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address: France, Paris


A leading community of Travel agencies, a platform that unites drivers and passengers along the way.

What we need for a long trip is to find the cheapest and most comfortable way to do it.
That's why this site was created. Do you see? Let's say you go by train, and there they begin to cudgle demobals, usually they are harmless, funny, but you can not sleep ...

Especially if you are planning not to go by yourself, but to transfer the associated cargo.
Recently, the service has become paid for passengers. They will have to pay a percentage through the site. The further, the percentage is less. On short trips - 20%.


  1. More than 25 millions of users,
  2. 10 million people travel quarterly,
  3. 22 Countries: Belgium, Brazil, Great Britain, Hungary, Holland, Germany, India, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Croatia and the Czech Republic,
  4. 2.8 people - the average occupancy of the car BlaBlaCar (against the usual 1.7),
  5. more than 2 million available for booking seats,
  6. more 3 billion kilometers of published routes, you can 80,535 times about ognut land,
  7. about 275 million € saved our drivers,
  8. savings of the order of 700 thousand tons of emissions CO2.

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Russian - Englesh
address: Russia


A resource for finding travel companions, as well as company for walks and interlocutors for language learning.
You can choose from descriptions, photos, chat and decide to vacation together.


Search for fellow travelers or companions in Germany.

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Save time and money by driving together with your fellow travellers and make it cheaper for drivers.

If you are the driver:

Suggest a trip.
Indicate the place of departure and arrival. Add your trip details.
Find passengers.
Contact your travel companions for more details about your trip.
Make a trip.
Reduce fuel costs with traveling companions.

If you are a passenger:

Find a trip.
Use the search function and filters.
See detailed information about your trip.
Book a place.
Contact the driver for more details about your trip.
Make your journey.
Go on a trip together with your fellow travelers.

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We register in the system and accept orders for the delivery of goods online.
24 hours a day, all over Russia and without a commission to the freight forwarder.
It is important that you are an IP or somehow officially registered as a carrier. Well, a car that can carry loads is not easy.
I glanced through the site at once saw solid customers.
If you want, you can start this business.


Communication project for those whose activities are related to road freight transport: cargo owners and carriers, freight forwarders and dispatchers.
Geographically, the system covers not only Russia, but also Ukraine, the Baltic states, and also Europe.

Everyone who has registered on the site gets an opportunity to place free-of-charge in the database applications concerning the carriage of cargo or a proposal for the availability of associated transport for assistance in transportation.
Of course, it's not for nothing: the rate of remuneration for the service is set.
The addition of applications is possible not only through the site, but also a special client: the program Terminal AutoTransInfo.
View the main sections (Cargo and Passable Transport) is available to everyone.
An unscrupulous carrier or customer can always be judged on merit, exposing him to an assessment of reliability (on the basis of which an overall rating is formed).
And here to make claims and give recommendations it is possible only having passed to paid service, however, rather inexpensive.
In addition, it will provide full access to the contact information of all companies registered in the system and specialized sections of the forum (Unfair Partners, Unfair drivers, Trade Union, Round Table). Not less value, especially for drivers who will also appreciate the tool for calculating distances and assessing the quality of the road between the points of departure and destination.
And, finally, on the site it is worth noting such bonuses as the archive of electronic versions of the journal on cargo transportation of ATI published since 2000, a selection of samples of acts and documents on the same subject, as well as a functional software package Trans-Manager: Although it is paid, it is offered at a democratic price.

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