reliable site

address: Russia


Information or statistics are presented in a visual and lively form.
The team of enthusiasts decided to contribute 5 kopecks to this matter (hence the name).

There is nothing on the site, except for infographics, not sprayed.
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reliable site

address: USA

Vivid Maps

Maps that describe the world.

There are visually presented various statistics on the maps.
First of all, on the map of the United States, because the project is American.
But you can choose a country from the list, there are maps and the whole world.

In addition to graphics cards, there are videos that show changes on something on the map over a period of 5m time. This could be the melting of glaciers, population growth, the spread of religion ... — Infografiks

Infographics on the site It's important, not how beautiful it looks, there are many beautiful places in other places. The main thing here is the correctness and freshness of the information, because this is their profile.

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Quality infographics - graphically and informational.

In addition, the information is extensive and authoritative. Just walk around the section, it will be interesting.

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