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A simple, beautiful and convenient way to listen to online radio and music.
Listen to thousands of radio stations of different genres and from different countries.

You can leave the player on your site for any number of channels. Player autoplay, that is, play when the page is loaded

Radio Fonki

Christian radio stations in one place.

The catalog of radio stations, already more than 400.
Members may suggest adding new stations.
You can see only new or common list.

As far as I understand, at first more familiar people go, that is, those who have been working for a long time and have experience, therefore they will be more likely to be in demand.


You can click the genres (at the top right of the book icon).
  • Russians
  • Ukrainian
  • foreign

  • worship
  • pop (pop)
  • rock (rock music)
  • hip-hop
  • ethnic
  • classic
  • instrumental
  • acappella (a capella)
  • christmas
  • remix (miscellaneous)

  • conversational
  • children
You can click on the logo of the radio station and listen, or you can click on the text name and get to the description page, where
  • description of the radio station
  • player with a choice of streams for speed, if there are several streams,
  • not working - you can report a dead thread to help keep information up to date
  • link to the official website of the radio station
  • you can take the code and paste it onto your site,
  • add to favorites - if we are registered, we can pick up our collection of radio stations.


Radio on your website.
  1. Go in, select a channel or multiple channels, hold SHIFT or CTRL.
  2. Take the code from the 2 proposed and throw it on the site. Try both and choose:
    • 1st player - more clearly.
    • The 2nd player is more compact (example below).


Radio online