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Moscow tour

  • - About Kremlin children Information sites for children.
  • - Discover Moscow The site of the Moscow authorities for foreign visitors to the capital.
  • - Virtual tour of the residence of the President of Russia Virtual tour of the residence of the Russian President.
  • - Moslenta The site is about clear Moscow.
  • - Kremlin The official website of the Moscow Kremlin: history and monuments, tours, exhibitions and concerts in the Kremlin.

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        History on the map

        • - Vici The Archaeological Atlas of Antiquity.
        • - OmnesViae The Roman Empire on the map.
        • - Geacron World history on the map.
        • - Electronic encyclopedia and library Runivers Interactive map of Russia with a time scale.

        On our planet

        • - PlanetPics On our planet.

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