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Ovation Auroral Prediction.


Forecast of the northern and juvenile lights for the coming days.
You can find out when and where it will be more intense.
But do not forget to see the usual weather forecast.
You can not see the northern lights with a cloudy sky.

The forecast is based on the conditions of the solar wind and the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) obtained by the DSCOVR spacecraft.
The map shows the intensity and location of the auroral oval for the time indicated in the right-hand corner of the map.
Under optimal conditions, from positions at a distance of approximately 1000 km (600 miles) north or south of the auroral oval, observation of the northern lights is possible. Please note that this model does not take into account the height of the sun in your area, as well as local weather conditions.

Power in the hemisphere

The OVATION model calculates the total global integrated energy radiation in Gigawatts for the next 30 minutes. For values below about 20 GW, there may be a small or non-visible aurora.
For values between 20 and 50, you may need to get close to the shine to see it.
For values above 50, the aurora should be observed with a lot of activity and movement across the sky.
Once a level reaches 100 or more, it is considered a very significant geomagnetic storm.

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