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reliable site

Owner: Sber

tel.: +7 (495) 785-17-00
address: Russia


Automotive portal that provides classic information and something new.
On the site you can buy a used car (the new recommendation only in the car dealership).


  • News, under the heading "New" are cars that are still entering the Russian and world markets,
  • test drive reviews,
  • lifehacks (tips)
  • video.

Knowledge Base

Addresses and phone numbers for vehicle registration, technical inspection, obtaining rights, traffic rules, fines, and almost all cases of life of the car owner.

I looked, the base is not very big, not all regions.
But it is filled.

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The best catalog of officially sold cars with all variants of engines, gearboxes and complete sets available for the Russian market. The site monitors the price updates from manufacturers and dealers and knows how much each option costs in the car.

The real value of the car

  • Information on the cost of car maintenance, which includes: maintenance costs, transport tax, OSAGO, fuel costs and other costs.
  • The cost of owning a car.
  • Quick and easy comparison of cars.
  • Exam SDA Online on will help prepare for the exam in the traffic police.


Personal assistant for choosing and buying a car online, with delivery to the nearest major city.

Long rentals.
Detailed report and independent inspection on request.
OSAGO, CASCO and special conditions on credit.

Chats with a personal assistant: about everything and every offer you like.

Online prepayment and payment by bank transfer, ordering insurance, extended guarantee and processing the loan at a special rate.

Free extended warranty for 3 months for cars under the age of 7 years.

An assistant appears immediately - to answer your questions about cars and ads, and then to help you make payment, arrange insurance and arrange for delivery of the car to the nearest major city.

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