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News on Internet

  • - Wonderful Engineering The international community of engineers who will transform our lives through their innovative design and intelligent technology.
  • - MediaMetrics Fresh news quotes.
  • - The site, which collected dirt on politicians and influential people.
  • - MoMB — Museum of Modern Betas New sites, new tools.
  • - EU vs DISINFORMATION The goal of the project is to better forecast, address and respond to disinformation from Russia.
  • - Is It Propaganda Or Not? GOOGLE CHROME EXTENSION.
  • - News from China in Russian.
  • - New York International Politics A look at the numbers policy.
  • - Expert opinion on the high-tech world.
  • - FedPress Expert view on the life of the regions of the Russian Federation.
  • - Express newspaper Russian weekly tabloid newspaper specializing in the coverage of celebrity and private life of celebrities in Russia and abroad.
  • - DW Deutsche Welle.
  • - Federal News Agency The site of social and political life in Russia and in the world.
  • - Rambler/Finance The most relevant of finance.
  • - URA.RU The news site tries to publish only the most interesting news.
  • - MSN (Microsoft Network) This site contains mainly news type of gossip.

News Generator

  • - PopURLs Currently trending news around the World.


  • - Autoworld on News Aggregator automotive topics.
  • - RWW — ReadWriteWeb News blog, reviews and analysis. ReadWriteWeb is among the top 100 best blogs around the world.
  • - NewsTab News Generator.
  • - WebDiscover Good news generator and customizable humor.
  • - 3Dtoday All about 3D printers and 3D printing.
  • - Newseum News Front pages of leading world newspapers.
  • - The Onion American agency of satirical news.
  • - Yandex.News Yandex finds and provides in one place all the news relating to the automotive theme.
  • - Yandex.News News Search.
  • - Rambler/news A complete and objective picture of the day news of what is happening in the world.
  • - News Republic News Generator.
  • - pulse Your personal news feed.
  • - Flipboard News Generator.
  • - Anews News Generator.

How to search for news

    News Search

      News 2.0

      Mass media

      • - NGO Post Exchange news, popular in India.

      Mass media

      • - Newsland News social network, discussion of world news.
      • - SMI2 News 2.0.
      • - MediaMetrics Fresh news quotes.
      • - NEWS 2.0 News social network.
      • - Rating news Rating is updated in real time based on the social activity of readers.
      • - Ridus Agency of citizen journalism.
      • - Digg News 2.0.
      • - Wired Magazine Magazine about the impact of modern technology on culture, economy and politics.



      • - Express newspaper Russian weekly tabloid newspaper specializing in the coverage of celebrity and private life of celebrities in Russia and abroad.

      News Headlines

      IT News

      • - CNews The largest publication in the field of high technologies in Russia and the CIS countries.
      • - c|net High Tech News: articles, blogs, reviews and podcasts.
      • - Science & Technology Popular science edition.
      • - Hightech Forecast about technology, science, space and IT.
      • - Fresh and relevant information from the field of high-quality audio and video.
      • - News about business and technology.
      • - Tproger Actual news from the IT world, regular educational articles and translations, information flow for programmers and everyone involved in the development world.
      • - Computerra A well-known resource about technology and science.
      • - ITCrumbs News high and information technology.
      • - 3DNews Internet edition.

      Apple Android ... news

      • - SuperPlanshet News about the latest developments of the tablet industry.
      • - Everything about Android Instructions, games, applications, news.
      • - Infostart Information and analytical center for automation of accounting and management.
      • - AppleInsider Everything related to Apple.
      • - Mobile-review The site is dedicated to mobile devices and technologies.
      • - Stevsky Reviews of smartphones, games for android and on PC.
      • - 4Huawei Huawei and Honor mobile device community.
      • - Trashbox High technology news, articles and reviews.
      • - AKKet News, reviews, instructions that will be of interest not only to the owners of Apple products (Mac, iPod, iPhone or iPad), but also to anyone interested in the hi-tech world.
      • - Apple-iPhone All about iPhone from A to Z.
      • - iGuides The largest Russian-language media about gadgets, technologies and games.
      • - SetPhone Smartphones and cell phones: reviews, news, articles.
      • - Yablyk Reviews of applications, accessories, software and news from the world of Apple.
      • - IXBT Public about technologies, hardware, gadgets and computer games.
      • - MXsmart News about the latest gadgets.
      • - Wylsacom Site about important events in the world of technology.
      • - GeekHacker Site about computers, smartphones and electronics.
      • - McGrp Instructions for use, specifications, forums, equipment and electronics.
      • - AndroidInsider News of the world of Android.
      • - iPhones All about Apple, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, and more.
      • - Hi-Tech Operational news, reviews of gadgets, videos, broadcasts from world announcements and ….


        Sports news

          Business news

          • - Inc.Russia Russian version of the legendary American magazine about entrepreneurship.
          • - Glavbukh Journal for accountants.
          • - Audit-IT Information support of Russian accountants, auditors, appraisers, financiers.
          • - Banks Today Financial portal.
          • - Vesti Finance Analytical materials VGTRK.

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