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A list of keyboard shortcuts for restoring laptop's factory settings | Character Codes for HTML


Move one line up
Move one line down
Move one character to the right
Move one character to the left
Move one screen-full up PageUp


Move one screen-full down PageDown
Move one screen-full to the left Ctrl+PageUp


Move one screen-full to the right Ctrl+PageDown
Go to top Home
Go to bottom End


Cycle focus forward within active context Tab
Cycle focus backward within active context Shift+Tab
Activate Enter
Exit context or cancel Esc
Display context (right-click) menu Shift+F10
Properties dialog Alt+Enter


System keys

Open file Ctrl+O
Save copy of page Ctrl+S
Print page Ctrl+P
Close Opera Ctrl+Q
Hide Opera Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H


Undo recent changes Ctrl+Z
Redo recent changes Ctrl+Y


Copy selection to clipboard Ctrl+C


Move selection to clipboard Ctrl+X


Paste from clipboard Ctrl+V


Copy selected text to Notes panel Ctrl+Shift+C
Select all Ctrl+A
Delete selection (or character right of cursor) Delete
Delete selection (or character left of cursor) Backspace
Toggle text-style bold Ctrl+B
Toggle text-style italic Ctrl+I
Toggle text-style underline Ctrl+U
Convert hex to Unicode Ctrl+Shift+X

UNIX editing keys

Go to end of line Ctrl+E
Go to beginning of line Ctrl+A
Go to next character Ctrl+F
Go to previous character Ctrl+B
Go to next line Ctrl+N
Go to previous line Ctrl+P
Paste (Yank) Ctrl+Y
Delete to end of line Ctrl+K
Delete next character Ctrl+D
Delete previous character Ctrl+H


Find text Ctrl+F
Find next instance of text Ctrl+G


Find previous instance of text Ctrl+Shift+G


Search for text in page (press F9 first to set focus on page) /(NumLock)


Search for text in links in page (press F9 first to set focus on page) Shift+/(NumLock) ,

Loading keys

Go to your home page Ctrl+Spacebar+Home
Enter a Web address F2
Paste and go in current or new tab Ctrl+Shift+V
Display a Speed Dial Ctrl+0-9
Enter nickname for fast bookmark access Shift+F2
Save page address as new bookmark Ctrl+D
Save as new bookmark in active bookmark folder Ctrl+Shift+D
Reload (get latest version of) page Ctrl+R


Reload selected frame Alt+F5
Stop page loading Esc


Go to next page in history Alt+


Go to previous page in history Alt+



Shift+Scroll wheel down

Fast forward Shift+Backspace

Site navigation

Remove the last part of any Web address (such as a sub-directory) and go to that address Ctrl+Backspace.


Display modes

Print preview (toggles on/off) Ctrl+Shift+P
Use entire screen for browsing F11
Toggle "Fit to width" Ctrl+F11


View page source Ctrl+U
View source of active frame Ctrl+Shift+U
Validate source of active page or frame Ctrl+Alt+Shift+U

Developer Tools

Open developer tool Ctrl+Shift+I


Increase zoom % by steps of 10 +


Decrease zoom % by steps of 10 -


Restore zoom to 100% *


Link keys

Select next link in page Ctrl+
Select previous link in page Ctrl+
Follow selected link

Shift + scroll wheel up

Open selected link in new tab Shift+Enter
Open selected link in background tab Ctrl+Shift+Enter
Save link target (such as document or image) Ctrl+Shift+S

Spatial navigation keys

Navigate between links and form elements Shift+

Form keys

Log in/auto-fill form using the Password Manager Ctrl+Enter
Go to next element in form Tab
Go to previous element in form Shift+Tab
Select form element Spacebar


Access keys

Toggle HTML access keys Shift+Esc
Enter HTML access keys A-Z or 0-9

Page keys: basics

Browse in new tab Ctrl+T
Close active tab Ctrl+W
Undo closing of tab Ctrl+Shift+T

Application windows

Browse in new application window Ctrl+N

Tab keys: switching

Cycle to next tab (defaults to recently used order) Ctrl+Tab
Cycle to previous tab (defaults to recently used order) Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Switch to previous tab on tab bar Ctrl+Shift+F6
Switch to next tab on tab bar Ctrl+F6
Toggle last active panel with panel selector F4
Toggle last active panel Shift+F4
Activate panels for keyboard navigation F7
Expand all folders/views in panel Shift+
Collapse all folders/views in panel Shift+
Toggle Search panel Ctrl+Shift+1
Toggle Bookmarks panel Ctrl+Shift+2


Toggle Mail panel Ctrl+Shift+3
Toggle Contacts panel Ctrl+Shift+4
Toggle Chat panel Ctrl+Shift+5
Toggle Notes panel Ctrl+Shift+6
Toggle Downloads panel Ctrl+Shift+7
Toggle History panel Ctrl+Shift+8


Toggle Links panel Ctrl+Shift+9
Toggle Windows panel Ctrl+Shift+0


Open bookmark Enter
Open bookmark in new tab Shift+Enter
Open bookmark in background tab Ctrl+Shift+Enter


Mark all e-mail in selected view as read Ctrl+Shift+A


Show messages associated with contact Enter
Compose message to contact Shift+Enter


Open downloaded file Enter


Edit your preferences Alt+P



Quickly edit most popular preferences F12
Edit browser appearance Shift+F12


Toggle main menu Alt+F11
Set focus to Web page (to enable keyboard navigation) F9
Set focus to address field F8



Set focus to search field Ctrl+E
Set focus to personal bar (only when you have search fields) Shift+F7
Restore original address in address field and set focus to page Esc

Manager pages

Manage bookmarks Ctrl+Shift+B
Manage downloads Ctrl+J
Manage history Ctrl+Shift+H
Manage links Ctrl+Shift+L


Check e-mail Ctrl+K
Write new message Ctrl+M
Attach files to message Ctrl+O
Upload queued messages to mail server Ctrl+Shift+K
Send composed message Ctrl+Shift+S



Go to next message J
Go to previous message U
Go to next unread message H


Go to previous unread message Y


Move one screen-full up Shift+Spacebar
Move one screen-full down, then go to next unread Spacebar
Scroll up in message body (even if focus on message list) Alt+
Scroll down in message body (even if focus on message list) Alt+
Set focus to message list F8
Set focus to message F9


Expand all threads Shift+
Collapse all threads Shift+
Mark thread as read M
Mark thread as read, go to next unread N


Mark selected message as read K
Mark selected message as read, and go to next unread e-mail G
Mark selected message as read, and go to previous unread e-mail T
Mark selected message as unread Shift+K
Mark all messages in active view as read Ctrl+Shift+A
Move selected message to Trash Delete
Delete selected message permanently, without moving to Trash Shift+Delete


Reply to message R
Reply to all recipients of message, including sender Shift+R
Forward message F
Redirect message D
Continue editing message (Drafts, Outbox, and Sent views) Enter
Focus "Quick reply" field Q



Save sender's address as new contact A
Save attachments Shift+S
Label message (for example important or funny) L


View all messages associated with sender E
Copy raw message data to clipboard C


Toggle different layout of message list and message body I

Chat keys

Download and list available rooms on chat server Ctrl+Shift+J
Set focus to chat input field Shift+F9

Help keys

Open Opera Help F1
Search while viewing help page Ctrl+F

Single-key shortcuts

Switch to previous tab on tab bar 1+D
Switch to next tab on tab bar 2
Cycle through frames in page 3 and Shift+3
Minimize tab 4
Restore/Maximize tab 5
Restore zoom to 100% 6
Zoom out by 100% 7
Zoom in by 100% 8
Zoom out by 10% 9
Zoom in by 10% 0
Cycle through links in page A and Q
Cycle through headers in page S and W
Cycle through elements in page D and E
Toggle between author mode and user mode Shift+G
Address bar history drop-down H
Load and display all images I
Toggle loading of images Shift+I
Speak selected text V
Forward X
Fast forward Shift+X
Back Z
Rewind Shift+Z