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Mail on your own domain

More and more are registered on Gmail,, Yandex.Mail but where to get a good name? offers an address to choose from: But and these addresses are exhausted.
Google and Yandex did what was an advantage of paid mail services - free mail in their domain.
Their example was followed by Microsoft ( and
By the way, Google now offers only a paid version.

What are the advantages?
Say our mail services and can be hacked, where is the guarantee that something will not happen with Gmail? Suddenly it becomes paid? Just kidding. But it is most reliable to have an address on your domain, especially if you have it, like ex. I have. The most reliable address is my personal, and it's even more solid.

Of course, if you have a domain, then there is and , and Hosting where it is located. Hosting usually offers to have mail on its domain.
So what's the difference?

On the hosting you will pay for the place under your mail. A bit expensive.
Places on the hosting are a pity, this way my mail is all place and it will take, plus spam. Well, you understand.

So, we are offered to have mail under your domain, with your logo. All, like on regular, Yandex.Mail, or, including an internet pager, you are only an administrator and you can offer others a mailbox on (like me for example).


In my opinion, the most simple, functional and convenient is Yandex.Mail.