They played in the revolution

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They played in the revolution


In Egypt, a revolution took place almost peacefully.
Why almost? Someone was raped, some were killed, mummies were torn off, something was pogromed.
But in general, the result suited me, was the announcer - there was no dictator.

But that was only the beginning. So, how was it?

  1. people scolded power in social networks,
  2. gathered at the square (good big) and began to rally,
  3. As a result, they overthrew the dictator and elected a new president,
  4. it turned out that the new president knows how to hold a rally, and not an economic man,
  5. very fond of rallying and swinging the rights to the square, thereby nullifying the conquest of the revolution,
  6. it scared away tourists, plus the protesters did not work, or did not create anything, but on the contrary - they broke it,
  7. The result is a decline in the economy.


In Ukraine, the orange revolution was peaceful.
  1. people scolded power in social networks,
  2. gathered at Maidan (also a large area) and began to rally,
  3. as a result, changed the power,
  4. the new government was not competent, they chose again the people of the old formation,
  5. Europe called to itself, Ukraine jerked and almost agreed, but someone read the same agreement and decided to bargain,
  6. but people are very fond of meeting and swing the rights to the square, and to Europe it would be desirable, though no one understood what price,
  7. As a result, no one works and does not give to others.
Today, Ukraine has a choice: to launch opposition without expertise or experts (corrupt nomenclature).
And the crowd stupidly wants to Europe on any terms, no one even knows about them. Who will then be to blame? Exactly not this crowd.


"Soft nationalist" Navalny is not yet tied to power.
And what is his program?
Which party is behind it?
What platform?
He just criticizes power (barking at the elephant) and all.

At rallies on Bolotnaya, who just was not - nationalists, homosexuals and other extremists. Very soon, decent politicians did not take part in such an opposition. But not Navalny. As it is convenient to go to power with the support of the crowd, there is no need to report then the program was not there, there were only slogans about how bad power was.

We went through deep crises, I do not want to go back.
I would not want the crowd to lead the country. Yes and the crowd does not feel like it.

And you need to be an idiot to talk about nationalism in a multinational country. This is explosive and any sensible politician understands this clearly. This does not understand only Zhirinovsky and Navalny.