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We enter the university

  • - Reference applicant for the choice of universities and colleges.

World Universities

  • - Top Universities Online training courses in addition to continuing education programmes.
  • - Moscow State University The official website of the Moscow State University (MSU)


  • - All colleges of the Russian Federation Portal about colleges.

Moscow State University

  • - Moscow State University The official website of the Moscow State University (MSU)

Pathways to universities abroad

  • - OnCampus Pathways to universities abroad.

Free lectures online

  • - Catalog of private companies and state institutions in the field of education of the city of Moscow.
  • - Sites of educational institutions in Moscow Portal.
  • - Higher School of Economics National Research University.
  • - RANEPA Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.
  • - SPBU Saint Petersburg University.
  • - Vuzoteka Rating of all universities in Russia.
  • - Vuzopedia Site dedicated to higher education.
  • - Yale University Open courses at the University of Yelsk.
  • - MIT OpenCourseWare Free lectures online.

Educational materials

  • - WikiReading Useful information from books.
  • - Studopedia Your schoolschool.
  • - StudFiles File archive for students.
  • - Obrazovaka A selection of interesting biographies of the most famous people in the world.

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