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  • - Honey portal


  • - Medlinks


  • - Russian Medical Center
  • - Healthy vessels, treatment and prevention.
  • - Medside All about medicine: symptoms and treatment of diseases.
  • - Medical Insider Medical Network Edition.
  • - BezBoleznej Medical portal.
  • - LIKAR.INFO Medical portals.
  • - TakZdorovo The portal is about proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle and getting rid of addictions.


For women

  • - DailyStrength Medical social network of physical and mental health.

  • - Children's age Online magazine about children's health, development, psychology, education and training of children.
  • - DonorSearch Blood donors: search, crocheting, recommendations, contraindications, blood donation points, communication through social networks.
  • - Mosclinic Health Forums - reviews the work of private clinics.
  • - Help heart Information portal on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
  • - blood service Health.
  • - Hotline of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.
  • - Runtastic Mobile fitness, which combines classic fitness with mobile applications with game elements as a logical response.


  • - ProDoctorov Over a million patient reviews.
  • - Med-Otzyv Reviews of doctors and hospitals in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk.
  • - Invitro Private medical company.


  • - 2048080 The service allows you to find out the price of the right drug and see what pharmacies it is now selling.
  • - Online pharmacy Online pharmacy in Moscow.
  • - Chemist's Pharmacies.
  • - Pill in trip Search for equivalents and analogues of drugs in foreign countries to travelers, expats and tourists.
  • - Apteka.RU Medicine.


  • - Encyclopedia of medicinal plants Detailed catalog and articles about traditional medicine.
  • - Encyclopedia of drugs Database for specialists and patients describing medicines, food additives, vaccines, homeopathic remedies on the market.
  • - Medlib Medical online library.
  • - Vidal Medications in Russia.
  • - Lekhar All information about diseases, symptoms, medications and dietary supplements.


  • - Alternative to medicine Health and beauty without drugs.
  • - RMJ Russian Medical Journal.
  • - LechusDoma Home medicine from A to Z.
  • - Treatment of folk remedies Folk remedies for health and beauty, especially herbs.
  • - Heal yourself.
  • - Zdravie Zakhar Zhuravlev's blog. Home treatment.


  • - CalorieKing Find information about nutrition on various foods.
  • - The automatic meal planner Create meal plans to achieve our nutritional goals.
  • - My Fitness Pal Lose weight the healthy way.
  • - FitDay Diet or lose weight.
  • - Greatist Greatist guides to a source of health and happiness. The site professes: a healthy body and mind and gives good advice. Here, sports, diet and beauty are confessed.
  • - Weight and Things Diet or lose weight.
  • - Fatsecret Diet or lose weight.
  • - Dia-life Diet or lose weight.
  • - Kalorijka Diet or lose weight.


For women

  • - Eka mom Social network about pregnancy and childbirth (Ekaterinburg)

For women

  • - MoiRody All about childbirth and the hospital, stories about childbirth.
  • - Sibmama Family portal.
  • - All about pregnancy from A to Z
  • - Top Gynecolog Informational site on gynecology.
  • - Sister Women's sites.
  • - MyZachatie Site about conception and treatment of infertility.
  • - Detstrana Social network for future and successful parents.
  • - TikiToki Online magazine for moms.
  • - Love-Mother Pregnancy and childbirth, parents and children.
  • - Bebiblog For a young mother, a narrow popular resource.
  • - Social network for mothers, assistance in the education and maintenance of the child, interesting information, useful topics, discussions, consultation.
  • - Gynecola Gynecological portal.
  • - Flovit Easy site about pregnancy from ovulation to childbirth.
  • - Your baby All about pregnancy, childbirth and development.
  • - BezBoleznej Medical portal.
  • - Materinstvo InfoPortal about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.rmational portal.
  • - Ovulyaciyatut Tips and solving problems with ovulation.
  • - BabyCentre There are a wide variety of forums of parents - Netmums, Mumsnet - but this is still the best source of sound, reliable Council of everything - from colic before taxes.
  • - All about pregnancy All about pregnancy, childbirth and health of babies.
  • - Agulife Social Moms Network.
  • - Vdecret Medical portal for women.
  • - Mama Pregnancy and motherhood.
  • - 9 months All about pregnancy and childbirth.


  • - ExpertDent Dental site.
  • - Dental Club Dental portal.
  • - Dental portal.
  • - StomaGet Dental care for everyone.
  • - DentaZone From dentists to patients, everything is about diseases of the teeth, gums and oral cavity.
  • - Denta Liga The first specialized dental portal for prosthetics, restoration and implantation of teeth.
  • - Pro-zuby Dental portal.
  • - InfoZuby Dental treatment at home and oral hygiene.


Health on the computer


  • - Check view online Free and without SMS check our sight.

Vision for rent

To the doctor

Write an online doctor

  • - ProDoctorov Over a million patient reviews.
  • - 7 Cups of Tea Online Therapy for Anxiety and Depression.
  • - Search of doctors.
  • - BlahTherapy The site connects you with random strangers around the world who are willing to talk to you about your problems, as well as sharing their own.
  • - All-psy Write an online doctor.
  • - State services Write an online doctor.
  • - Yandex.Health Online recording in paid clinics in Moscow.

Free medical consultations


    How to quit smoking

    • - Kurenie-yad How to quit smoking.

    How to stop drinking

    • - How to stop drinking How to stop drinking.
    • - How not to drink How to stop drinking.

    Nuclear safety

    • - Map Radiation Nuclear safety.
    • - Crowdmap Nuclear safety.
    • - Institute of Nuclear Safety RAS Nuclear safety.

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