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  • - Fantastico F3 A library of scripts for automatic installation on the site.
  • - dotProject Project management, tasks with diagrams, forums, files, calendar, contacts, language support, user permissions, themes.

Site Templates

    CMS for social networks


    • - WordPress The most popular site engine. The reason is ease of installation and use. Many themes and a huge selection of templates and plug-ins.
    • - FlatPress Analog WordPress, does not require MySQL databases, therefore less demanding hosting, enough PHP.
    • - b2evolution Blog-script showing multiple blogs, categories/subcategories, skins, search function, many languages, search engines for friendly URLs.
    • - Nucleus CMS A powerful script of blogs, featuring multiple blogs, group authorship, projects and future posts.

    Organization of payments for hosting

    • - AccountLab Plus Can have an unlimited number of hosting plans, offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payment options including tax.
    • - phpCOIN Full work with accounts, it is perfect for hosting and resellers.

    Customer support systems

    • - Crafty Syntax Live Help A customer support system that shows your visitors, multiple chat sessions ...
    • - Help Center Live The center of live customer support, a powerful tool, allows you to conduct a real-time conversation with visitors on your site.
    • - OsTicket Organization of technical support for users in real time.


    • - bbPress Forum from the authors of WordPress. It is easy to install and fit into the WordPress engine.
    • - phpBB A popular open source forum that works well, a simple user interface and an admin group, it's easy to set up.
    • - SMF It is full of functions and at the same time having minimal demands on resources.

    Internet shops

    • - CubeCart Convenient and yet powerful buyer's basket, an unlimited number of categories and products, multiple payment gateways, downloadable products.
    • - OS Commerce A powerful buyer's basket with a wide variety of modules and support for almost every payment gate.
    • - Zen Cart Zen Buyer's Basket is really the art of e-commerce: free, easy to use, open source.

    Photo Galleries

    • - 4images Gallery Photo Gallery System, featuring unlimited categories/subcategories, browser and FTP upload, auto-creation thumbs, comments.
    • - Coppermine Photo Gallery The Photo Gallery system, showing categories and albums, thumbs and sets the intermediate sizes of pictures.
    • - Gallery The Photo Gallery system allows you to manage your photos on your own website.

    Online courses

    • - Moodle Online training courses designed to help educators create quality interactive courses. WYSIWYG editor is available in 34 languages. The teacher has full control over all the settings of the course. There are a lot of flexible actions (Forums, Journals, Quizzes, Resources, Elections, Reviews, Appointments, Chats, Symposiums, tracking user list, mail integration and ...

      Mailing of letters

      • - PHPlist Powerful address book, mailing lists and applications. It is executed in PHP with the SQL database.

      Voting systems

      • - Advanced Poll The voting system with a powerful administration tool.
      • - LimeSurvey Allows users to design and publish surveys in convenient mode.
      • - phpESP An effective, efficient, network survey tool that allows a commercial organization to conduct research, the results are presented in real time, and perform subtle analysis.


      • - Soholaunch Pro Edition From the basic, information web sites to e-commerce, this script greatly simplifies the creation and management of Internet solutions.

      System responses to questions (FAQ)

      • - FAQMasterFlex Unlimited categories/questions/answers, administration through the browser.

      Other scripts

      • - Moodle Online training courses designed to help educators create quality interactive courses.
      • - Open-Realty System for sales management, flexible search, template system, Yahoo Maps interface.
      • - PHPauction Script of auctions.
      • - phpFormGenerator Generator html forms, up to 100 form fields, all variants of input fields including file loading.
      • - WebCalendar Very powerful web-scheduler: calendar, organizer.

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