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Portal for lovers of cats and dogs.
There are news, stories, tips, videos, games ...

Free consultations of a specialist (veterinarian, cynologist ...) around the clock, although the answer will have to wait, it will take several hours .


Information portal about the breeds, breeding, care and maintenance of cats.

Here we tried to collect everything that might be interesting to the owner:

  1. diseases,
  2. parasites,
  3. drugs
  4. feed,
  5. cat nicknames,
  6. the behavior of cats
  7. the physiology of cats,
  8. cat anatomy,
  9. why the cat pees in the tray and poops beside him,
  10. and more.

address: Russia


Zooportal and at the same time a social network for pet owners.

Website Features:

  • placement of pet advertisements by individuals and shelters;
  • sharing experiences, photos or impressions of your pets;
  • Search and meet pet owners.
Communication groups: cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, rodents, fish, horses, reptiles, amphibians, arthropods, wild animals, etc.


  • Animals as a gift,
  • sale,
  • mating.

Your Pets

All about keeping cats and dogs.
News, blog, message board.

New pet industry, breed descriptions, nuances of maintenance and care, amazing facts, veterinary articles and much more.
Our pets deserve the best, and we will tell you how to make the life of a faithful four-legged friend interesting, full and as comfortable as possible.

There are sections of cats and dogs on classic topics: diseases and treatment, castration, breeds ...

address: Russia

Dog breeds

All about dogs and their breeds, training, maintenance and care in the home.

Among other things (feeding, nicknames, care ...), the site has a good section on breeds, it is always nice to read a good article about your dog.

address: Russia
Councils for the education and the training of domestic animals.

The topics are quite interesting, besides the usual ones:

  1. Bark
  2. Walking
  3. Territory protection
  4. Aggression


The site is about cats and dogs.
Although initially it was only about cats.

The goal is to help make the lives of pets better.

On site

  1. articles about nutrition, health, care and ...
  2. a forum where users have the opportunity to share their opinions,
  3. bulletin board about buying/selling, searching for pets or services for pets, such as grooming, clinics, hotels and nurseries.


The site is about cats and dogs: about their health, nutrition and care for pets.

Judging by the name, the site began with cats.
Judging by the content, the site continued to be filled with material for dogs, and now also rabbits.
What is limited, I do not know.

The site has a high attendance, because it is worth attention.

address: Russia


Pretty simple site for cat lovers.

Here are articles on the most popular topics:

  1. care,
  2. names,
  3. diseases,
  4. feed.

Eats sections on cat breeds, here the truth is only 5 species.