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Message functions

New message Ctrl+N


Reply to Message (sender only) Ctrl+R
Reply to All in Message (sender and all recipients) Ctrl+Shift+R
Reply to List Ctrl+Shift+L
Forward Message Ctrl+L
Edit Message as New Ctrl+E

Receiving and reading messages

Get New Messages for Current Account F5
Get New Messages for All Accounts Shift+F5
Open message (in new window or tab) Ctrl+O


Open message in conversation Ctrl+Shift+O
Zoom In Ctrl++


Ctrl+Scroll wheel up

Zoom Out Ctrl+-

Ctrl+Scroll wheel down

Reset Zoom Ctrl+0(zero)
Expand Collapsed Thread
Collapse Expanded Thread
Expand All Threads *
Collapse All Threads \
Newsgroups: Ignore or Unignore Thread K
Newsgroups: Ignore or Unignore Subthread Shift+K
Newsgroups: Watch Thread W

Managing your messages

Print message or selected message text Ctrl+P
Save Message as File Ctrl+S
View Message Source Ctrl+U
Select All (messages, text, or attachments) Ctrl+A
Select Thread Ctrl+Shift+A
Toggle Caret browsing (select text with keyboard) F7
Copy selected text Ctrl+C
Cut selected search text Ctrl+X
Paste text into search or filter fields Ctrl+V
Move/Copy message to previous target folder Again Ctrl+Shift+M
Archive Message A
Delete message, folder, attachment, or selected search text Delete
Delete message bypassing trash (no Undo!) Shift+Del
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y
Rename Folder F2

Tagging and marking your posts!

Add/Remove Tag 1-9
Remove All Tags from Message 0(zero)
Mark Message as Read/Unread M
Mark Thread as Read R
Mark All Read Shift+C
Mark as Read By Date C
Mark as Junk J
Mark as Not Junk Shift+J
Add/Remove Star S

Search messages

Search All Messages (global fulltext search in all accounts) Ctrl+K
Quick Filter (search messages in current folder or view) Ctrl+Shift+K
Clear current Quick Filter; hide Quick Filter Bar Esc(as often as needed)
Search Messages (advanced search in folder) Ctrl+Shift+F
Find Text in Current Message Ctrl+F
Find Again in Current Message Ctrl+G


Find Previous in Current Message Ctrl+Shift+G


Moving between messages

Go to Mail Start Page Alt+Home
Scroll Down Current Message, then Go to Next Unread Message Spacebar
Go to Next Message F
Go to Previous Message B
Go to Next Unread Message N
Go to Previous Unread Message P
Go to Next Unread Thread (and mark current thread as read) T
Go to Next Viewed Message ]
Go to Previous Viewed Message [

Managing Windows and tabs, Thunderbird

Move to Next UI Element Tab
Move to Previous UI Element Shift+Tab
Move to Next Mail Pane F6


Move to Previous Mail Pane Shift+F6


Next Tab Ctrl+Tab


Previous Tab Ctrl+Shift+Tab


Mail & Newsgroups Home Tab (Tab 1) Ctrl+1
Tab 2 to 8 Ctrl+2-8
Last Tab Ctrl+9
Address Book Ctrl+Shift+B
Saved Files Ctrl+J
Help F1
Toggle Message Pane F8
Toggle Menu Bar (if hidden) Alt


Show context menu Menu key


Minimize current window Win+
Close window or tab Ctrl+W

Alt+F4(only for closing a Window)

Undo close tab (restore and go to most recently closed tab) Ctrl+Shift+T

Creating, saving and sending messages

New message (see Starting a new message) Ctrl+N


Save Draft Ctrl+S
Print Draft Ctrl+P
Send Message Now Ctrl+Enter
Send Message Later Ctrl+Shift+Enter

Management of the compose message window

Toggle Contacts Sidebar F9
Move to next main UI element F6


Move to previous main UI element Shift+F6


Zoom In Ctrl++


Ctrl+Scroll wheel up

Zoom Out Ctrl+-

Ctrl+Scroll wheel down

Reset Zoom Ctrl+0(zero)
Show Main Mail Window (Mail & Newsgroups) Ctrl+1

Edit the message text and attachment processing

Copy Ctrl+C
Cut Ctrl+X
Paste Ctrl+V
Paste as quotation Ctrl+Shift+O
Paste without formatting Ctrl+Shift+V
Rewrap message text Ctrl+R
Delete selected text, attachment, table cell contents, or table Delete
Delete word to the right (from cursor to end of word) Ctrl+Del
Delete word to the left (from cursor to start of word) Ctrl+Backspace
Select All (text in a message, or attachments) Ctrl+A
Select Table Cell Ctrl+Click within cell
Select Table Rows or Columns Drag across cells of rows or columns
Select Table Ctrl+Click on table border
Insert Link Ctrl+K
Discontinue Link, or Remove Links from selection Ctrl+Shift+K
Remove Named Anchors Ctrl+Shift+R
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y
Find and Replace Text in Current Message Ctrl+F
Find Again in Current Message Ctrl+G
Find Previous in Current Message Ctrl+Shift+G
Check Spelling Ctrl+Shift+P
Attach File Ctrl+Shift+A


Rename Attachment F2



Styling text messages

Larger Font Size Ctrl+>
Smaller Font Size Ctrl+-


Text Style Bold Ctrl+B
Text Style Italics Ctrl+I
Text Style Underline Ctrl+U

Ctrl+F4(only for closing a Tab)

Text Style "Fixed Width" Ctrl+T


Discontinue or Remove Text Styles Ctrl+Shift+Y



Increase Indent Ctrl+]
Decrease Indent Ctrl+[

Address Book

New Address Book Contact Ctrl+N
Write new message to selected contact(s) Ctrl+M
Addressbook Quick Filter Ctrl+F
Addressbook Advanced Search Ctrl+Shift+F
Edit Properties of selected contact or address book Ctrl+I
Select all (contacts, or search text) Ctrl+A
Print selected contacts Ctrl+P
Delete (selected text, contact, or address book) Delete
Show Main Mail Window (Mail & Newsgroups) Ctrl+1


Clear History Ctrl+Shift+Del

Lightning (Calendar Add-on)

Show or hide Today Pane F11
Calendar tab Ctrl+Shift+C
Tasks tab Ctrl+Shift+D
Mail & Newsgroups Home Tab (Tab 1) Ctrl+1
New Event Ctrl+I
New Task Ctrl+D

Calendar Tab

Clear current Events Filter Esc
Go to Today Alt+End
Day View Alt+1


Week View Alt+2
Multiweek View Alt+3
Month View Alt+4

Tasks Tab

Filter Tasks Ctrl+Shift+K
Clear current Tasks Filter Esc

General Functions

Copy (selected events, tasks, or text) Ctrl+C
Cut (selected events, tasks, or text) Ctrl+X
Paste Ctrl+V
Delete (selected events, tasks, or text) Delete
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y
Print Ctrl+P