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  • - World Digital Library The archives of libraries in the world.
  • нэб.рф - National Electronic Library Federal Public information system supporting the creation of a unified Russian electronic space knowledge.
  • - Alexei Komarov online library Works of Russian classics and modern works.


Book Search

Book Search

  • - Google eBooks

Book Search

  • - Biblio

Book Search

  • - Globalfolio

Book Search

  • - book Search The search engine of electronic books freely distributed on Internet.
  • - Hundred Zeros The site allows you to download a free Kindle book.
  • - Bookmate Book Search.
  • - Maxim Moshkova Library E-books.

Formats of e-books

    Devices for reading e-books

    • - PocketBook Leading company for the production of devices for reading electronic books.
    • - Barnes&Noble He has been studying books in the USA for a long time.
    • - Kobo Canadian-Japanese company. It is of high quality, because they are popular.
    • - Onyx BOOX High quality and advanced technology, ergonomic interface. The latest models work on the basis of the Android OS, which is convenient.
    • - Amazon Amazon began selling printed books online, and then one of the first started selling e-books.

    Programs for reading e-books

      Online reader books

        Speaking ..

        Audio books

        • т - Loyal Books The authors believe that audio books should be free.
        • - Audiobook Bay You can listen to any book here, for free.


        Google Play Books

          Where download e-books

          • - Search e-books.
          • - Fictionbook More than 12 000 books in html, txt, rtf, rb, prc or fb2!
          • - A unified collection of Digital Educational Resources.
          • - ZipSites Free e-online library.
          • - Booksonline Electronic online library.
          • - Library of literature in FB2 format. The library has over 250,000 books.
          • - Project Gutenberg More than 45,000 e-books are free.
          • - Maxim Moshkova Library E-books.
          • - free manual More than 10.000 free instructions in Russian.
          • - Electronic library of Aldebaran The largest collection of literature available for download on the phone.
          • - LitRes Leading e-book service in Russia.
          • - BookLand E-books store.
          • - SamoLit Platform for authors and readers.
          • - ThankYou An Internet project that spreads creativity on the principle of "pay as you see fit."
          • - Leo Tolstoy The reference version of all the writings of Leo Tolstoy.
          • - Litmir Half a million books that can be read online or downloaded.
          • - RuLit Electronic library Russian literature.

          Download e-books here

            Ph4 e-books

              Offline magazines


                Internet technologies allow to release his own book on the market

                • - Ridero Creating a book in Ridero takes 5 minutes. The author downloads text and images and gets a finished book - paper and electronic.
                • - blurb Internet technologies allow you to sell your own book
                • - Journal Samizdat Journal of non-professional literature.

                Business Journal

                • - Calameo Making its publication. This usually logs in electronic format.

                Program to compile e-books

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