Prophecy concerning Herod

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Prophecy concerning Herod

Today 23 Shvat 5730 AD Monday, (8 August 2022)

Josephus Flavius ​​"Judean Antiquities"

"Some respected Manuel Essenian, once looked at Herod when he went to school, and predicted to him that he would be a king of the Jews." To this, Herod, who believed that he does not know or jokes with him, replied that he belongs to A simple class. "Maname, however, smiled, hit him on the back with his hand, and said:" And yet you will reign, and, moreover, happily, for the Eternal had decided so.

Remember also the blows of Manaheim, and let them be to you a symbol of the volatility of fate. All this would be fine if you always loved justice and piety, just as you would always be gentle with your subjects. But I, who know everything, know that you will not remain so.

True, you will be as happy as anyone else, and you will prepare eternal glory, but at the same time you will forget about piety and justice. All this is known to the Ancient, and at the end of your life you will remember His wrath upon you. "

Herod then did not pay attention to these words, because he could not count on their implementation. Subsequently, however, in all the grandeur of his power, he sent for Manaheim and began to question him how long he would rule. Manam refrained from an exact answer.

Then, in view of his silence, Herod asked him whether his reign would last ten years, to which Manam answered that and twenty and thirty; But he refrained from an accurate definition of this period. Herod was satisfied and that, he cuddled the old man and dismissed him and since then, in his honor always treated with respect to the Essenes. "