Remove it immediately

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Remove it immediately

Not all proposed should be demolished. We just need to know something about them.
Forewarned - armed. Therefore, we leave only what is really needed.

List of programs required for deletion

The most gluttonous programs:
Delete them or turn them off (you can not delete everything).
  1. Facebook,
  2. Google Maps- much better and easier and more in detail MAPS.ME, which works offline and has a decent navigator,
  3. Chrome - an alternative to Opera, better, easier, more stable,
  4. Clean Master is a very voracious cleaner, often removes settings from a program with which he is not familiar,
  5. Weather Channel,
  6. Samsung WatchOn,
  7. Amazon Shopping UK,
  8. Microsoft Outlook,
  9. BBC Safe and Safe Republic is an alternative to Flipboard.

Self-starting performance degradation:
Facebook, Google Play Services, BBM, Instagram, Messenger, ChatOn, Facebook Pages Manager, Weather Channel, KakaoTalk, WhatsApp Messenger;

User-initiated performance-reducing measures:
Snapchat, Amazon Shopping UK, Spotify Music, LINE, CleanMaster, Samsung WatchON, Netflix, BBC Safe, Amazon Shopping Global, Microsoft Outlook;

Self-Launching Landing Battery:
Android Firmware Updater, Samsung Beaming Service, SecurityPolicyUpdater, ChatON, Google Play Services, Facebook, BBM, WhatsApp Messenger, Weather & Clock Widget Android, WeChat;

Batteries Launching User:
Samsung WatchON, SnapChat, Amazon Shopping UK, Microsoft Outlook, BBC Safe, Netflix, LINE, CleanMaster, Walmart, Amazon Shopping Global;

Self-starting clogging:
Facebook, Amazon Kindle, Sp-Mode Mail, Facebook Pages Manager, Google Play Services, Skype, Instagram, Tango, WeChat;

Spotify Music, Chrome, Ailis, LINE, Amazon Shopping UK, TripAdvisor Hotels Flights, Amazon Shopping Global, Snapchat, CleanMaster, Aviary Photo Editor;

Self-startering eating traffic:
Facebook, Yahoo! Japan, Avast Antivirus & Security, The Weather Channel, Instagram, iHeartRadio, Google Play Services, APUs Launcher, Groupon, WeatherBug;

Efficient user-initiated traffic:
Netflix, Snapchat, Tumblr, BBC Safe, CleanMaster, Samsung WatchON, Spotify Music, Aviary Photo Editor, Microsoft Outlook, Tinder.

Programs that should be deleted

A number of applications that eat your time or money.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram will download notifications.
Nothing important or urgent will be in them.
Therefore it is better to demolish and live free from them. We can decide when to use them, leaving them to the computer.

Pokémon Go - just eats time, and wherever it goes, nothing really matters.

If you are a driver, the global problem is managers. At the person distracted on messengers the reaction is worse, than at the drunk driver.
It's worth removing the Facebook Messenger, VK Messenger, WhatsApp ...

When we get home, then we'll sort out the mail.
Typically, they write messages to those who do not engage in anything, boring. Are you driving them to entertain them?


If you have run out of money sooner than before ... where do they go?

Apps stores AliExpress, OZON, Amazon ..., allow stores to get into your house, even in your pocket. We are bored, we look, then we buy something that we do not really need or do not need at all. And then there is not enough for what is really needed.