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Social music network

Web 2.0 ears: online radio that adapts itself to the listener.
It remembers what you are listening to (and what you do not want to listen to), and toss new songs based on the choice of other users with similar tastes. If you put a small nozzle on the player, will also start to take into account the music you are listening at home.

At the moment, participants Last. Fm listened to and appreciated almost 3 billion tracks, so there's nothing to rely on.
The best way to find out any new artists on Internet is not yet figured out (except for competitors from and LAUNCHcast).

It is believed that really should become the 'last radio': the world of FM radio stations will change irrepressibly, but the big Their part will quietly wither away.
It will happen when the majors give to use their bottomless archives and the newest Revenues, and this is all going to. Source: Big City


The founders of the portal are Tom Anderson and Chris Deval.

Created in 2003. Since the beginning of 2008, Russified.

  1. Communities of film enthusiasts and photographers, but the "face" of the portal are musicians.
  2. The biggest party of music lovers and musicians of all levels and directions, from star to housewife.
  3. A ready-made template for a business card of a music group and a way to unwind, along with the possibilities of creating fan blogs. Fast, simple, affordable.
  4. A real alternative to show business, when a listener could buy only a whole album at a fixed price and with a choice only from what the producers of record companies deigned to pay attention to.
  5. It is enough to have a broadband connection to the Network, and everything will play itself. And the author of the page can allow you to download music to your computer (this is how amateur musicians do) or just listen.


Social network of music. There is streaming music, the ability to download MP3 or sell through the online store. Of course there are all social: friends, videos, photos, blogs and ... At the moment there are more than 4.5 million songs, More than half a million bands and artists. 4.5 million participants.