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Panorama from the air

Bird's eye view on Yandex.Maps

Yandex.Panoramas from the air

Panoramas from the air on Yandex.Maps.
In the beginning only St. Petersburg was represented, because this city is the most beautiful from such a height.
Now the whole Russia is covered. Not as detailed as Peter (even Moscow), but we can get acquainted with the beautiful places of our vast country.

Panoramas from the air have not only spread across Russia, but are already present in Belarus, Estonia, Turkey and Romania.

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A virtual tour of 18 spherical panoramas shot from the city of Suzdal from a bird's-eye view. The project is financially supported by the Russian Geographical Society, hence the butterfly is not one-day.


Big Pixel Studio

Shanghai - panoramic gigapixel photo (195 Gigapixel).
You can twist, zoom, delete.
All this can be done with the mouse on the computer and with the fingers on the phone (screenshot).