Water temperature on map

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Water temperature on map

  1. world-weather.ru/water-temperature/ - World Weather - Water temperature on the map.
  2. hmn.ru - Meteonovosti - Actual water temperature map.
  3. earth.nullschool.net - earth - Weather on the globe general plan.

Pogoda Turtella

Interactive weather map.
The map allows you to see the temperature of the air and water at the resorts.
You can look at it by months.

The site uses the same database as worldseatemp.com.

Russian - Englesh

Used: OpenStreetMap.
address: Russia

World Sea Temp

Water temperature in the resorts of the world.
Interactive map all over the world.

You can look at the water temperature for today or what it is basically, by months.

You can look at the interactive map or on the menu: resorts, countries, seas.

World Sea Temp


Interactive weather map.

Real-time rendering

  • Direction of movement of air masses,
  • cloudy,
  • air temperature,
  • rainfall
  • ...
Weather alert settings for a given location.

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Water Sensor

Warm water map.
Interactive map, covers only the Black Sea. Temperature of the whole coast - Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania.

Data are taken from automatic buoy stations.

The map has links to webcams. It is possible to look in a mode of real time.