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Today 23 Shvat 5730 AD Saturday, (28 January 2023)

Judaism and Jews

The goal is to bring the light of the Torah to the Jews, to give readers the opportunity to study the Torah, even at work at lunchtime, on the road or on vacation.
The site is created and maintained by the Toldot Yeshurun ​​organization.
The editors are professionals in their field.

The site is updated at the beginning of each hour.
Audio and video tutorials on Judaism listen and watch tens of thousands of Russian-speaking Jews around the world.
Daily live TV allows users to ask questions to the lecturer online,
“Ask” section - consult with a rabbi,
and Family — with a religious family counselor — on any subject.

The library will help to find the necessary book on Judaism in Russian.
There is an illustrated Jewish encyclopedia.
The online store offers hundreds of books of Judaism in Russian and Hebrew, audio and video CDs with music, films and lessons, attributes of Judaism from bales to tefillin, souvenirs from Jerusalem’s shops.
On the site you can even find a mate for building a Jewish family.

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reliable site

Owner: Wikimedia
address: USA

Wikipedia: Judaism

Wikipedia Portal: Judaism.
This is essentially a Wikipedia unit.
Here you can find out what Abraham's womb is or Menorah or Mesura.
It is always interesting for Bible students to learn the meaning of terms or concepts in the Jewish tradition.

Wikipedia: Judaism

Electronic Jewish encyclopedia

Created on the basis of the Short Jewish Encyclopedia, published in Jerusalem in 1976-2005. Society for the Study of Jewish Communities in collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The site is owned by World ORT; Sponsors: the Avi Hai Foundation and the European Rothschild Foundation (Ha-Nadiv).

Very simple and conveniently constructed, using original Hebrew terms. Recently, the site interface has been updated to look good on modern devices.
The site has been completely redesigned, corrected, supplemented, redesigned navigation.

Flexible representation of the texts of the encyclopedia, facilitates integration with external mechanisms of the information space, including the logical markup of content for processing by search engines, and also increases the availability of materials for users of social networks.

The editors continue to work on the refinement and active testing of our site.


Jewish cultural and religious center.
Center for Jewish Education in Russian.

Materials: articles, books, audio and video materials on Judaism and Jewish culture.

Education: courses, lectures, seminars, Shiuri, excursions, online lessons.

Projects: Ulpan of Jewish heritage, training courses for the giyur, community centers, book publishing.

About Mahanaim: the history of creation, activity today, social networks.


Imrei Noam is the organization for spreading the light of the Torah.

Interesting site about Judaism, Jews and Torah, dedicated to the topics: Jewish tradition, Jewish holidays, Jewish law (halacha), Jewish worldview, Torah and science, rabbi questions and much more.


Used: uCoz.
address: Russia

Beit Midrash

The site is arranged according to the “beit midrash” type.
This model is designed to help those who wish to study the Torah and Jewish wisdom, and students are distinguished by the desire to replenish their knowledge and find them worthy use.
People in this category are not concerned about their own reputation or the majority opinion; their goal is to get close to the Most High by fulfilling His commandments.

A “beit midrash” visit should not be viewed as a place where one person exposes the spiritual inconsistency of another and claims the exclusiveness of his own opinion.
The essence of communication and learning is strengthening in righteousness, correction of one’s character and, thus, participation in the correction of the whole World (Tikun Olyam).

Noahits (bnei-Noah) are welcome; heres (proselytes) who accepted official or unofficial giyur, or are on their way to it; natives of Christianity or other religions and cults; Karaites; the Judaizers, as well as all the God-fearing, indifferent to the Gd of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to the Torah and the Judean way of life.