets an opportunity to place free-of-charge in the database applications concerning the carriage of cargo or a proposal for the availability of associated transport for assistance in transportation.
    Of course, it's not for nothing: the rate of remuneration for the service is set.
    The addition of applications is possible not only through the site, but also a special client: the program Terminal AutoTransInfo.
    View the main sections (Cargo and Passable Transport) is available to everyone.
    An unscrupulous carrier or customer can always be judged on merit, exposing him to an assessment of reliability (on the basis of which an overall rating is formed).
    And here to make claims and give recommendations it is possible only having passed to paid service, however, rather inexpensive.
    In addition, it will provide full access to the contact information of all companies registered in the system and specialized sections of the forum (Unfair Partners, Unfair drivers, Trade Union, Round Table). Not less value, especially for drivers who will also appreciate the tool for calculating distances and assessing the quality of the road between the points of departure and destination.
    And, finally, on the site it is worth noting such bonuses as the archive of electronic versions of the journal on cargo transportation of ATI published since 2000, a selection of samples of acts and documents on the same subject, as well as a functional software package Trans-Manager: Although it is paid, it is offered at a democratic price.

    Peterhof, by state museum-reserve -
    address: ул. Разводная, д. 2
    tel.: +7 (812) 450-56-52


    Peterhof, the state museum-reserve.
    Official site.
    Very decent site. Here you will find all you need - prices, how to get there, history, calendar of events. I must say that the entrance fee is paid only in the summer, when fountains work.

    Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library -
    address: Cенатская площадь, д. 3
    tel.: +7 (812) 305-16-21
    The archives of libraries in the world.



    To view, you need to install the plugin Microsoft Silverlight.
    Silverlight has versions for browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.OS: Windows or Mac OS X.
    3D view of documents only in Internet Explorer.

    Library Content

    Archive of public documents relating to the history and current state of Russian statehood, the memorial personal archive of the President of the Russian Federation.

    Sources of Goods Receipt

    • Russian State Historical Archive,
    • Russian State Library,
    • Russian National Library,
    • Tyumen Regional Scientific Library named after. DI. Mendeleyev,
    • State Archives of the Russian Federation
    • and others.
    At present, the funds of the Presidential Library contain more than 38 thousand items of storage. In the electronic repository of the Presidential Library there are more than 43 million image files. Additionally, in the online store, more than 2.5 million files are processed.

    Download the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in

    food TV -
    address: ул. Новоладожская, д. 4, корп. 1 Литера П
    tel.: +7 (812) 449-26-25
    Cooking TV.


    Culinary channel in Russian.
    As a rule, culinary TV channels are distributed by subscription - they can be viewed on the cable, through a plate.
    This channel can be watched through Internet.

    The TV channel is not the best, however, you can choose interesting programs, or see the site in the entry.
    In this plan, the site is very simple, it's understandable, it's not overloaded. It's easy to find what you need.
    You can find recipes, master classes, there is information on the ingredients. Suddenly, what exotic is offered in the recipe.

    Sputnik -
    address: 199178, 5 линия В.О., д. 70 А, пом. 53/11Н, оф. 402
    tel.: +7 (812) 407 36 52, 7 (499) 110-52-66

    One day in the life of Petersburg transport. -
    Interactive Yandex.Maps

    Christian Billboards Protestants Petersburg -
    Events, seminars, conferences, worship, churches card.


    The project of the publishing house "The Tree of Life". Events, seminars, conferences, services, map of churches. Made very even decently, authoritative and understandable.

    WebMoney -
    address: Сенная площадь, д. 13
    tel.: +7 (495) 727-20-07, 7 (812) 200-89-11, 7 (812) 927-16-30
    Internet payment system Russia.


    Payment Internet system Russia.
    Money can be put into a purse through the Savings Bank, postal order, etc., in all the usual ways, and also through dealers, specialized ATMs.

    Currency: you receive wallets or ruble, dollar, euro and hryvnia accounts.

    Security - WebMoney pays great attention to the protection of funds, so when registering Be careful, you need to correctly specify your email, which will come and will be periodically received the activation code. Of course remember the password, make a copy of the protection key. And do not forget the personal activation code, nobody knows except it and it does not recover.

    Also it is necessary download And install the program WebMoney Keeper, configure Internet Explorer (another browser will not work), but all of this is explained in detail step by step on the WebMoney website.

    Fraud Protection

    The order of use is as follows:

    1. Connecting to Internet,
    2. Running WebMoney Keeper,
    3. Select ID (even if one wallet, that is, enter only the first time),
    4. Entering the password,
    5. If we conduct transactions, then buet activation code that immediately comes to our email specified,
    6. If we reinstall Windows, or changed a computer, you will need a personal activation code.
    Get money is only possible with a merchant's certificate.

    Certificates - another form of protection against fraud. Registering you immediately get an anonymous certificate. With such a certificate, you and only you can put it on your wallet through a savings bank, postal order, etc., but not through Internet payment systems. To be eligible to accept payments, you need to obtain a merchant's certificate. To do this, you need to download the application form, notarize it (the notary certifies only the signature) and send (or transmit, if possible) a photocopy of the passport to WebMoney. Registration fee (usually $10). There are cases when without any registration a person takes money for a wallet with an anonymous certificate.

    Getting the certificate Sign up


    There are scammers who use this system and it defines them as scammers. But the WebMoney system does not close accounts, but simply informs that they are scammers. So the availability of the certificate does not guarantee reliability. The certificate should be looked at at actual payment. I can make reference to anyone's certificate, but when paying attention to the link check the certificate, then you see exactly the certificate of the wallet to which you make the payment, see the screenshot below.

    Check the certificate WM identifier - you can check the certificate by WMID or by purse number.

    Disabling SMS-confirmation in WebMoney

    1. We go to,
    2. Click Login,
    3. activate,
    4. go back to,
    5. Select Confirm operations and click Disable in front of SMS Confirmation.
    6. That's it.

    Russian truth -
    address: ул. Садовая, д. 18
    tel.: +7 (812) 312-28-63
    Comment Russian electronic publication of the text of Truth and range of support materials.


    One of the most important documents of Russian history, the first code of law of Medieval Russia. This project is designed to reflect the presentation of this outstanding monument in the richest manuscript collections of the Russian National Library. The project contains a commented electronic publication of the text of the Russian Truth and a set of auxiliary materials that will be useful to students of schools and universities, as well as all those interested in Russian history.

    TutorTop -
    Rating and reviews of online programming schools.


    Rating and reviews of online programming schools.
    The site will help you choose from a variety of school -
    address: 196084, ул. Цветочная, д. 16, литера П, БЦ “Автомася”, офис 23
    tel.: +7 (812) 425-64-30
    Finland travel guide.


    The most readable portal about Finland in Russia.

    1. Comprehensive information on all types of tourism in the country of Suomi
    2. fresh announcements of the most interesting and vivid events in the cultural life of Finland
    3. valuable tips and advice to Russian tourists
    Every day we talk about the diversity and richness of Finnish culture.

    Also through the site you can fully organize a trip to Finland.

    The service of sending messages to persons in custody or serving a sentence.


    The service of sending messages to persons in custody or serving a sentence.

    If someone is unlucky and relatives in the zone, I would like to communicate more often.
    To go on a date is far away, and Internet is banned. There is a website that allows you to send an email, though it's paid as a telegram.


    1. 1 page (up to 2500 characters) - 55 rub.,
    2. answer on one page 55 rub.,
    3. Photo 30 rub.
    You can answer and photo not order, or vice versa, empty letter free with paid answer.

    There are no restrictions, just pay.


    Payment is a special card that you can Directly to the site and order. And then, as necessary, to pay.

    Pruffme -
    address: 197022, пр. Медиков, д. 3, лит. А
    tel.: +7 (800) 777-09-14, 7 (812) 309-97-72
    Platform for creating and conducting online webinars, video courses, tests and polls.


    Platform for creating and conducting online webinars, video courses, tests and polls.

    ShkolaZhizni -
    address: 198516, Петергофский пр., д. 60, лит. А, ч.п. 2-Н, оф. 432, 434
    tel.: +7 (812) 640-06-60
    Daily educational magazine.


    Daily educational magazine.

    The format of the publication - answers to questions, tips from different areas of life, submitted in a popular, easy to read form.

    The task of the project is to interest the reader, the credo of the editors is that there

    Construction Petersburg -
    tel.: +7 (800) 500-10-10
    Webcams on "problem" sites, accompanied by the Committee on Construction.


    Family GPS tracker for child safety and parental control.

    Install the application Where my children are on your phone, and the Chat with parents application on your child’s phone or connect a GPS clock.

    GPS locator - look at the location of the child on the map and the history of movements for the day, make sure that the child is not in dangerous places;
    Sound around - listen to what is happening around the child to understand that everything is fine with him and that he is in good company;
    Loud signal - send a loud signal to the child’s phone if he left it in a backpack or on silent mode and does not hear the bell;
    Application Control - find out what applications he used in school, whether he played in the classroom instead of gaining knowledge;
    Security Control - check that the child has come to school on time - receive notifications when he comes to school and returns home;
    Battery control - remind your child to charge the phone on time, you will receive a notification if the battery is soon discharged;
    Family Chat - chat with your child in a chat with funny stickers;
    Promotions - praise the child for the top five by sending him hearts!

    LIO -
    address: пр. Нарвский, д. 13 литер Б, 190020
    tel.: +7 (905) 200-45-00
    Mission Logs 'Light in the East'.


    Journals mission "Light in the east."

    Faith and Life

    Published since 1974.
    Issued 6 times a year.
    Circulation 110.000 copies.
    Distributed by subscription.
    There is a voluntary donation.
    The subscriber pays only for expenses related to the distribution of the magazine.
    Founder - Nikolai Vodnevsky (famous Christian poet and writer).

    The magazine Faith and Life views Christianity as a worldview, and not as an ancient exotic religion or a set of rules and dogmas of faith, far from real human life.

    Faith and Life "- a reflection on the meaning of life, about the importance of the human person, on the problems of the present and of the eternal spiritual values ​​

    « Faith and Life. "- this is not a monologue journalists. This is a lively conversation between readers. This is a conversation of believers and seekers, ministers of the church and parishioners.

    If you are looking for support in life and need warm human intercourse. If you want to understand the Christian faith and answer difficult life questions.

    Then “Faith and Life” is your journal.


    It has been published since 1995.
    It was released 4 times a year.
    It was distributed by subscription.
    There was a donation.

    Is Yeshua of Nazareth, the promised God the Messiah of Israel? What do you think about that? And what does the TaNaH say about this?

    The Menorah is your opportunity to meet with the rabbis of the past and the present, plunge into the wonderful world of the Holy Scriptures, reflect on the fate of Israel and enjoy reading scientific and philosophical articles. The magazine carefully listens to the opinions and wishes of readers, offering everyone to take their place at the discussion table.


    It has been published since 1990.
    Issued 6 times a year.
    Distributed by subscription.
    There is a donation.
    The subscriber pays only for the costs associated with sending the magazine.

    Children's magazine "Path" introduces the child to the basics of Christianity.

    In this century of indifference to the Word of God and moral ideals, the “Path” remains a good friend of every family who wants to raise their children with worthy people. Biblical stories and instructive stories, children's poems and songs, crossword puzzles and riddles, historical and scientific essays, will open before the little reader the wonderful world of the Bible, teach them to communicate with God and offer them practical advice in their childish yet very real Christian life.

    “Path” is a colorful magazine, decorated with a team of talented artists with love.

    Reading the magazine will undoubtedly bring joy to your children.

    Bonfire -
    Children's literature, books, poems about St. Petersburg, library, poetry, poems, birthday greetings, holiday scenarios.

    Website of Baptist Churches Association of St. Petersburg and the region -
    address: 194214, ул. Большая Озерная, д. 27
    tel.: +7 (812) 293-45-78

    VK job -
    address: 191024, ул. Херсонская, д. 12-14, лит. А, пом. 1-Н
    Work in VK.

    St. Petersburg with no problems -
    A good collection of vector clipart. It's hard to say about the number, there's just a search and a lot of clipart. But it's nice to work with him.

    Our Peter -
    Directory of references, online directory of the city.

    VeloPiter -
    Cycling Cycling Club of St. Petersburg. Traveling, hiking, cycling pokatushki in Russia and abroad. Communication. Reports. Guides. Developments.

    AGbike -
    tel.: +7 (812) 989-44-99
    Reviews industries: types of modern bike, their organization and equipment. Reports on travel, photography. Online shop.

    Verification Vkontakte -
    address: 191024, ул. Херсонская, д. 12-14, лит. А, пом. 1-Н
    An ordinary person can not claim verification.


    An ordinary person can not claim verification.
    Verification in VK requires

    • A notable presence on other sites on Internet.
    • Quotation in the media.
    • Wikipedia article
    • VK page Must be filled in.
    • The page must contain photos.
    • The page must be updated.
    • The number of friends must not exceed the number of subscribers.
    Verified (authentic) account looks like this:

    VK -
    address: 191024, ул. Херсонская, д. 12-14, лит. А, пом. 1-Н
    The leading social network in Russia.


    Originally a university catalog.
    Closed directory of students and graduates of universities, which opened for all comers.

    To friends and classmates always stay in touch, groups, meetings.

    Looks like Facebook, wall, friends. .. But there are advantages. It is much easier Facebook and to the content of almost no restrictions, until the copyright here came a little bit.

    VK and post

    Vkontakte allowed Facebook to register short names, instead of the numeric code in the address, for example.
    Then you can use email with the address

    Registration on the site

    In this lesson you will learn how to register an account in the most popular social network of Russian-language Internet VK. Open your browser and go to the VK site.

    Click on the 'Registration' button.

    In the first section, you must enter personal information such as:

    • First name
    • Last name
    • Your E-mail address
    • And the desired password.
    Next, you need to enter the protection code from the automatic registrations shown in the picture.

    In the next section, select the country and city of your institution from the relevant lists.

    After that, an additional section with two drop-down menus will open, Containing schools and higher education institutions in your chosen city. Specify the ones you visited, then click the 'Register' button.

    Next, if all the fields are filled correctly, the system will redirect you to the page with a message about the successful completion of the first stage of registration. Within the next few minutes, a letter containing a link for confirmation of registration will be sent to the registered mailbox. By clicking on this link, you can activate your account and start using it immediately!


    Congratulations! If you watch this video, it means that you have already registered your account in the most popular social network of the Russian Internet VK.

    In the next few minutes you will learn about the main elements of the VK interface. So.

    After logging into the system, you get to the main page of your account. It is divided into three main blocks. The first block is a horizontal menu containing links to go to the main page, as well as to the general sections of the site 'Search', 'Groups', 'Events', 'People', 'Invite', 'Exit' and the quick search box on the site.

    The second block on the left consists of a menu for navigating directly to you:

    • My page,
    • My friends,
    • My photos,
    • My videos,
    • My messages,
    • My notes,
    • My groups,
    • My appointments,
    • My settings.
    And the third block, central, contains basic information about you and your education.

    Before you start an exciting search for your classmates, classmates and just friends, it is desirable to fill out information about yourself, at least 30%. To do this, you can upload your photo, indicate other educational institutions where you studied, fill out contact information, add places of residence, rest or work, write about your hobbies, and also tell about yourself.

    More about each section Your account, you can learn from the relevant lessons.

    Entering information

    In this example, we will look at the process of editing the questionnaire on the VK system.

    Log in using your login and password to the VK system. You automatically go to the main page of your account.

    Click on the 'Edit' link next to 'Information' to add or edit data.

    In the 'Basic' section you can specify your gender, marital status, day Birth, hometown, political and religious views, country and city of residence. By default, the date of birth will be displayed on the main page, but you can select the option 'Do not show birth date'. To save the changes, click the 'Save' button.

    In the next subsection 'Contacts' you can add your contact email, mobile and home phone numbers, ICQ, personal website address. Also, you can specify your nickname on the forum where you are a member.

    Similarly, you can add or change information in the following subsections:

    • 'Places' - namely, places for your vacation, accommodation or training;
    • 'Personal' - information about your interests and preferences;
    • 'Education' - data about educational institutions where you studied;
    • 'Career' - information about your work experience
    • 'Military service' - place and time of military service
    After making changes to a specific sub-section, do not forget to confirm them by clicking on the 'Save' button.

    Adding photos

    In addition to editing personal information, in your VK account. You can also add your photos.

    To download the main photo of your profile, on which you want to be displayed, click the 'Click here' link in the orange sector of the main page, or the link 'Upload photo.' Or, in the 'Information' section (link 'Edit') go to the 'Photo' subsection.

    Next, click on the 'Browse' button, and a window will open for selecting a photo on your computer. Select the desired file and click on the 'Open' button. After that, click on the 'Upload photo.'

    You will be redirected to a page with a successfully uploaded photo. There you can change or delete this photo.

    In addition to the main photo, you can also create various photo albums. To do this, select 'My photos' in the menu on the left and to download your first photo album click on the 'Click here' link. On the page that opens, you must enter the title and description of the album you are creating, as well as the access rights to it, and then click on the 'Create Album' button.

    Just like when uploading the main photo, use the 'Browse', Then click on the 'Upload Photos' button. Your first photo album is ready!

    Searching for information

    After your questionnaire on the VK site is at least 30% full, you can view the profiles of other users of the system and add friends.

    To search for people, click the 'Search' button 'Located in the top menu.

    On the opened page you can use either the simple search option or the advanced one. With a simple search, you simply enter the name, last name, or any keyword in the search string. Also, you can go directly to the search for educational institutions, companies and places of residence or rest.

    Thanks to the advanced search, you can make a more accurate request that takes into account the name, date of birth, marital status or political views.

    After you find the right person, you can use the option 'Send a message', view the friends of this person, if he did not restrict the rights of access to this information, And also 'Add to friends'. When this person confirms you as a friend, you can view his profile, write messages on his page, and follow the updates of his page in the 'My friends' section, where you can go to the appropriate section of the menu on the left.

    VK, data protection. -
    address: 191024, ул. Херсонская, д. 12-14, лит. А, пом. 1-Н
    Download all your personal data.


    Download all your personal data.
    VKontakte made it possible.

    Our account is conveniently structured for us, everything is arranged in shelves, in its place, not in a common pile.
    What do they have about me anyway? How do you make sure I know everything they have about me?

    We make a request, we note that we are interested in the proposed list.
    If nothing is noted, everything will come.

    Be prepared to enter the password for your account.
    The archive with the database will come within 3 hours.

    Sports School SKA -
    address: 191119, ул. Звенигородская, д. 5
    tel.: +7 (812) 230-79-20
    St. Petersburg.

    Smeshariki -
    address: 197101, Петроградская наб., д. 34А
    Children's social networks.


    A social network created based on the animated series of the same name.
    In the virtual world of Smeshariki, children can participate in gaming tournaments, watch cartoons, listen to audio tapes, communicate with other network members, search for friends and, with the help of favorite characters, find answers to any tricky Questions.
    The rating of the most active users is maintained in the system, a forum is provided, and there is also a section for parents, which provides information on the correct upbringing and education of the child.

    Mothercare -
    address: Гражданский пр-кт, д. 41, лит. Б
    tel.: +7 (800) 250-52-25, 7 (499) 270-40-40
    A wide range of products from well-known brands for newborns, children up to 10 years, as well as for expectant mothers.


    A wide range of products from well-known brands for newborns, children up to 10 years, as well as for expectant mothers.

    Here you can buy children's clothes and shoes, strollers and car seats, hygiene products, feeding goods, toys.

    Mothercare was founded in 1961 in the UK. Today, Mothercare is represented by more than 1,200 stores in 53 countries of the world. The first Mothercare store in Russia opened its doors in 1994 in Moscow. Today, Mothercare stores are open in many cities of our country, such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Omsk, Ufa, Krasnodar, Samara, Tolyatti, Rostov-on-Don, Surgut, Ryazan, etc.

    Salatniza -
    address: Киевская, д. 5
    tel.: +7 (812) 335-20-90
    Service of delivery of products and goods for home.


    Service delivery of products and household goods in St. Petersburg.

    The range of 3000 items: farm meat, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, cereals, fish, sweets and much more.

    Delivery from 3 hours, 7 days a week. Free delivery when ordering from 2500 rub.

    EuroAuto -
    address: Левашовский пр., д. 15, 197110
    tel.: +7 (800) 333-45-54, 7 (812) 703-15-12, 7 (495) 134-40-21
    Franchise network of service stations, parts stores and demolition shops in Moscow and St. Petersburg.


    Franchise network of service stations, parts stores and demolition shops in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
    Delivery of spare parts throughout Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
    In major cities of the Russian Federation - for free.

    The main advantage - cheap spare used autoparts.
    Prices are not the lowest, but reliable.
    Friends hold a store of spare parts and never this site is not deceived.

    Radio Teos -
    address: ул. Мичуринская, 14/3-78
    tel.: +7 (812) 596-04-52
    Christian Broadcasting Association.
    A network of radio stations where you will hear interesting, original programs and live broadcasts.

    Single Information Space Property -
    address: наб. р. Фонтанки, д. 59

    VK -
    address: 191024, ул. Херсонская, д. 12-14, лит. А, пом. 1-Н
    Close the account.

    A diary -
    address: 197101, Петроградская наб., д. 36, лит. А, Офис 309/310
    tel.: +7 (812) 490-70-33
    School Education Network, keeping a diary, journal. If you are student, communicate with people like you, and teachers.


    Absolutely free diary.
    What is required from the school for connection?

    The lesson schedule supports all kinds of reporting periods: quarters, terms and semesters. The diary allows you to create weekly and fractional schedules, group and stream classes. With the help of a convenient replacement mechanism, you can cancel and transfer lessons, replace teachers and study.

    Students and teachers have their own schedule of lessons available. Teachers also have access to the schedules of other teachers in the school. It is necessary to appoint an administrator who will connect new users and manage the work of the school in the Diary.
    You do not need to install any software or purchase additional hardware. You can work in the Diary from any computer connected to Internet.

    Connecting the school to the Diary is absolutely free.
    Access to the Diary is provided without a monthly fee and without any other fees.
    The school can store an unlimited amount of data in the Diary.

    Session -
    address: Каменноостровский пр., д. 10, 197101
    tel.: +7 (812) 237-08-42
    Online version of the magazine about domestic cinema.


    Online version of the magazine about domestic cinema.
    Many old articles, but if the movie is up-to-date or if I first looked at it, then the article is fresh for me.
    This is another site with quality unique content.

    Radio Maria -
    address: 190068, а/я 732
    tel.: +7 (913) 913-56-95
    International family of Christian enlightenment radio stations, founded at the end of the last century in the North Italy.

    BC Spartak (St. Petersburg) -
    Calendar and game results. The composition of the team, the dossier and the statistics of the players. Club achievements, etc.

    Bookmix -
    address: 192007, ул. Расстанная, д. 2, лит. А
    tel.: +7 (812) 702-56-15
    Reviews of books and reviews, get your personal library to add and communicate in groups of interest, share their opinions with others.


    The social network of book lovers will help you:

    • easily and quickly find people with similar literary tastes and preferences;
    • find new friends and acquaintances, organize your own groups;
    • discuss the books you read, and just remember everything that you read and create your own digital library.
    • exchange opinions about literature that you care about;
    • find people with similar tastes and like-minded people;
    • remember all the books you read;
    • get recommendations from other users and the system;
    • receive up-to-date information on all novelties in the book market;
    • find where the book you are interested in is sold and purchased at the lowest price;
    • And much more!

    KrasotkaPro -
    address: Невский пр., 110
    tel.: +7 (800) 70-70-770, 7 (812) 910-60-46
    Online store cosmetics for nails, hair and body.


    Online store cosmetics for nails, hair and body.

    KrasotkaPro is a multi-brand online store of products for body, hair and nails beauty, having a network of retail stores in several cities of Russia.

    Payment Methods

    1. cash to the courier upon receipt of the order;
    2. in cash upon receipt of order at a pickup point;
    3. cash on delivery upon receipt of the order at the post office or courier EMS;
    4. Yandex money;
    5. through Qiwi Wallet;
    6. by credit card.

    Delivery Methods

    1. Pickup from the store as soon as possible and for free;
    2. courier;
    3. automated PickPoint terminals;
    4. Russian Post or EMS.

    Wycliffe -
    address: ул. Пушкинская, д. 10, офис 59
    tel.: +7 (812) 710-88-33
    Mission of translation of the Bible.


    Mission of translators of the Bible "Wycliffe" is an international mission aimed at translating the Bible into all languages ​​of the world.

    St. Petersburg club 'Espero' -

    Armyshop -
    address: метро Международная, ул. Будапештская 11, ТК "Торговый город", секция № 2-3.
    tel.: +7 (499) 999-27-69, 7 (911) 277-11-88
    Men's stores.


    Army store. If you have questions about army clothes, shoes, equipment and ammunition, you can write your question about this army footwear, clothing, uniform or equipment with ammunition through the page of a particular product.

    In the store goods:

    • Propper International - The main supplier of uniforms of the US Army and law enforcement agencies.
    • Hatch - A very famous manufacturer, the creator of protective and shooting gloves for the army and police.
    • BlackHawk - American manufacturer of gloves, backpacks and other army ammunition.
    • Cove Shoe Company - Manufacturer of legendary boots CORCORAN and MATTERHORN. Since 1941, he is the official supplier of the US Army.
    • Alpha Industries - For more than 50 years, has been making clothes for the army armed forces USA. For example, the legendary M-65, MA-1, CWU-45.
    • Traser is a Swiss watch manufacturer for special forces and extreme sports.
    • Eye Safety Systems is an American manufacturer of protective eyewear.

    DJ-Store -
    address: 191119, ул.Константина Заслонова д. 22, кв. 1
    tel.: +7 (800) 500-11-96, 7 (812) 334-11-41, 7 (495) 374-80-69
    Online store of musical instruments, professional studio and concert equipment.


    Online store of musical instruments, professional studio and concert equipment.

    Here is

    • equipment for project and professional studios,
    • Modular solutions,
    • Musical instruments,
    • Instruments
    • Analogue and digital synthesizers,
    • Lighting equipment,
    • Accessories.


    • St. Petersburg, Obvodny Canal Embankment, 199-201, lit. 3H-5H
    • Moscow, Novodmitrovskaya ul. 26/2.3, bakery plant 9

    Free delivery in Russia

    Free shipping is offered for selected products of AKG, Alesis, Boss, Cloud Microphones, IK Multimedia, M-Audio, Mooer, Nektar, Rode, Roland, Zoom, Denon, Audient, Audio-Technica, Dubreq, Korg, Native Instruments, Novation, Akai, Focusrite and other products which are marked with free shipping" in the product card.

    If you buy electronic software licenses or gift certificates please choose the delivery method "Self-delivery" for correct delivery terms calculation.

    Free shipping applies only to orders worth ₽9000 and weighing up to 10kg.

    If the total weight of items delivered free of charge exceeds 10 kg, or there are several units of the same product delivered free of charge, with a total weight exceeding 10 kg, delivery becomes charged depending on the tariff.

    Free shipping does not apply to brands Behringer, Elektron, Fender, Moog, Dave Smith, Universal Audio.

    Free shipping is also not applicable when choosing delivery to Boxberry, DPD and SDEC delivery points and when ordering products using a promo code (except for the gift certificate promo code).


    If it is more convenient for you, DJ-Store cooperates with courier companies:
    • DPD
    • EMS
    • Boxberry
    • Деловые линии
    • Балтийский курьер
    • СДЭК

    Scarf-to-order - заказатьшарф.рф
    address: ул. Политехническая, 7Д
    tel.: +7 (921) 967-25-05, 7 (812) 967-25-05
    Custom made scarf.


    Individual scarf to order.

    How it works

    1. Idea - a clear assignment to the layout: colors, inscriptions, slogans, photos, design elements, desired fonts ... You can also sketch out a scarf on a piece of paper and send it to us for development.
    2. Layout Design - a technical layout for the knitting machine is being developed based on our idea. The layout will be presented to us on agreement.
    3. Production and shipping - the layout is sent to production. The finished scarf can be picked up at the office or we will send it by the forces of transport companies and carriers upon prior agreement. The cost of transportation is not included in the total cost of services and is charged additionally.
    Now no one has a scarf like yours. -
    address: 195276, а/я 11
    tel.: +7 (495) 145-10-36
    Constantly falling, and falling in the most visited time, much damage to the site.

    Ororo -
    address: Приозерское ш. д.18 к.7 кв.65
    tel.: +7 (950) 9583506
    Learn English through movies.


    The best Russian-language resource, where there are all serials and films with subtitles and the possibility of online translation.

    Seeds by mail -
    address: 197022, ул. Профессора Попова, д. 43, лит. А, пом 14-Н
    tel.: +7 (800) 500-92-59, 7 (499) 653-80-21
    Delivery of seeds throughout Russia.


    Delivery of seeds throughout Russia.

    More than 15,000 items in stock.
    1800 points of issue in 395 cities and towns,
    1100 cities of courier delivery, delivery to any corner of Russia by mail. -
    tel.: +7 (800) 100-15-51, 7 (812) 309-46-64
    Office supplies.

    Radio 'City Petrov' -
    address: наб. Лейтенанта Шмидта, 39
    tel.: +7 (812) 507-65-78
    Orthodox Radio was created with the blessing of Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga Vladimir in 2000.

    Information about St. Petersburg.

    Calling a taxi in St. Petersburg. -
    address: 196084, ул. Заставская, д. 31, корп. 2, офис 337
    tel.: +7 (812) 812-17-62
    The social network of travelers.


    A social network of tourists, with which you can:

    • Find and communicate with those with whom you once rested or find Travel agencies for future travel.
    • Read reviews and opinions of tourists and travelers about the rest in all countries, regions and resort cities around the world, as well as travel agencies and tour operators.
    • View all information about the location and reviews about the hotel that you have chosen for your holiday.
    • Add your travels, photos, impressions and opinions about hotels and places, get feedback from those people who also were or plan to go there.
    • Maintain your travel map, visually displaying on the world map all the places that you visited.

    Channel Five -
    address: 197376 ул. Чапыгина, д. 6
    tel.: +7 (921) 916-30-74
    Public TV.

    Bulletin of St. Petersburg real estate -
    address: 195105, пр. Юрия Гагарина, 1
    tel.: +7 (812) 331-93-56

    St. Petersburg -
    address: 15 км от
    tel.: +7 (812) 337-38-22

    LOOiR -
    address: 190121, наб. реки Пряжки, д. 32
    tel.: +7 (812) 495 20-74
    MOO 'Hunting and fishing in the St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region' (LOOiR)


    Directory hunting and fishing bases Leningrad region to the price list for such services as rental boats, accommodation in the lodge, parking, bath furnace, and others.

    Leningrad region -
    Administration of the Leningrad Region.

    Leningrad region -
    Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region.

    St. Petersburg -

    St. Petersburg -
    The official portal of the Administration of St. Petersburg.

    ShkolaZhizni -
    address: 198516, Петергофский пр., д. 60, лит. А, ч.п. 2-Н, оф. 432, 434
    tel.: +7 (812) 640-06-60
    Daily educational magazine.


    Daily educational magazine.

    The format of the publication - answers to questions, tips from different areas of life, submitted in a popular, easy to read form.

    The task of the project is to interest the reader, the credo of the editors is that there

    FreeSoft -
    address: 194223, ул. Жака Дюкло, д. 7, литера А, пом. 1-Н
    One of the most popular and large directories of free and shareware software!

    Tricolor -
    address: 197022, а/я 170
    tel.: +7 (800) 500-01-23
    Leading satellite TV operator.


    Leading satellite TV operator.

    Tricolor provides the entire complex - from the installation of plates and settings.
    It is clear that, unlike cable and conventional television, it is worthwhile to tune in for long use, it will be a little expensive to try.
    Because you should immediately find out whether you are in the coverage area?

    Well, for the same reason it is better to consider the prices for the year, anyway, taking a dish for a shorter period is profitable, and it will be much cheaper.

    Manage Live

    With it, you can pause and record the broadcast.
    Timer Recording - if you know that you do not have time to start your favorite show or show, and then your receiver will start recording the program at a specified time so that you can watch it at a convenient time.


    A free service that allows you to connect your smartphone and TV through your home network.

    In the service there are two modes - mirror and independent.

    Mirror mode - the mobile device shows the same as on TV.

    Independent mode - on the mobile and on the TV channels are selected independently.

    address: ул. Кузнецовская, д. 10, метро Парк Победы
    tel.: +7 (812) 244-95-24
    Construction and finishing materials for private low-rise, industrial and civil construction.


    Construction and finishing materials for private low-rise, industrial and civil construction.

    1. Supply, installation of roofing, facade and insulation materials;
    2. Supply, installation, service of garage and industrial doors, fencing systems, automation, window designs;
    3. Equipment supply, installation of systems for local wastewater treatment;
    4. Construction and installation services in the market of low-rise cottage and industrial and civil construction;
    5. Construction of houses and the supply of ready house sets;

    Petrovich -
    tel.: +7 (812) 334-88-88
    Goods for repair and construction.

    Tricolor TV program -
    address: 197022, а/я 170
    tel.: +7 (800) 500-01-23
    Online TV program is the most user-friendly plate Tricolor.


    Online TV program is the most user-friendly plate Tricolor.

    Filter specially for users. You can choose only Full HD or Ultra HD, available or favorite.

    The TV program is designed as a scale.
    You can see what's going on now, how long it's been and how long until the end of the show, the movie ...
    It's quite clear.

    Reception of the President of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg -
    address: 199004, Васильевский остров, 3-я линия, д. 12
    tel.: +7 (800) 200 23 16б 7 812 328-26-69

    MyShows -
    address: 190121, пр-кт Английский, д. 21/60, литер А, пом. 18Н
    Base series, by genre, years, TV channels, countries and …


    Base series, by genre, years, TV channels, countries and ..., so you can control your views, celebrate the series, take into account the time spent and track the output of the series.

    Petshop -
    address: 197136, ул. Всеволода Вишневского, д. 12, лит. А, пом. 2-Н, офис 703
    tel.: +7 (800) 700-00-50, 7 (812) 313-01-01
    Goods for pets.


    The leading online store of goods for animals in Russia.

    • High quality feeds,
    • wide choice of clothes,
    • toys,
    • fillers,
    • accessories,
    • branch pharmacy,
    • ...
    Delivery depending on the city and the amount of the order, from free to ...
    In the service list only large cities.

    The site to share experiences and interesting news.

    Galaktikka -
    address: 195426, Индустриальный пр., д. 14, к. 2
    Part of the project income is distributed between the active and interesting authors and communities, encouraging them to create even more high-quality news, interesting articles, photos and videos.


    Part of the project's revenues is distributed among active and interesting authors and communities, encouraging them to create even more quality news, interesting articles, photos and videos.

    The Association of Christian Churches 'Union of Christians' -
    address: ул. 6-я Красноармейская, д. 22

    MTS -
    address: 193313, Большевиков пр., д. 1 лит. А
    tel.: +7 (800) 250-05-05
    Electronics and technology. -
    address: Литейный пр., д. 9
    tel.: +7 (800) 555-51-52, 7 (812) 777-60-10
    Online store audio and video equipment.


    Online store audio and video equipment.

    More than 13 thousand positions - audio and video equipment.


    1. free professional advice;
    2. competitive prices;
    3. various forms of payment;
    4. flexible discount system and discount cards;
    5. bonuses and only useful gifts;
    6. brand warranty.
    Actual information that facilitates the process of choosing a home theater and accessories for it. Buyers have the opportunity to sign up for listening to technology in a cozy, specially equipped room for listening equipment.

    You can order a consultation, leave your number in the message and they will call you back.

    Delivery of equipment to all regions of Russia, in Moscow - for free.

    Samokat -
    address: Sverdlovskaya emb. 44 litera SHCH office 707
    Delivery of food and products for free in Moscow and St. Petersburg.


    Delivery of food and products for free in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

    Products and goods for home in 15-30 minutes.
    Prices and choice - as in the store at home.

    We work in Moscow and St. Petersburg, growing rapidly and constantly opening new delivery zones.

    We made this group so that you can quickly share your impressions, tell us about your experience, give us advice or praise us.
    It is important for us to know what we do well and what we do not. We just want you to be comfortable with us.

    Additional benefits - stocks, bonuses, promo codes.

    KVS -
    address: 194100, ст. м. Лесная, ул. Грибалёвой, д. 9 к. 1
    tel.: +7 800 551 5483, 7 (812) 645-55-55
    Online apartment store.


    Online apartment store.
    Quite young and has already come out in the leaders.

    KBC construction company has been building housing for a long time and sold it, then decided to expand its business.
    At this stage covered all types of housing sales in St. Petersburg and the region: new apartments, secondary.

    All kinds of payment

    • 100% - normal purchase,
    • installment,
    • mortgage,
    • housing programs,
    • maternity capital,
    • war mortgage,
    • home repayment.
    The success is not only due to the user-friendly site where you can find the desired accommodation using filters or on the map.
    But the main thing is the simplicity and reliability, as well as the favorable credit.

    Abakan Alchevsk Almetyevsk Amur Anadyr Anapa Angarsk Arkhangelsk Astrakhan Balashikha Barnaul Belgorod Beloyarsky Birobidzhan Blagoveshchensk Botovo Bratsk Bryansk Cape Coral Cheboksary Chekhov Chelyabinsk Cherkessk Chita Chkalovsky Cologne Crimea Dmitrov Dolgoprudny Domodedovo Dubna Dzerzhinsky Elektrostal Elista Gorno-Altaysk Grozny Gulkevichi Innopolis Irkutsk Ivanovo Izhevsk Kaliningrad Kaluga Kazan Kemerovo Khabarovsk Khanty-Mansiysk Khimki Kiev Kirov Kirovsk Kolomna Koltsovo Korolev Kostroma Kotelniki Krasnodar Krasnogorsk Krasnoyarsk Kudrovo Kurgan Kursk Kyzyl Lipetsk Lyubertsy Magadan Magas Magnitogorsk Makhachkala Maykop Mineralnye Vody Minsk Mirny Moscow Mountain View Murmansk Mytishchi Naberezhnye Chelny Nadym Nalchik Naryan-Mar Neryungri New Urengoy Nizhnekamsk Nizhnevartovsk Nizhny Novgorod Norilsk Novgorod Novocherkassk Novokuznetsk Novomoskovsk Novosibirsk Noyabrsk Nyagan Oakland Odintsovo Old Russa Omsk Ordzhonikidze Orel Orenburg Orsk Palana Penza Perm Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Petrozavodsk Podolsk Primorsky Krai Pskov Pyatigorsk Rasskazovo Rostov Rostov-on-Don Ryazan Salekhard Samara San Bernardino Saransk Saratov Sevastopol Shadrinsk Simferopol Smolensk Sochi Stavropol Sterlitamak Stupino Sumy Surgut Sverdlovsk Syktyvkar Tambov Tomsk Tula Tver Tyumen Udachny Ufa Uglich Ukhta Ulan-Ude Ulyanovsk Usinsk Vladikavkaz Vladimir Vladivostok Volgograd Vologda Volzhsky Voronezh Yakutsk Yaroslavl Yekaterinburg Yoshkar-Ola Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Zalkovo Zelenograd Zhukovsky

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