Creating Type1 and TrueType-fonts in CorelDraw

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Creating Type1 and TrueType-fonts in CorelDraw

CorelDraw can be used to create Type1 and TrueType fonts. The program has the ability to export images as characters.

So, to create a font character (in CorelDraw fonts are formed from individual characters) follow these steps:

  1. In the page setup dialog, set its size to 750 points vertically and horizontally.


  2. Set up two scribing lines: first, vertical, 30 points from the left edge of the page; Second, horizontal, 30 points from the bottom edge.


  3. The object that you want to export as a symbol, scale up to a size of 720 points. If this object contains characters of other fonts, convert them to curves.


  4. Set the horizontal marking line to the level corresponding to the line of capital letters or lowercase letters, depending on which character you are creating. If the symbol has a lower detail, set the horizontal marking line at the bottom of this element.


  5. Select the Export command from the File menu. In the dialog that appears, specify the format in which you want to export the symbol (Adobe Type1 or TrueType). Select the font file to which you want to add a character or enter the name of the new file. Click Ok.   


  6. If you are exporting a new font, in the dialog box that appears, enter the following parameters:   

    • Family Name - the name of the headset to which the font belongs;
    • Style - font style;
    • Symbol Font - shows that the font is not typed, but represents a set of characters, for example mathematical;
    • Grid Size - the size of the grid in which font characters are represented (for Type1 fonts it is always 1000);
    • Space Width is the width of the space character.  


  7. After defining the font parameters, a dialog box appears in which you need to define the symbol parameters and its position in the font:

    • The font name is displayed in the upper left part of this window, below is an example of a symbol with boundary lines and a base line. If the option Auto (about it a little later) is off, then in the example field you can change the position of the right border of the symbol.
    • Design Size - specifies the size in which the symbol is executed. If you set the size in accordance with the recommendations of paragraphs 1 and 2, then leave the value at 720 unchanged.
    • Character Width - The width of the character. You can change it (using the example window or directly entering numeric values) only when the Auto parameter is off.
    • Auto is a parameter, when enabled, the width of the character is determined automatically based on its size and the size of the left margin.
    • Character Number and characters list. To determine the position of a character in a font, you must specify its code or select it in the characters list. Places where there are no characters are displayed in gray.
    • Options - causes the appearance of a dialog box in which you can change the font characteristics.
  8. Click Ok to export the character or Cancel to cancel the operation.
Fonts, created with the help of CorelDraw !, have some features:
  • Do not have markup.
  • When exporting, all settings relating to filling objects and displaying their outlines are lost.