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Register online

Applications to the registry office via the Internet

Without queuing, fast and convenient. The citizens of Kazan have the opportunity to apply to the registry office and pay state fees via the Internet.

A couple of mouse clicks and the registration time has already been booked, and on the monitor screen there is a day when it is necessary to come and put signatures under the application.
If a person has gone online, sees that the time is busy, he can pre-plan somehow.

The newlyweds got rid of the need to stand in the bank - payment of state duty through a bank card. If the application is sent and no money has been received to the account, the system will refuse to register.

After the applications are filled out, the data falls into the electronic archive of the registry office. If the couple does not arrive at the appointed time to confirm their desire to marry, registration is automatically canceled.

Not yet everywhere, but the first swallow or ice started.