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Visa to Finland

Green card and insurance | Schengen Area

Visa to Finland allows you to visit all countries of the Schengen area, but the main country of the visit should be Finland. The best way to prove this is to enter Europe via Finland.

The Finnish Embassy in Russia (fin Suomen Moskovan-suurlähetystö).
Official site.

On the site you can find addresses of consulates, questionnaires for a visa, find out the cost of a visa, requirements for photo ....

Embassy of Finland, Moscow
Tel. +7-495-787 4174
119034 Moscow, G-34, Kropotkinsky Lane, 15-17

Consulate-General, St. Petersburg
Tel. +7-812-331 76 00
Preobrazhenskaya pl. 4, 191028 St. Petersburg

Consulate, Petrozavodsk
Tel. +7 8142 555 025, 761 564, 766 208
Gogol str., 25 185035 Petrozavodsk

Consulate, Murmansk
Tel.: +7 8152 445382
Karl Marx str. 25A, 183025 Murmansk

If you do not live in close proximity to the Finnish Consular Section, it will be easier for anyone to buy a visa through a travel agency.

For example, I overpay this way 500 rub. But me and the trip to the consulate will cost 500 rub.
And it is necessary to give documents once, and again to go to pick them up.
Stand in line, waste time. So here without options, only through the travel agency.

Do not forget the insurance, although if you do a visa in a travel agency, you will receive a visa with insurance.

Photo on the visa

Usually the photo studio knows how to photograph for a visa for Finland. We need to know the main thing that photos should be no more than 6 months.

Requirements for photos attached to the visa application form

  • color photo
  • size photos 36 x 47 mm
  • head height 25 - 35 mm
  • up to six (6) months old photos
  • the background color should be monochrome, light, but not white, gray is recommended
  • The applicant's image must match his current appearance
  • head position in full face (face directly), headgear, sunglasses, etc. are not allowed
  • Retouch photos are not allowed
  • The photo is glued to the questionnaire in the frame for photos, the face image should be in the middle of the frame.