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SMS for free

You will find many free SMS services on the Internet.
  1. they are not stable, because mobile operators do not like it and they constantly change the code,
  2. Somewhere you have to put up with annoying ads,
  3. If there is no advertisement, it will come along with the SMS.


  1. the official sites of mobile operators,
  2. some internet pagers allow free send SMS.


  1. SMS does not always reach the recipient, even sent from the official mobile operator's website,
  2. the recipient may not understand that this is from you, since there is no your return address,
  3. the recipient even knowing that this SMS from you, can not answer you, except ICQ, there is an opportunity to respond.
Therefore, we send important SMS from the phone. And money is a pity for the nonsense, because you are here.
It's easy to send SMS via Mail.Ru Agent. You can download the program or just start a mail on and from the browser.