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A list of keyboard shortcuts for restoring laptop's factory settings | Character Codes for HTML

Navigation and sections

Go to navigation bar (list of sections) g then n

g then f

Go to the list of files and folders g then l
Change from "Grid" mode to "List" mode or vice versa when viewing a list of files v
Go to properties panel g then d
Go to the top of the window (Google Bars) g then t
Go to download panel g then a
Go to download panel g then u
Show or hide the properties panel d
Show or hide the statistics panel i

Object selection

Select an object or deselect it x
Select next object below j

Select next object on top k

Select next object on the left h

Select next object to the right l

Expand Selection Down Shift+
Expand Selection Up Shift+
Expand selection to the left Shift+
Extend Selection Right Shift+
Select all visible folders and files Shift+a
Cancel all selections Shift+n

Move between objects

Move down without changing selection area Ctrl+
Move up without changing selection area Ctrl+
Move left without changing selection area Ctrl+
Move to the right without changing the selection area Ctrl+

Actions with selected objects

Open selected object Ввод


Rename the selected object n
Configure access to selected objects .
Move selected items to a new folder z
Add or uncheck selected objects s
Add selected items to another folder Shift+z
Delete selected objects # or Alt+Backspace
Delete selected objects # or Delete
Undo last action Ctrl+z
Redo last undone action Ctrl+Shift+z

Creating objects

Create document Shift+t
Create a presentation Shift+p
Create table Shift+s
Create drawing Shift+d
Create a folder Shift+f
Create Form Shift+o

Menu operation

Open the "Create" menu c
Open the context menu of the selected file or folder а
Open the context menu of an open folder or section f
Open "Sort" menu r
Open "Settings" menu t

Actions in the application

Show list of keyboard shortcuts Shift+/
Show list of keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+/
Toggle density (change line height and spacing between elements) q then q
Find/Next Ctrl+f
Print Ctrl+p
Show last message m
Place cursor in search place /

Actions in preview mode

Close Esc
Play/Pause Space
Zoom In + or =
Zoom Out -

copy Ctrl+C
cut out Ctrl+X
cut out Ctrl+X
insert not the file itself, but a shortcut to it Ctrl+Shift+V
open files or folders in a new tab Ctrl+Enter