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address: Russia


To not forget what you want to buy.
To let your friends know what to give to you.
So that you know what your friends want.

MyWishList - service for compiling lists of necessary purchases, things you would like to have or receive as a gift. Books, DVDs, music, perfumes ... Anything!


address: Sweden


Did you like something very much, but can not afford it?
This site allows you to organize a wish list.
Wishlistr makes it easy to share your wish list with everyone you know.
Send it to friends and family, let them follow you on the site. You can even publish this list on your website or blog.

address: Russia


List of wishes.
What is a wish list?
This is, for example, when you are asked: "What should I give you?", And in return you give out a list of what you really want. This list is the wishlist.

A site where wishes come true.
No, there is no wish list, long expectations and disappointments when your friends and family ignored your list ... or chose the most BAD !!!!

Nooo. Here everything is real.
We click on the star and while it falls, we make a wish!
Someday it probably will surely come true.