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Owner: Yandex
address: Russia, Moscow


Sports news aggregator.
The news is structured by the most popular sports in Russia.

The latest news from popular sports: schedule and match results, online broadcasts, photos and videos.
Information about athletes and sports teams.
Football and hockey.

The site is connected with Yandex.Aether (video and television), where you can watch video recordings or video reports of some matches.

Google News

Sports news aggregator.

Searches media sites for news related to sports.
Very comfortably. Different media outlets publish different articles on the same events. You can choose where to read, you can compare.

You can bookmark the link and then read the latest news.

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Sports news: all news of football, hockey, basketball, tennis and other sports - photos and videos, live broadcasts, reports from the best sports arenas, statistics and results of matches.


address: Russia


Analytical news site.

All predictions are unique and made by sports observers who are professionally versed in these sports.
All material presented on the site - unique.

Own sports observers transmit sports news directly from the scene.
Follow our reports and photo reports.

Football 24

Online sports publication about soccer.
Daily news, articles, interviews, analysis, statistics, videos and a lot of interesting things about the game number one.

A team of journalists striving to break into the top sports media in Russia and gather an impressive audience of soccer fans from all over the country and abroad.

A distinctive feature - high-quality material, efficiency and interesting analysis.

The site provides full coverage of events related to the championship and the Cup of Russia, and the national team.
You can also always get access to the latest news and statistics from the championships of Ukraine, England, Spain, Italy, France, Germany.

Much attention is paid to international tournaments like the Champions League, Europa League, World Cup and European Championship.
Current interviews with players and coaches, transfers, match reviews, expert opinions and forecasts - you can find it all here.
Journalists try to work efficiently and publish everything you need for the demanding soccer fan.

The Blogs section where you can create your own creative corner within the project.
This section is already publishing entertaining materials, videos with great goals and crazy saves, curiosities from the world of soccer, scandals, near-football battles and ...


All the news of world football in one place.

Leading information football resource. A team of football reviewers collects, analyzes all football news, reviews, matches and events.

News, schedule, results of major tournaments:

  1. European Football Championship
  2. Champions League
  3. Europa League
  4. World Championship 2018

  5. Russian Football Premier League
  6. English Premier League
  7. Spanish Primera
  8. Italian Serie-A
  9. German Bundesliga
  10. ...

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All about sports 24 hours: news, interviews, numbers, videos.

The new sports edition, created in 2018 based on the site

Not only the latest news, interesting articles, candid interviews, juicy photos and relevant videos, but also the latest Internet technologies, convenience and adaptability. Only the most necessary and interesting - and nothing more.

address: Russia


Online magazine about sports, fitness and active lifestyle.

Here are collected interesting articles about fitness, diet and sports nutrition, announcements of interesting events, as well as tips on medicine and current news from the world of sports.