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Speaking about promoting the brand through the Internet, it would be wise to first find a free domain name and buy it, and then register the name.


Speaking about the Internet, you need to make a name that is easy to remember. For example, if you plan to do business on the domestic market, the address should be in the .RU zone, so it's easier to remember. For example, Why did they buy this address? They also have Simply so it is more convenient in the Russian market.

International Business

If you are not limited to the Russian market and are aimed at developed countries, you need an address in the .COM zone. But then it's more difficult, they quickly buy out all possible variants of names. Maybe because today in the west it becomes popular to use African names or sounding like, ex. Mambo, Joomla, Google ...


Identified with the name, you need to make a logo.
Small spool but precious. No logo, no face. This is an extremely important detail, do not economize on this. In the West for a long time it was understood, now specially developed a font for the name of the film, which is subsequently a logo.

At us even a flag consisted of approximate colors, not so long ago have defined exact color. In the west, the color scale is strictly maintained for a long time. That is, Coca-Cola will never be orange, pink or approximately red, and a certain tone of red.
The logo should be remembered for text, form, color. If you again and again push on the same shape, color, quickly remember. If the shape and color will constantly change (or not survive), it's hard to remember.

Something like Voodeo, Jaxopia, Fandu, Blogbuzz, Jideo and ...

  1. - NameMyTune - When you need to find the name of a song.


Search for a name for availability simultaneously everywhere: in the main domain zones, social networks and other popular accounts.
Then immediately register in the required and get a unique name.

Check Usernames

Availability of the name in social networks.
Surely you have encountered when a certain site has accounts in Facebook, VK, Twitter, YouTube, Instagramm, Pinterest, etc.
But there is a different login everywhere, so it's hard to know whether the official account is or not.
Other sites have the same login for everything.

This service allows you to check for the use of a particular login.
Actually, I recommend doing this before buying a domain name. Then it will be very beautiful.
One more detail, say you can check the name and it will be everywhere freely. You run to register the domain, but it turns out that for example on Twitter this name is not occupied, but it is inadmissible. So first we register everywhere and if passed successfully, we register.