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Scraping Internet

Here are the latest news from the Internet:

In the first half of 2010, the Netherlands anti-piracy organization BREIN managed to close the 384 BitTorrent tracker. In just six months, more than 420 sites were closed, with the help of which pirated content was distributed. For the entire 2009 year BREIN managed to collapse the activity of 393 torrent trackers.

The list of sites where the US government plans to remove domain names turned out to be The Pirate Bay and MegaUpload. At the end of June, the US government closed nine websites that were caught in distributing illegal copies of films and TV shows. At least seven of them had domain names removed. The domains lost, Movies-Links.TV,,,,,

Against the creators of the criminal case. The main suspects in the investigation led by the Investigative Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia are the founders of the torrent tracker, a Russian married couple and some foreign citizen.

Employees of the Investigative Committee under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and USTM GUVD for the Moscow region conducted more than 20 searches from the most active Internet users of the file-sharing site .

The Chinese agency responsible for overseeing the media threatened to close more than 120 sites containing pornographic stories and novels. These sites should remove all such content, otherwise they will be disconnected from the Internet. Earlier, the Chinese authorities closed thousands of ordinary porn sites.

The government of Indonesia is going to adopt a law according to which national Internet providers will be obliged to block access to pornographic websites for their subscribers.

In the first half of 2010, the management "K" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation found in the Web more than 5,400 sites containing child pornography. Similar content was removed from 5.135 sites, 4.929 of which are in RuNet. As a result of further study of the materials, 11 criminal cases were opened.

By order of the US authorities, Blogotery's blogging was closed from 73,000 users. The service was disconnected from the Network by the hosting provider because of the illegal content on it. Which content was the reason for closing the resource, is not officially reported.

Priest Alexander Shumsky called the Internet "lawlessness" and said about the need to introduce in it "the strictest state censorship."

According to Decree No. 60, Internet service providers must conduct mandatory state registration of information networks, systems and resources of the national segment of the Internet, located on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. To this list, including and websites.