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Create business cards

You can create business cards in 2 ways - yourself or by ordering through a printing house.


A multicolored, razlapistaya card is a bad taste. It should be simple, logo and color scheme defined by the logo. In the west, the logo and text will usually be black.

When ordering a business card in the printing house you will be offered different lamination, rounded edges. Your business card can resemble a plastic card for ATM. When Western businessmen saw such business cards with us, they laughed, saying: you pay too much attention to business cards, but we do not care.
They had business cards just on thick paper, the standard size.


There is a fairly simple and intuitive program specifically for creating business cards, it is so called BUSINESS (13.9 Mb).
It has a Russian interface, quite simple and clear, so that the explanation will only complicate things.

I do not use it because it does not fit the printing house. But if you do not want to spend time, but just print it out on the printer, then use it.


Through the printing house

There may be different requirements that need to be addressed in the selected printing house.
But nevertheless, the overwhelming majority has the following requirements, rather simple:
  1. CorelDRAW 9.0 format. The matter is that CorelDRAW is not a cheap program and not all use pirate versions, that is why there is a great chance that the printing house will not have the latest version of the program. And the specificity of CorelDRAW is that the documents saved in the new version by the old programs will not open.

    True there are cases when in the old version the file will be hundreds of times heavier. You can ask the print shop about the version of Corel.

  2. Size 90×50 mm - the standard size of the business card, do not change it, do not original it, people do not like it.
  3. Save in curves, it's unlikely that the typography will have exactly those fonts that you used, or they can be called otherwise, so as not to guess how the card will actually look.
  4. Group, I had a case when all the layers went to the printing house, the printing press accused me of the fact that the layers were not grouped, Although I have never met such requirements anywhere.
  5. As a result, the colors will be more saturated (darker) than they were originally, so you should make them a little lighter. For example. I used a dark blue color, and as a result I was almost black, I used blue, but it turned out to be dirty, I looked at it, there was a blue dot added. If you use JPEG fragments, they will not change, that is, they will not become darker when printing.
Download an example of a business card in CorelDRAW 9.0