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  • - Yandex.Money Internet payment system.

Identification Yandex.Money

  • - Yandex.Money Identification Identification of Yandex.

    Professional account


        Password Yandex.Money


          Put your money

            Through the ATM Savings Bank

              Through Sberbank Online

                Withdraw money

                  A plastic card

                  Yandex.Money MasterCard

                  • - Yandex.MasterCard Yandex.MasterCard.

                  Snap cards

                    Virtual card

                      Conclusion Yandex.Money on the cards

                        We accept money


                        • - Yandex.Checkout The ability to receive payments from a variety of popular payment systems or banks.

                        Yandex.Money button

                          Form Yandex.Money receiving payments

                            Putting to good works

                            • - Yandex.Money We collect money for good deeds.
                            • - Ya.Soberu Create a page to collect money for a gift or a good deed.
                            • - Planet Russian crowdfunding - invest in ideas, if the project will collect the required amount, it will be implemented.

                            We pay

                            Payment of traffic fines through Yandex.Money

                            • - Yandex.Money, municipal payments Urban payments.

                            Urban payments

                            • - Yandex.Money, pay a Cell Number Pay Cell Number.

                            Pay Cell Number

                            • - Clothes, shoes, evening and wedding dresses. Electronics, digital technology, household goods and much more.
                            • - Electronics, accessories for iPhone, iPad and PC, video games, watches and much more. Free worldwide shipping.
                            • - More than 700 million goods from China. Clothing, footwear and accessories for the whole family with delivery to Russia, CIS countries and Europe.
                            • - TinyDeal Electronics, digital technology, interior items, toys, clothing and footwear. Free delivery to Russia.
                            • - DinoDirect Clothes, jewelry, electronics, computers, home and garden goods, car accessories and other goods. Delivery around the world.
                            • - Means for skin and hair care, decorative cosmetics and perfumes for men and women. More than 30,000 items, free shipping worldwide.
                            • - Pandao Favorable orders of any goods from China through the application.

                            Purchases abroad

                            • - MasterPass Now on foreign websites you can pay directly from your wallet - Yandex.Money works with MasterPass, the project of an international payment system.


                              Tax Free on Yandex.Money

                                Customer Protection on Yandex.Money

                                Transfer to another user

                                • - Transfere Yandex.Money abroad Translate Yandex abroad.
                                • - Transfer Yandex.Money to Western Union

                                Transfer abroad

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