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  1. - LostFilm.TV - Tracker, specializing in serials. Premieres are published daily. High quality, incl. HDTV.

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address: Russia


The largest Russian-language torrent tracker. Registered more than one million users. Download free movies, music, books, programs ...
The main rule - you will be allowed to download three times more than you gave. So it's necessary to give.
If you screwed up and you were closed, just register again, but now comply with the rules. So it will be easier and more convenient.

Downloading files

Please note that the video shows the old, inactive address, the new one is (Chrome extension



YaCy (English Yet another Cyberspace is another cyberspace, consonant with the English Ya see - yes, I understood).

This is a peer-to-peer network, without the use of servers, like Torrent.
Such a network can not be tracked and calculated.

The principle is that everyone puts a program in their hands and becomes a member of the network, where each participant indexes and shares his Internet research. So everything is indexed and the common base is collected.


Fast torrent search engine among Russian and foreign trackers.
The search for torrents is fast, there is a tool for sorting and filtering results.
Find and download torrent, where allowed, you can free of charge without registration.

Download movies via torrent.
Quite an extensive base. Well structured and visually understandable.

We get to the start page and immediately see movie posters with a rating number.
Above will be the most recent and most requested.

We press and get to the movie page, where you can watch the trailer and download by selecting the desired quality.


Catalog and search engine for the largest Russian-language torrent trackers.
Looking for, go to the site, register and then swing.
The database of the search engine includes links to the distribution of only full-length films and cartoons. All links are grouped by movies and quality categories, which allows you to quickly find a suitable copy for you.

In the search there is a tip even with a thumbnail, as seen below.
Quite often the same copy of the film, appearing on one tracker, after a certain period of time falls on the other, because all the distribution on the pages of the films are grouped by repeats, as seen below.
Very simply and clearly, It's easy to choose what to rock.

Registration is optional, but desirable.

Registered users have the opportunity to monitor the appearance of new movies with the participation of their favorite actors and directors, as well as new distributions from monitored films. When there are new distributions, an alert will be sent to a special section on the site or via email.

There is an opportunity to subscribe to a lot of RSS-feeds in order to be aware of all the changes on the site: the appearance of a new movie with your favorite actor, a new distribution from the movie you are interested in Changes in the Updates Ribbon and the list of reviews, etc.