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Services for Twitter


  1. - Business Twitter - Guide to Twitter.
  2. - Rutwitter - Register and use, SMS will cost 4 rubles. For the sake of calm it is worth mentioning that this is the main Russian site about Twitter. Not for Russia yet.
  3. - Tweetmeme - A site similar to Digg, is a social network for the distribution of articles, based on the number of Tweets that the article received.
  4. - - A large number of ready-made backgrounds.

WordPress plugins for Twitter

  1. - Tweet This - Similar to the previous plugin.
  2. - Tweet Tweet - The plug-in archives all your tweets and responses from users to the database.
  3. - Twitme - Allows readers to retouch an article on your blog.
  4. - Twitter for WordPress - Is similar to the previous plugin.
  5. - Twitter Tools - Allows tweets to make articles on the blog and vice versa, from the articles - tweets.
  6. - Twitter Widget Pro - The plugin creates a widget on the blog with a list of your tweets.
  7. - TwitterCounter - The Twitter counters. In addition, you can use as a widget to display who from Twitter'a came to the blog.
  8. - Twitbin - The plugin allows you to embed a block in the browser, in which you can write and receive messages from Twitter.

reliable site

Owner: Twitter
Used: Twitter.
address: USA

Twitter Analytics

Provides a 28-day review. How did your tweets work in all the main areas: retweets, mentions, favorites, and button presses.

The Tweeted Times

Tweets in the form of a newspaper.
Registration is as simple as expected - just use our Twitter account.

Many leading media outlets have their own Twitter accounts. Here you can find these tweets or tweets for the journalists of these publications.
Everything is simple, clear and close by.


Used: Twitter.
address: USA, Seattle


Twitter Analytics. Shows a detailed breakdown of your followers and activities.