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State Archives


  • - Assembly of the Russian Federation State Archives of the Russian Federation.


  • - RGAVMF Russian State Archive of the Navy.


  • - RGASPI Russian State Archive of Social and Political History.


  • - RGANTD Russian State Archive of Scientific and Technical Documentation.



  • - RGAKFD Russian State Archive of Film and Photo Documents.


  • - RGAE Russian State Archive of Economics.


  • - RSHA Russian State Historical Archive.

Archives of world libraries

  • - Manuscripts of Stendhal The archives of libraries in the world.
  • - Russian truth Comment Russian electronic publication of the text of Truth and range of support materials.
  • - Book Cover Archive Assembling the designs of covers of books of different times: modern and vintage.
  • - Library of Congress Largest library in the world, with more than 162 million items.
  • - Russian State Library The archives of libraries in the world.
  • - Codex Sinaiticus The archives of libraries in the world.
  • - World Digital Library The archives of libraries in the world.
  • - Fundamental electronic library «Russian literature and folklore' Full-text information system based on the works of Russian literature, bibliography, research and historical and biographical works.
  • - Philologica Bilingual Journal of Russian and Theoretical Philology.
  • - Archive of St. Petersburg Russian Studies The Department of Russian Philology Faculty of St. Petersburg State University.
  • - Philology Yearbook Articles and posts of teachers on the problems of Russian and foreign literature ...
  • - Fund Russian World The main goals of the Foundation is to promote the Russian language.
  • - The International Association of Russian Language and Literature Teachers Promoting the successful teaching of the Russian language and literature, the dissemination of cultural and spiritual values.
  • - Center for Russian Language Development Support and dissemination of the Russian language and culture in Russia and abroad.
  • - I go to the lesson of the Russian language It reflects the material published in the newspaper 'Russian language'.
  • - Bulletin MGOU Included in the list of leading peer-reviewed and refereed scientific journals and publications.
  • - Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkin House), Russian Academy of Sciences The study of the history of Russian literature.
  • - Political linguistics The magazine aims to promote the exchange of the latest information in the field of political linguistics.
  • - Bulletin PSTGU. Philology The authors - professors, graduate students and graduates of Philology Saint Tikhon's Orthodox University.
  • - Southern Federal University. Philology The scientific journal is published by the University of philological direction since 1997.
  • - Ancient Russia Science Magazine. For immediate publication of scientific information, publication, excluding any methodological or whatever other dictatorship in the approach.
  • - Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library The archives of libraries in the world.
  • - The New York Times The archives of libraries in the world.

Old newspapers

  • - Newspaper Archive Incredible base of old newspapers 1607-2017.
  • - Journal-club Online archive of newspapers Soviet times.
  • - Old newspapers Archive.
  • - LibeX The largest bookselling and second-hand Internet fair.

How did sites look in the beginning of Internet

    Archives Museum

    • - Gulag Museum Archives Museum.
    • - Engraving in Russia Archives Museum.
    • - British prints Archives Museum.

    2nd World War

    • - What Happened In My Birth Year We set the year of our birth and the site gives out what happened in that year and what the world looked like back then.
    • - Thus began the war The site of the Defense Ministry's about the events of June 22, 1941 - the beginning of the Second World War.
    • - The site was created for those who love history, but is not a professional historian.
    • - The feat of the people 2nd World War.
    • - The winners 2nd World War.
    • - Leningrad victory 2nd World War.
    • - Documentation Center 2nd World War.
    • - 2nd World War.
    • - Aerial photos of the 2nd World War 2nd World War.
    • - Russian history Reliable information about facts and events of the past is presented here in an accessible language.
    • - Victory Parade 2015 2nd World War.

    Archive killed in the Second World War

    • - HBS Memorial Archive killed in the Second World War.
    • - Immortal regiment This site allows you to post information about our veterans.

    First in space

      World files



      • - Banco di San Giorgio Genoa Italy: Archive (1407-1805): about 40,000 books in the catalog with full description.


      • - International Council on Archives International Council of Archives.


      Old maps

      • - Ancient Earth globe What the earth looked like many, many years ago.
      • - Old maps of Moscow online The site presents the old maps of Moscow and the Moscow region from ancient times to the present day.
      • - Old Maps Online Search for ancient maps of the British Museum archive on Google maps.
      • - Eto Mesto Parallel viewing of old and modern maps online.
      • - Splitmaps One-verst maps of the territories of modern Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia and Russia.
      • - Retromap Old maps. The site is just super.
      • - Aerial photos of the 2nd World War 2nd World War.
      • - Citylines Map of the world metro.

      Photo archives

      Old - new photos

      Old photos


      • - New Old Stock Vintage photos from public archives.

      Old photos on the map

      Military album

      • - Military album Military album.


      • - Soviet filmstrips with voice acting About 500 filmstrips in YouTube videos with voice acting.
      • - National Electronic Children's Library Archive of digitized old filmstrips with the ability to view online.

      Video archives

      Video archive

      • - YouTube Decade Watch the biggest YouTube videos posted on this day ten years ago.
      • - Criticalpast Giant video archive of documentary films of the twentieth century.
      • - DocumentaryHeaven A paradise for lovers of documentary.

      Video hostilities

        Modern archives - write history

        Real life stories

        • - A site that tells stories worthy of being remembered and known.
        • - Real life stories Real life stories.
        • - Snopes Ever heard a story and wondered if it’s really true?

        Internet Archive

        • - 20 years of Internet Internet Archive.
        • - Story of the Web Internet Archive.
        • - The Evolution of the Web The timeline for the development of Internet technology.
        • - Internet Archive.
        • - Google Logos Doodles - Google logos stylized for holidays or events by year.
        • - Yandex Logos Logos of Yandex are stylized for holidays or events by years.
        • - Archive Internet Archive.

        IT Archive

        Offline magazines


          • - Archive of 90-th The site is dedicated to people who have grown up in the 90s.

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