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We throw off

  • - Chipin When you need to raise funds online for an event or a cause.
  • - WebMoney Funding Crowdfunding.
  • - Indiegogo Crowdfunding.
  • - Kickstarter Crowdfunding.
  • - Ya soberu Create a page to collect money for a gift or a good deed.
  • - Planet Russian crowdfunding - invest in ideas, if the project will collect the required amount, it will be implemented.

Search investment

  • - Boomstarter Search investment, equity crowdfunding.
  • - Foundation for Development of Internet initiatives Search investment, equity crowdfunding.
  • - Investopedia The world's leading source of financial content on Internet, with more than 20 million unique visitors a month.


Help or fundraiser

  • - Who if not me Help or fundraiser.
  • - Help Help or fundraiser.
  • - Tugeza Help or fundraiser.


  • - GOOD Help or fundraiser.
  • - Who if not me Help or fundraiser.
  • - DonorsChoose Donate to the classroom in need.
  • - Freecycle Network The network of people who are teaming up to give away free stuff in their cities.

Fundraising with Yandex.Money

  • - Invoicing, Yandex.Money Fill in a simple form (translation assignment, the amount, the payer of an email), you can add a comment, send.
  • - Button for receiving the Yandex.Money payment Select the type and design of the buttons, and you get a code, which will only have to insert on your site.
  • - Designer forms to collect Yandex.Deneg Here the visitor can himself write the amount of, well, the settings allow you to have additional fields.
  • - Informer 'My balance' Yandex.Money Form Yandex.

Free services free of charge

    Yandex - collect good works

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