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Discover millions of outdoor routes around the world. Choose between hiking, jogging, cycling, MTB, kayak, skiing and another 70 different types of activities.

Record your own routes to the map, add waypoints, take photos along the course, and upload them from your phone to your Wikiloc account.

Use free topographic maps offline from around the world for free, without the need for Internet coverage or mobile data. This is convenient when you are in the mountains or traveling without an Internet connection.

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Portal for cyclists.
  • for those who want to purchase a bicycle, but do not have enough information to make a choice.
  • for those who ride a bike just for those who are engaged in cycling professionally.
  • for cyclists ready to talk about their route and share their experience of overcoming difficulties and preparing equipment for hard tests.
The goal is to collect as much information as possible on the subject - history, technical features, various nuances of management and repair.

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  • Katushkin

    Site for those who ride. In summer, on a bicycle, roller skates, skate. In winter, skiing, skating or snowboarding. Or vice versa.

    And this site is for those who do not just ride, but ride openly. That is, does not hide the fact that he skates. On the contrary - he regularly keeps in touch with his movements. And it adheres to like-minded people. Better, of course, if like-minded people. Can, in general, forbid registration for the male sex?

    Using Katushkin, you can:

    1. Find someone to ride with.
    2. Where to ride.
    3. When.
    4. On what.
    5. And how.
    6. And also:
    7. Learn everyone by reading

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    address: Russia


    Itineraries are a community of traveling people. If you like to visit new places, travel around the world, go hiking, make extreme expeditions, then this site is for you.

    Section of cycling.
    Popular routes.
    Photo Albums of routes.