Torrent trackers and how to download

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Torrent trackers and how to download

Torrent terkkery

  1. - LostFilm.TV - Tracker, specializing in serials. Premieres are published daily. High quality, incl. HDTV.
  2. - Lifecity.TV - Christian torrent tracker.
address: Russia


The largest Russian-language torrent tracker. Registered more than one million users. Download free movies, music, books, programs ...
The main rule - you will be allowed to download three times more than you gave. So it's necessary to give.
If you screwed up and you were closed, just register again, but now comply with the rules. So it will be easier and more convenient.

Downloading files

Please note that the video shows the old, inactive address, the new one is (Chrome extension

address: Russia


Very good torrent tracker.
Here first of all cinema, appears perhaps earlier, than somewhere.
But new movies often come with a terrible advertisement, which is much louder than the movie and yells in a number of places.


The largest database, quickly updated, there were always enough distributors. Well and free.

If you are going to download something, next will be a list of other hands of the same movie or ... and you can choose a better, better quality …