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Smart answers to your brilliant questions.

The questions of our users are answered by actors, scientists, researchers, designers, teachers, doctors, psychologists, lawyers.
There is an open community of people who are ready to critically reflect on the reality around them, to help each other, to share different views, to question their own beliefs, to learn new things and change for the better.

Any participant asks a question, and they are looking for those who will give the best answer. They are looking for people who are inspiring.
Object - so that each person can meet someone who is inspiring, curious about life and opens new opportunities for development.


reliable site

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Answers Mail.Ru

A place where you can ask a question and receive an answer.
Ideally, it is better to go to a thematic forum and get an answer. But the trouble is, not every forum is good (many are made not to help people, but to unwind), and not on any topic there is a forum. And in the end, where to find him this good forum.

Here, this service as never before. Similar did Google, but had to close. Better than no one did There is a scoring system that stimulates participants to participate - ask questions and give answers (especially answers). The scores do not give anything, except for the removal of restrictions.

There is a search that should be used before asking the question, you can get an answer sooner. By the way, Google is very grateful to this service and in the issue of Reply on high positions.


Searching for questions.
Actually, the main idea is to make a simple, correct search with an algorithm different from traditional search engines.

Therefore, the search is primarily in the services of questions and answers or forums.
That is, they search among ready-made answers.

Enter does not have to be pressed, just enter the text and we are offered the output.

There is a small filter, by language, site, time ...

Judging by the output, they have a very poor base.